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  1. boosiebutt

    To neuter or not to neuter?

    [quote name='Tammy']IS there any really doubt? SNIP THOSE SUCKERS![/quote] Ditto!
  2. boosiebutt

    Dog World

    Crystal, I like your site! I signed your guestbook! The only thing I'd say is that I don't see a petfinder link... Sorry if I just missed it. I'm having a total brain lapse, but I think it was CincoandDahlilasgirl that had put some banners up that were really cool. I can't seem to search them either...
  3. boosiebutt

    Beanie Dogs

    Awww, that is cuuuuute!
  4. boosiebutt

    Beanie Dogs

    I have a friend who takes them with if they go on trips, to the dentist/doctor, to visit friends and faimily. They can play with those, and if they get lost, you're not out a bunch of money, and the kids aren't too super upset.
  5. boosiebutt

    Beanie Dogs

    Or this one: [img]http://www.freebears.com/store/media/yorkshire-terrier13074.jpg[/img]
  6. boosiebutt

    How time flies

    :tort: happy b-day lucky!
  7. boosiebutt

    Subliminal "good" Pit Bull press

    [quote name='StarFox']Oh I love that show! The two burglars are totally hot!.....but that's not what were talking about huh? :oops: I saw that episode and lauged how the homeowners were so shocked that the dogs didn't attack or anything. I also loved it when the theif gave the dogs the rawhide bones and the dogs were like "Food! Yum!"[/quote] I totally agree. Hot! That is a great show. I didn't see the pit bulls, but I did see one where there was a house of guys and when they did all the "makeover" stuff and came back to check to see if they could get in, lthe owner had left the front door unlocked! :lol:
  8. boosiebutt

    Pixie is high as a kite!

    DAL, they told me that I should give her a little water when she came home, wait an hour then feed her a little, but less than she would normally get. She held it down alright. Pixie's doing fine today. Both she and Peanut slept like logs last night. She woke up once and was still a little goofy (I have steps up to my bed so the puppies can climb up there without me having to lift them, and she couldn't quite get the hang of them, she went up the 2 steps then plowed face first into the bed). But she's doing fine this morning.
  9. boosiebutt

    Good Day at the HS!

    That is an awesome story! Teared me right up too!
  10. boosiebutt

    Plucking ears

    Black GSD, thanks! Now would this be special doggy ear powder? Or something like baby powder?
  11. boosiebutt

    Plucking ears

    The vet just diagnosed Peanut with a "raging" yeast infection in his ears. She gave me some medicine to use for the next 3 weeks, and some ear wash to use after every bath. Plus she said I should keep the hair plucked out of his ears. How often and how do I do this?
  12. boosiebutt

    Pixie's stitches

    Well, took the puppies in. The fitted Pixie with an itty bitty e collar. [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2004-10/853465/ecollar.JPG[/img] The Dr said that she was going to give some cream to put around the sutures but not on the sutures, but the girls up front forgot to put that in. So, I'll have to go look for some diaper rash stuff. Peanut has a "raging" yeast infection (the Dr's exact wording!) in his ears So I have some medicine for that, plus some ear wash I'm supposed to use from now on after every bath. Plus, I'm supposed to keep his ears plucked out. Which I'm starting a thread about right now in the Care section.
  13. boosiebutt

    Pixie's stitches

    I put a gladware on her head, but I wasn't sure if it would be safe to leave it on while she's in her crate all day, so I took it off before I left. Hopefully she sleeps a lot and leaves the stitches alone today. I called the vet, and they said to bring her in. I'm taking Peanut in too to get his ears checked out.
  14. boosiebutt

    Too much protein?

    The girl who sits behind me at work has a 1 year old dog (outside dog, unless the temp gets below 20F), I don't know the breed. She says she's going to have to take her in to the vet, because his eyes are very red, especially after he eats. She thinks he might be getting too much protein, and is allergic to his food. Is this possible?
  15. boosiebutt

    Spay and Neuter $$$?

    Well, I dropped Pixie off at the vet this morning. Court, Peanuts testicles had not dropped, so that could also explain the pricing. I'm not really all that put out by the cost, and I feel comfortable with this vet and laser surgery. Plus Pixie is so sensitive as it is (poor girl cried all night when she got her last set of puppy shots), so anything that could cause less swelling and quicker healing is good!