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My friend's dog has been vomiting blood, but stopped about 15 mins. ago. She (the dog) hadn't eaten anything since the morning. Apparently, she suddenly lost all this weight (is that possible?) and her fur is falling out. My friend's dad is out, her mom can't drive so there is no way to take her to the vet. That is all the info I have for now, any ideas on what could have caused this? My friend is on the verge of tears.

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I did a search and this is the most common thing that pops up.


I hope it's not that. .. I know it's Sunday but is there any vets open? I'd defiently call!

Any chance it could have gotten into anything toxic?

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Worst news ever.
Her dog passed away this morning. :( I feel horrible for her, she also had to put down her Belgian Shepherd earlier this year. She's devestated.
She called two different vets, one told her to give her glucose water (which her dog refused to drink) and the other said they were far too busy to take the dog in. She decided to search some sites and take care of her dog herself, unforunately Sasha (the dog) got sicker and sicker overnight and finally passed away in the morning. I have no idea what caused this as it was so sudden. I feel so bad for the dog and the owner, Sasha was so young.

Thank you all for your help!

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[quote name='rotten_two']whoa! sounds like she could use a vacation from life right about now. can you do anything to help her cope?[/quote]
Nothing more than give her a shoulder to cry on, I'm not sure what to do, really.
I suggested a memorial for her dog, Sasha. Just something to remember her by I guess?

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That is so sad. It used to be that vets were in the vet business because they loved and cared about dogs but so often any more they play by different rules. I have been so fortunate that my vet takes my phone calls, emergency visits and loves my dogs. Tell your friend how sorry we are she has suffered this loss. Give her a big hug and let her cry. Sometimes we need to cry.

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