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Collar Strangulation Accidents


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I was pretty excited when I found this website and being a veterinarian, I thought there was a lot I could offer.

Now, I am beginning to think that it is just an exclusive club where some members can post messages with links to other sites and ask for money to help rescue, etc. and others can't.

I am just a hard working veterinarian trying to SAVE DOG'S LIVES and raise some money for the animal victims of the hurricanes.

I can't believe any dog owner would have a problem with that.

Dr. John

PS....posted same message to 4 boards only to reach a larger audience and again SAVE MORE DOG'S LIVES.......the only rules that I read when I registered was against posting obscene, illegal, etc. material

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Great, a spammer with a cavalier attitude.
DrJohn: Good god, use some common sense. We are not a exclusive club. You sign up here, and your first 4 posts are hawking some collar.
I hope you share as much enthusiasm in your practice as you do in advertising your dog collars.
Perhaps if you had signed up here and actually attempted to be a part of the community instead of just selling some collars, you would get a better reception.
And personally I would never buy your collar. It just helps foster bad habits. No collar should be left on a dog that is unattended, even your super-duper safety collar. :wink:

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Agreed. While your intentions may be noble, it only makes you look like every other "well meaning" spammer that comes through. We frequently get several a day. Personally, I would love to have a veterinarian on this board. If you truly want to make a difference, stick around and join the discussions. We'd likely give your sales pitch a lot more credibility instead of seeing you as just another hit and run spammer. There's no need for you to be so indignant. At this point, why are we to believe you are any different than any other spammer that posts their stuff and bolts?

Stick around and join us. I might be interested in safety collars. I have one escape artist of a dog that must wear his collar/id 24/7 including when inside or crated just because it's the risk I'm willing to take with him. If he ever bolts out the front door (not a fenced area), or the fence, he's a goner. Until he learns to recite his name, address, and phone number, he will wear id 24/7. I can see a useful purpose, but I honestly did not even click the link just because I see so many hit and run spammers and nothing about your post made me think you were any differerent. Anyone can say "I'm a vet." Stick around. I'm sure many of us would love to have you.

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actually drjeff...i am NOT a spammer.....nor do I have a cavalier attitude. I am a veterinarian who is just trying to get an important message out. And I am not "hawking" a collar as you so graciously put it.

What I am doing is spending 40+ hours of my free time building the pages on my website.....
spending hundreds of dollars on collars to have in stock.......
spending my free time filling orders that have come in.........
and donating all of the proceeds from the sale to charity.......to save dogs lives

so, when I read the rules that were presented to me when I signed up.....and it said nothing about limiting posts to anything other than obscene or objectionable material.........I felt this was a GREAT forum to get my message across.....dogs die in collar strangulation accidents....

if there were other rules then I should have been made aware of them at sign up.......I'm a vet........not a psychic

and having my first message just disappear without any explanation wasn't the right way to go about it either

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I'm with H.F......

Dr.John we'd all love to see some posts from you !!!

We are a bit wary of spammers.....most are people that come on and solicit something their first post......no hello's or getting to know you's... :roll: Our last spammer buddy wanted to know whether we like "readheads[size=1](yes he spelled it that way) [/size]or blondes"(with link)....... :-? :roll:

So start posting, get to know us.....we're a great bunch !!! :D [size=1](really !!)[/size] :wink:

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because I'm not........there was no intention of being a SPAMMER....

as I said before, I am just a hard working veterinarian....trying to save dog's lives and help the animals injured in the hurricane(s).

I was just trying to reach as wide an audience as possible and since there are many different topics on this website, my thinking (however erroneous it may/may not have been) was that not everyone who visits this website visits every topic on this board....therefore, in order to reach more people (and save more lives and raise more money, yada yada yada) I posted the same message 4 times under 4 different topics........

(again, the only rules I read when I signed up were against obscene things, hateful things, etc)

so...I intended to do no harm........(and intended to do good) boy, was I wrong........maybe the owners should change the name of this site to hornetsnest.com.......lol
(that was intended as a joke)

I don't visit boards much so don't know the UNWRITTEN rules.......sheesh...........

Dr. John

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ok while he broke the rules, I would still be interested to talk to him. not necessarily about the collars, although K, mine wear theirs 24/7 because of the laws here. if they were to get out without them, and AC saw them with no collar or rabies tags, and they wouldnt come when called (which neither will to a stranger) AC has the right to shoot them. the risk of rabies around here is just too high. we have coyotes, fox, skunks, racoons, all manner of animals that can carry it. so its forbidden for a dog to be outside without a collar without clearly displayed rabies tags.

they dont try to shoot them, but they will if they have no chance of catching them.

so Dr. John, while the rules dont allow endorsement of your collars (which I have questions about anyway) please come back and talk with us.

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not all collar strangulation accidents are fatal in themselves, however some dogs that suffer even short bouts of airway obstruction may develop a fatal complication called "noncardiogenic pulmonary edema"....basically this is where the lungs fill up with fluid (as in heart failure) but the condition is VERY hard to treat and the dogs do not respond to the medications very well, so even if the dog is rescued quickly, as little as 15 or 20 seconds of strangulation may be enough to trigger NCPE

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Guest Anonymous

DrJohn... OKay... Thank you for posting, what? 5 times, about collar strangulation. I think we all now know if we need a breakaway color we can find them from the numerous links you have posted.

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[quote name='BuddysMom'][quote name='rotten_two']dude that is dave chapelle! he's a comedian -- you haven't heard of him?[/quote]

I haven't! :oops: You would probably be amazed at all of the celebrities I have never even heard of nor would recognize.[/quote]

:oops: While I've heard of Dave Chapelle, I've never seen him.......
I didn't know who that dancing guy was either until my son told me (he happened to be talking to me while I was posting)
I knew it wasn't Dr.J though........ :wink: :lol:

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[quote name='rotten_two'][quote name='BuddysMom']I haven't! :oops: You would probably be amazed at all of the celebrities I have never even heard of nor would recognize.[/quote]

if you've never heard of them how do you know?[/quote]

:lol: Because people are constantly telling me "What do you MEAN you've never heard of [insert name i've never heard of here] ...

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