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To neuter or not to neuter?


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Guest Anonymous

IS there any really doubt? SNIP THOSE SUCKERS!

Back a few years ago when I owned Rats I was given two hairless males. The rest of my crew was females. I went to my vet and said "Can you do something about this!?!" He said he was fine with neutering the boys but not spaying the girls. I was fine with that. So my RATS were even neutered.

If my ferrets hadn't come to me fixed (All Marshall ferrets are fixed before they are sold but don't fret I didn't buy mine...mine are other people's rejects) I would have had it done anyway.

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[quote name='Tammy']IS there any really doubt? SNIP THOSE SUCKERS!

Took the words out of my mouth!

And do you know what I hate even more? It's men who refuse to get their dog neutered. I ask them, "What? Is there a vein conecting yours to his????"

Why do men think that just because their dog has balls it means that they do as well?

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Unless you are a registered and ethical breeder who breeds their dog to better the breed then I believe in desexing males and females.

No chance of the dogs dying out...too many irresponsible people who will not bother to desex for that to happen. Too many people who think their dog is so beautiful they should have a litter.

Have a look in the pounds and shelters. Have a look at the statistics on the dogs killed every week because there are no homes for them.

I have a pedigree dog who is the daughter of the current Gr.Champ and he has, and is, winning titles in this country at every show he attends. I decided since I was not interested in the show scene I would desex my girl. There were a couple of others in the litter who are worthy of breeding. It doesn't need my girl to breed as well.

If ever my breed becomes less prevalent in the pounds then maybe I would consider it but I can't see that happening in my lifetime.

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Showdogs of breeding quality need to be kept entire. All dogs of either sex who are not of breeding quality should be desexed.

Just wondering. What is it about entire males you find so gross. Surely not just seeing testicles.

Lordy you will freak out the entire human male population if you have such an aversion to testicles.

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Guest Anonymous

My question is--What makes a show "Quality" dog worthy of being bred?

Is it just winning the ribbons or the titles?

Does that include the health screenings for hips, elbows, eyes, heart thyroid?

If it's just winning in the ring then that's not good enough for me. My mom had a Golden girl who was 2 inches taller than standard allowed but she got her CDX (That is a show ring) and passed her OFA doesn't mean she should have been bred. It is a good thing my mom was big on holding on to that she was 2 inches taller than standard allowed because it never failed at a show some dork would ask about breeding her.

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The abbreviations you posted Tammy have nothing to do at all with the conformation show ring.

CDX is an obedience title meaning Companion Dog Excellent.( this is not the show ring)

OFA is an abbreviation of OrthoPaedic Foundation for Animals. This is a health test carried out on hips/elbows. (not the show ring)

A dog that is 2 inches taller than standard would not be a show prospect. The show dogs must conform and be within the breed standard.

A quality dog who is worth being bred would be an excellent specimen of the breed and would pass all relevant health tests for that particular breed. It must also have a traceable pedigree.

I agree that the people who were asking your mother to breed her dog are dorks. Anyone who is knowledgable and planning on breeding would not consider breeding their dog with dog whose pedigree is not compatible with their dog. A breeding is not planned for looks alone by those who know what they are doing. A lot of time and study goes into choosing the proper sire/dam for a good breeding that will better the breed.

One of my dogs is the progeny of a Gr. Champ. She is a beautiful looking dog but is also a little taller than breed standard, therefore not for the show ring. She does have obedience titles and I have had her desexed. Yes I do get asked by people who don't know any better if is is available for mating with their dog.

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