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  1. It's not all worked out at all yet. It won't be worked out until the fiancee turns up with the money and the dog is handed over. Did this woman give you a receipt for the money you paid for the dog? I certainly hope so. We don't even know at this stage whether or not the guy owns the dog. It may be owned by the person who actually took the money for it. I would not hand the dog over until your money has been returned to you as it does sound a bit like a scam to me.
  2. I wonder has this dog been vaccinated or wormed. Please take the dog to the vet urgently.
  3. Providing veterinary care when needed is part of responsible dog ownership. Quite simply, if you cant afford vet fees for a sick dog then you can't afford to own a dog. It is against the law to withold vet care to a sick animal. Please don't mess around with herbal stuff, you might do more harm than good. This dog needs a vet urgently.
  4. I buy doggy poop bags and pick up with those. They are disposed of with the normal household garbage. With three dogs here I pick up twice a day.
  5. I would worm him again in two weeks to take care of any immature worms as well. Do you use a flea preventative? They get tapeworm from ingesting fleas.
  6. There is no way I could pick up a dead rat either. Maybeee with a very long handled shovel but definitely not with my hands, plastic bag or not.
  7. You can only educate those who want to be educated. The morons will do whatever they like irrespective of the consequences.
  8. The abbreviations you posted Tammy have nothing to do at all with the conformation show ring. CDX is an obedience title meaning Companion Dog Excellent.( this is not the show ring) OFA is an abbreviation of OrthoPaedic Foundation for Animals. This is a health test carried out on hips/elbows. (not the show ring) A dog that is 2 inches taller than standard would not be a show prospect. The show dogs must conform and be within the breed standard. A quality dog who is worth being bred would be an excellent specimen of the breed and would pass all relevant health tests for tha
  9. Showdogs of breeding quality need to be kept entire. All dogs of either sex who are not of breeding quality should be desexed. Just wondering. What is it about entire males you find so gross. Surely not just seeing testicles. Lordy you will freak out the entire human male population if you have such an aversion to testicles.
  10. Unless you are a registered and ethical breeder who breeds their dog to better the breed then I believe in desexing males and females. No chance of the dogs dying out...too many irresponsible people who will not bother to desex for that to happen. Too many people who think their dog is so beautiful they should have a litter. Have a look in the pounds and shelters. Have a look at the statistics on the dogs killed every week because there are no homes for them. I have a pedigree dog who is the daughter of the current Gr.Champ and he has, and is, winning titles in this country at
  11. None of my dogs have ever been on a chain...I think they would go ape if I chained them. Though I have a small yard, they have 24/7 outside access. They choose to be indoors with me. They do get plenty of exercise, walked every day and are able to have a good run in a secure area.
  12. Oh what a gorgeous puppy. :angel: Hope it all goes well for you.
  13. Cinco can you please resize that siggie.
  14. Far to BIG and they put the whole forum out of whack. Can you please resize them
  15. If peoples dogs are escaping from their property then the owners have not made proper provision for the dogs. These escaping dogs are in danger of being hit by a car. Both the escaping dogs owned by the neighbours and your own dogs that you admit escape as well. Perhaps someone will take these escaping dogs, both yours and your neighbours to HS. Hope there is a hefty fine.
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