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  1. All are bitches.....photos to follow soon. If I could only get the ridgeback off the bed :D
  2. ive gone for a rottie, 8 weeks old,,my other two are a ridgeback 2yrs and a jrt 3 yrs old.
  3. he has ridgeback ears and the ridge wont always be visable in a x
  4. steve

    identification help

    [quote name='__crazy_canine__'] do you have a picture of the mom?[/quote] nope...thats why we asked for ident......see my first post ..lol
  5. steve

    identification help

    [quote name='__crazy_canine__']OMG, it looks 100% Plott Hound to me! :o Are you sure one parent was a ridgeback? I dont see that feature on your dog.[/quote] yep positive
  6. seems im gonna have to hold off for another 'child' my ridgeback is developing a certain measure of aggression ..shes hit the 12 month mark...but with carefull care etc, she'll soon conform [for want of a better descriptive word]
  7. [quote name='Kat']yep I get on well better with the canine type than the human type :lol:[/quote] yeah theres a certain communication going on
  8. as a quick side point,, I find i have more of a bond to dogs then humans.....this must just be me .....the wife is convinced i need help of the mental type :D ..........but i will say this ive never been let down etc etc from a canine....anyone else feel the same way ?
  9. if, or you may be at this time, considering getting another dog in addition to the ones you already have, what breed would it be ? As for myself weve already got a short legged jrt and a ridgeback x , recently i have the urge to welcome into our family another dog, just gotta break the news slowly to the wife :D i fancy a rottie bitch,cus my other two are bitches, i have the space for all 3 dogs and time, the only thing in short supply at the mo is cash lol,. so lets hear some of your dreams/hopes for the future..........
  10. steve

    identification help

    we come to the conclusion that shes ridgeback x 'LOVEHOUND' :D she sooo full of love :angel:
  11. steve

    identification help

    from time to time she will,[ what we like to call talking],a sort of howl/ yawn type noises this goes on for ages once she starts, its quite funny to listen to, the pitch goes up high and deep down low, also she likes to place her paws on us and pull our hands to her, esp in the early morning when shes sneeked up stairs and floped on the bed :D [img]http://www.horus.nildram.co.uk/b1.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.horus.nildram.co.uk/b2.jpg[/img]
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