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  1. boosiebutt

    To neuter or not to neuter?

    [quote name='Tammy']IS there any really doubt? SNIP THOSE SUCKERS![/quote] Ditto!
  2. boosiebutt

    Beanie Dogs

    Awww, that is cuuuuute!
  3. boosiebutt

    Beanie Dogs

    Or this one: [img]http://www.freebears.com/store/media/yorkshire-terrier13074.jpg[/img]
  4. boosiebutt

    How time flies

    :tort: happy b-day lucky!
  5. boosiebutt

    Subliminal "good" Pit Bull press

    [quote name='StarFox']Oh I love that show! The two burglars are totally hot!.....but that's not what were talking about huh? :oops: I saw that episode and lauged how the homeowners were so shocked that the dogs didn't attack or anything. I also loved it when the theif gave the dogs the rawhide bones and the dogs were like "Food! Yum!"[/quote] I totally agree. Hot! That is a great show. I didn't see the pit bulls, but I did see one where there was a house of guys and when they did all the "makeover" stuff and came back to check to see if they could get in, lthe owner had left the front door unlocked! :lol:
  6. boosiebutt

    Good Day at the HS!

    That is an awesome story! Teared me right up too!
  7. boosiebutt

    Plucking ears

    Black GSD, thanks! Now would this be special doggy ear powder? Or something like baby powder?
  8. boosiebutt

    Pixie's stitches

    Well, took the puppies in. The fitted Pixie with an itty bitty e collar. [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2004-10/853465/ecollar.JPG[/img] The Dr said that she was going to give some cream to put around the sutures but not on the sutures, but the girls up front forgot to put that in. So, I'll have to go look for some diaper rash stuff. Peanut has a "raging" yeast infection (the Dr's exact wording!) in his ears So I have some medicine for that, plus some ear wash I'm supposed to use from now on after every bath. Plus, I'm supposed to keep his ears plucked out. Which I'm starting a thread about right now in the Care section.
  9. boosiebutt

    Pixie's stitches

    I put a gladware on her head, but I wasn't sure if it would be safe to leave it on while she's in her crate all day, so I took it off before I left. Hopefully she sleeps a lot and leaves the stitches alone today. I called the vet, and they said to bring her in. I'm taking Peanut in too to get his ears checked out.
  10. boosiebutt

    Too much protein?

    The girl who sits behind me at work has a 1 year old dog (outside dog, unless the temp gets below 20F), I don't know the breed. She says she's going to have to take her in to the vet, because his eyes are very red, especially after he eats. She thinks he might be getting too much protein, and is allergic to his food. Is this possible?
  11. boosiebutt

    Spay and Neuter $$$?

    Basically they use a laser scalpel instead of a standard one. [img]http://animalhealthcare.com/laser.gif[/img] [quote]WHY LASER SURGERY? Less pain-The laser seals nerve endings as it "cuts," so your pet may require less anesthesia during the operation, reducing the risk of complications. Pain after surgery is also reduced. Less bleeding-The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery. Less swelling-Laser energy does not crush, tear or bruise because there is no physical contact with the tissue. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MY PET? Reduced risk of infection-The laser sterilizes as it removes diseased tissue, killing bacteria that cause infection. Precision-The laser can remove unhealthy tissue without affecting or removing surrounding healthy tissue. Quick return to normal activities-Healing is rapid and there is less post-operative discomfort. Laser procedures reduce the trauma to your pet, improving healing, and may shorten the time spent in the veterinary hospital.[/quote]
  12. boosiebutt

    Spay and Neuter $$$?

    I got the bloodwork done just because it was there and I was all worried that something could go wrong. I don't think I'll get it done for Pixie though, now that I know that it's not really necessary. I read somewhere that it can cost $100 more for a laser spay, so I bet that's it. I don't really know of any other vets that I'd go to, since I trust this one I'm at now, as opposed to the crappy place I went before. And I prefer to stick with the laser too, as it's supposed to have less chance of complications, and less swelling and inflamation and so less discomfort, quicker healing, etc.
  13. boosiebutt

    Spay and Neuter $$$?

    I made an appointment for Pixie's spay. I am cash poor right now, so I asked how much it would cost. Peanut's neuter cost $400-ish, including a laser neuter, a blood test for $40-$50, and removing some baby teeth for probably another $50. So that would leave just the surgery/anesthesia at about $300. The nurse said that Pixie's surgery at about $232. Can that be right? I had assumed it would be more for Pixie than for Peanut? Any ideas?
  14. boosiebutt


    I am working on sit/stay and down/stay with the puppers. Pixie thinks she is too smart for me though. With sit stay I kind of wave a treat around in front of them to see if they'll stay even if I'm "baiting" them. For down though, since I just started that, I'm giving them treats every couple of seconds, with the plan being to lengthen time and distance etc after they get it down. Now Pixie's figured this all out, and when I have her do sit/stay, if I don't give her treats fast enough, she'll do down, 'cause she thinks I'll start giving her all sorts of treats... :roll:
  15. boosiebutt

    The Humping Zone

    I said 1-2 months, but Peanut really only humped one to two days. He did it when he was only about 10 wks old and I had first enrolled him in doggy day care. But I just nudged him off me and said NO, and he stopped after a few tries.