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Collar Strangulation Accidents


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  • 3 weeks later...

I just talked to a lady about the collar on her dog (a few days ago). It was a (gasp) choke chain....however, she says she never leaves it on because they could get tangled. Then she goes on to say that a relative's two dogs here in Loxahatchee, Florida died when they got tangled together a few weeks ago.

I mentioned the safety collar and she said that they had never realized that collars could be so dangerous, nor had she read my newspaper article about collar hazards.....that's a shame, had she, her relative's dogs may still be alive

Moral of this sad story....collars are very dangerous and you can never know if and/or when a tragic accident will strike your pet, however, you can take steps to prevent accidents from happening

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Personally - I'm all for a harness. :oops: 8) :D (That's the only thing I will ever strap a Flexi-Lead to........ )
..........or a buckle-collar, or a martingale - but that's it. :wink:
What gives ME the creeps are people who walk their prong-collared, chain-choked dogs on a flexi-lead. Now THERE'S something that could really do damage to an animal. :o :o :o :o

...neither here, nor there: It would be nice having a vet on board. All the spamming aside. :lol:

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[quote name='K']I think if you did go to his linked website it tells you all about him :wink:[/quote]

It doesn't. No last name, just "Dr. John" with a "practice in S. Florida."

It just seems like if you are selling things as a licensed professional you should identify yourself. Of course Dr. John has no responsibility to tell US who he is, but I find it very strange that it's not on his web site.

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