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a 3rd/4th/5th dog


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Well.. In the next couple years when I plan on getting dogs.

I will most likely adopt from a shelter but the show dogs do kind of interest me (i know bad right)..

I want to live a little out of town ,and sometimes I'll be by myself so I want either My boyfriend would probably faint if he saw this list.

German Shepards
Bulldogs (too cold for them here though I bet)
Pitbull mixes
Rott Reilers
Labrador Retreivers
I really want to look into a good protective breed... and get that kind of personality.

And as for a smaller dog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel deffinetly.

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[quote name='pyrless']jm, i didn't know your sister had a pyr! they are something else. if they hook you, you're done![/quote]

Yeah, she got him as a puppy to protect her herd of sheep in Texas. He's only about 4 years old, but his hips have almost given out on him, so he's retired from sheep protection and lives in her back yard. He can't walk too well, but he's still a real happy guy. When he has to go to doggie heaven, she's going to get another Pyr.

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Hey, if you like a big fluffy dog, you should look into getting a Leonberger. At the dog park, These people have 2 of them and they are really wonderful dogs.

As for me, I currently own a lab, basset hound, bloodhound, and english mastiff (my favorite breed). But, in the future I would like to have these dogs:

Cane Corso
Neapolitian Mastiff
Nebolish Mastiff
Canis Panther
Dogue Brasileiro
Douge de Bordeaux
Austrailian Shepherd
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Redbone Coonhound

Border Collie
Bulldog (maybe the one that K posted on here.)

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[quote name='Kat'] Other breeds I would consider would be a hungarian vizsla or an alaskan klee kai.[/quote]

I know I'm late on this thread, but Kat, I just had a standard AKK that I just placed yesterday :o , and you NEVER see them in recsues or shelters.
This is Luna, a silver, double blue eyed standard Klee, and in all honesty, even though I'm not a big supporter of breeding at this time, I'd actually consider getting one in the future. She was an amazing little girl, all the traits of a Siberian, just in a much smaller package.


Hree you can see the size difference!


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I know, my mind is constantly being changed and altered...welcome to my life. :roll: Anyway, I was thinking and I'd really like to own a St. Bernard at one point in my life. They are such cuties!! Kevin is clinging to the Shiloh Shepherd pictures I have been showing him...we [u]both[/u] want one of those!!

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