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  1. I buy doggy poop bags and pick up with those. They are disposed of with the normal household garbage. With three dogs here I pick up twice a day.
  2. anne3149


    There is no way I could pick up a dead rat either. Maybeee with a very long handled shovel but definitely not with my hands, plastic bag or not.
  3. anne3149

    To neuter or not to neuter?

    The abbreviations you posted Tammy have nothing to do at all with the conformation show ring. CDX is an obedience title meaning Companion Dog Excellent.( this is not the show ring) OFA is an abbreviation of OrthoPaedic Foundation for Animals. This is a health test carried out on hips/elbows. (not the show ring) A dog that is 2 inches taller than standard would not be a show prospect. The show dogs must conform and be within the breed standard. A quality dog who is worth being bred would be an excellent specimen of the breed and would pass all relevant health tests for that particular breed. It must also have a traceable pedigree. I agree that the people who were asking your mother to breed her dog are dorks. Anyone who is knowledgable and planning on breeding would not consider breeding their dog with dog whose pedigree is not compatible with their dog. A breeding is not planned for looks alone by those who know what they are doing. A lot of time and study goes into choosing the proper sire/dam for a good breeding that will better the breed. One of my dogs is the progeny of a Gr. Champ. She is a beautiful looking dog but is also a little taller than breed standard, therefore not for the show ring. She does have obedience titles and I have had her desexed. Yes I do get asked by people who don't know any better if is is available for mating with their dog.
  4. anne3149

    To neuter or not to neuter?

    Showdogs of breeding quality need to be kept entire. All dogs of either sex who are not of breeding quality should be desexed. Just wondering. What is it about entire males you find so gross. Surely not just seeing testicles. Lordy you will freak out the entire human male population if you have such an aversion to testicles.
  5. anne3149

    To neuter or not to neuter?

    Unless you are a registered and ethical breeder who breeds their dog to better the breed then I believe in desexing males and females. No chance of the dogs dying out...too many irresponsible people who will not bother to desex for that to happen. Too many people who think their dog is so beautiful they should have a litter. Have a look in the pounds and shelters. Have a look at the statistics on the dogs killed every week because there are no homes for them. I have a pedigree dog who is the daughter of the current Gr.Champ and he has, and is, winning titles in this country at every show he attends. I decided since I was not interested in the show scene I would desex my girl. There were a couple of others in the litter who are worthy of breeding. It doesn't need my girl to breed as well. If ever my breed becomes less prevalent in the pounds then maybe I would consider it but I can't see that happening in my lifetime.
  6. anne3149

    neighbor rant!

    Cinco can you please resize that siggie.
  7. anne3149

    Fleas and Ticks

    If you have a severe flea problem both on the dog and in the environment you really need to take appropriate action. Flea bomb the house or have a professional pest control person come in and treat the place and ask the vet for a good knockdown product to get rid of the fleas on the dog. There are many products out there that will kill the fleas on the dog with a short time frame. Capstar by Excel is one but I am not sure which countries this is available in. There are a number of spray on products that kill fleas instantly. Your pups can become quite ill with a severe flea infestation. Anaemia is one problem. If your dog ingests a flea then he will probably get tapeworm as well. I use Sentinel Spectrum and my dogs are protected from fleas, intestinal worms and heartworm. It is a once a month tablet.
  8. Sorry more questions? Where did you get him from? How old was he when you got him? Has he had any obedience training? Did he ever have any socialisation? Do you think he suffered from irregular feeding by your father? Would you say he's been well treated? What do you think should happen now with this dog? What was your sister doing when he bit her?
  9. anne3149

    Snake bite......RIP Gem

    So very sorry to hear about Gemma. The drought has brought the snakes out in numbers this year. They are even being seen in suburbia. Godspeed Gemma.
  10. anne3149

    Dogs you wouldn't own.

    I will never own a Chinese Crested. a Chow, Sharpei, Dalmation or any of the small terrier breeds. I have always owned Rottweilers or GSD's..never had an aggressive one. Have never owned a small dog until 6 months ago and now I have a little Cavalier pup. He is gorgeous and so easy going. He gets along so well with my Rottweilers.
  11. The thing is, Don Burke did not do any research whatsoever. He got a list from the RSPCA who are notoriously bad at identifying breeds in any case. Research would be to get information from all pounds, shelters and rescuers. Chances are the list would mostly consist of the cross bred puppy mill dogs he has been promoting for so many years.
  12. anne3149


    How sad and what a completely horrible person. Fancy being married to something like that. I'm afraid I would either leave him or kick him out. Did anyone ever report him for cruelty? This says a lot for the need to license people before they are allowed the priviledge of owing a dog. I would not allow this person to even own a stuffed toy. At least he can do no more harm to the poor little pup.
  13. anne3149

    Dog Dumping

    Yep it's good that he and his show have been tossed out. He has about 3 more shows to go to air and then it's goodbye to the Berk at long last. What a shame he never did a segment on his show from one of the pounds and showed the viewers how many of his 'designer dogs' were killed each day. He should also have shown us how stressed the dogs are in the pound situation and just what the plight is of these abandoned and unwanted dogs. This too may have made people a little bit more aware of just what the results were of not desexing their dogs, particularly designer dogs. I am of the opinion that only ethical registered breeders should breed dogs and not until they have been tested for any defects. I have had dogs all my life and would not breed them because a) I don't know enough and b) there are too many being killed in pounds as it is. I have nothing at all against cross bred dogs but I do have a lot against this idiot for telling people that they do not inherit the problems of the parents. He just made it all look too easy and people who were neither prepared to train nor learn about their dogs were flocking out to buy the latest cross breed he deemed was the current fashion. Then to go and breed with them because Berk said it was easy. It's not the dogs fault that they were dumped but the irresponsible and unprepared owners who believed what this moron told them.
  14. anne3149

    Urinary Tract infections.

    You can give Cranberry capsules to keep the urine acidic and unviable for bacteria to survive. My young Rottweiler had a couple of UTI's when she was a few months old and I have been giving her a Cranberry capsule every day and she has never had a repeat infection since. I have heard Cranberry juice does the same thing but I don't know how you get the dog to drink it. I put the capsule in soft cheese and put it in the food bowl with her dinner..no problems at all.
  15. anne3149

    The Barking....

    What on earth is a Lapsa Apsa???????? edited to say: Ok I guess that would be a Lhasa Apso.