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  1. It's not all worked out at all yet. It won't be worked out until the fiancee turns up with the money and the dog is handed over. Did this woman give you a receipt for the money you paid for the dog? I certainly hope so. We don't even know at this stage whether or not the guy owns the dog. It may be owned by the person who actually took the money for it. I would not hand the dog over until your money has been returned to you as it does sound a bit like a scam to me.
  2. I wonder has this dog been vaccinated or wormed. Please take the dog to the vet urgently.
  3. Providing veterinary care when needed is part of responsible dog ownership. Quite simply, if you cant afford vet fees for a sick dog then you can't afford to own a dog. It is against the law to withold vet care to a sick animal. Please don't mess around with herbal stuff, you might do more harm than good. This dog needs a vet urgently.
  4. I would worm him again in two weeks to take care of any immature worms as well. Do you use a flea preventative? They get tapeworm from ingesting fleas.
  5. There is no way I could pick up a dead rat either. Maybeee with a very long handled shovel but definitely not with my hands, plastic bag or not.
  6. You can only educate those who want to be educated. The morons will do whatever they like irrespective of the consequences.
  7. The abbreviations you posted Tammy have nothing to do at all with the conformation show ring. CDX is an obedience title meaning Companion Dog Excellent.( this is not the show ring) OFA is an abbreviation of OrthoPaedic Foundation for Animals. This is a health test carried out on hips/elbows. (not the show ring) A dog that is 2 inches taller than standard would not be a show prospect. The show dogs must conform and be within the breed standard. A quality dog who is worth being bred would be an excellent specimen of the breed and would pass all relevant health tests for that particular breed. It must also have a traceable pedigree. I agree that the people who were asking your mother to breed her dog are dorks. Anyone who is knowledgable and planning on breeding would not consider breeding their dog with dog whose pedigree is not compatible with their dog. A breeding is not planned for looks alone by those who know what they are doing. A lot of time and study goes into choosing the proper sire/dam for a good breeding that will better the breed. One of my dogs is the progeny of a Gr. Champ. She is a beautiful looking dog but is also a little taller than breed standard, therefore not for the show ring. She does have obedience titles and I have had her desexed. Yes I do get asked by people who don't know any better if is is available for mating with their dog.
  8. Showdogs of breeding quality need to be kept entire. All dogs of either sex who are not of breeding quality should be desexed. Just wondering. What is it about entire males you find so gross. Surely not just seeing testicles. Lordy you will freak out the entire human male population if you have such an aversion to testicles.
  9. Unless you are a registered and ethical breeder who breeds their dog to better the breed then I believe in desexing males and females. No chance of the dogs dying out...too many irresponsible people who will not bother to desex for that to happen. Too many people who think their dog is so beautiful they should have a litter. Have a look in the pounds and shelters. Have a look at the statistics on the dogs killed every week because there are no homes for them. I have a pedigree dog who is the daughter of the current Gr.Champ and he has, and is, winning titles in this country at every show he attends. I decided since I was not interested in the show scene I would desex my girl. There were a couple of others in the litter who are worthy of breeding. It doesn't need my girl to breed as well. If ever my breed becomes less prevalent in the pounds then maybe I would consider it but I can't see that happening in my lifetime.
  10. None of my dogs have ever been on a chain...I think they would go ape if I chained them. Though I have a small yard, they have 24/7 outside access. They choose to be indoors with me. They do get plenty of exercise, walked every day and are able to have a good run in a secure area.
  11. Oh what a gorgeous puppy. :angel: Hope it all goes well for you.
  12. Cinco can you please resize that siggie.
  13. Far to BIG and they put the whole forum out of whack. Can you please resize them
  14. If peoples dogs are escaping from their property then the owners have not made proper provision for the dogs. These escaping dogs are in danger of being hit by a car. Both the escaping dogs owned by the neighbours and your own dogs that you admit escape as well. Perhaps someone will take these escaping dogs, both yours and your neighbours to HS. Hope there is a hefty fine.
  15. Whether or not you leave this forum is entirely up to you but I can guarantee you one thing. Any responsible dog owner on any forum will tell you that you were negligent in allowing your dogs to run leash free where there is traffic. Ask yourself what part you played in the death of this dog? Would it have been killed if you had done the right thing and had it on lead? The answer is a resounding NO. Now instead of throwing a tantrum because everyone recognised that you were indeed negligent with your care and responsibility with your dogs. Wise up. Be more responsible in the future and learn from your own mistakes. A dog has died needlessly and in tragic circumstances. Ask yourself who is to blame.
  16. If you have a severe flea problem both on the dog and in the environment you really need to take appropriate action. Flea bomb the house or have a professional pest control person come in and treat the place and ask the vet for a good knockdown product to get rid of the fleas on the dog. There are many products out there that will kill the fleas on the dog with a short time frame. Capstar by Excel is one but I am not sure which countries this is available in. There are a number of spray on products that kill fleas instantly. Your pups can become quite ill with a severe flea infestation. Anaemia is one problem. If your dog ingests a flea then he will probably get tapeworm as well. I use Sentinel Spectrum and my dogs are protected from fleas, intestinal worms and heartworm. It is a once a month tablet.
  17. I agree with most posters here. You are not a little kid at 15 years of age. If you are incapable of learning by your mistakes then please don't get another dog. I hope the remaining dog gets to live out its natural life span. This dog died because you were irresponsible....a dog shoud NEVER be off lead when outside your property. The dog has paid with it's life for your mistake.
  18. I hated being a landlord..I gave the property to my son when he got maried. Like you Cairn6 I have never had to rent either. It must be a nightmare for people who love their dogs trying to convince landlords to allow dogs in rental properties. This is why so many people have no choice but to give up their beloved animals when rentals will not allow dogs. These poor people know the shelters are full and their dogs may well be euthanased...so sad.
  19. Tenants who look after their dog won't allow the place to be wrecked by their animals. It's too hard to find another rental so most want to stay in one place. That plus the fact that most devoted dog lovers do train their dogs to be well bahaved which is why I always used to meet the prospective tenant AND the dog. Unruly and/or messy people usually have unruly animals. It pays to be very careful who you rent to as animals can be the least of your problems. I actually found that small children caused more damage than was ever caused by the dogs. Drinks spilled on carpets and walls damaged by kids. The worst tenant I ever had was a mature single male who evidently had an aversion to cleanliness and to watering the garden. He had no animals My tenants always got a reference from me for their animals just in case they needed it in the future.
  20. Why has the vet said your dog can't have flea and tick prevention until 4 months? I guess you are worming the pup. I had my little pup on Advocate at 7 weeks of age. He then went on to Sentinel Spectrum at 3 months of age. edited to add: Why did you not remove the flea when you saw it on the pup? I agree if you see one flea then you have a colony of them. Is it possible to treat the environment if you are unable to treat the dog?
  21. Some years ago when I had an investment property I did allow dogs. However I would meet the owner with the dog before making a decision to rent to that person. That way I could see if the dog was a loved and well cared for animal. Anyone who has a well cared for animal will usually take care of the property as they take care of their dog. I would never insist on having the animal kept outside as I wouldn't leave my own dogs outside. The weather is kinder here in Australia with the temperatures not so extreme but I still believe dogs should live with their family. My last tenant was a family with two German Shepherds and I have to say that those people left the house in better condition than when it was rented to them.
  22. Cairn6 I totally agree with you. This poor dog has had a very hard life. I would euthanase a dog before I would subject it to mistreatment. An occasionaly feed and water is just that....mistreatment. I guess the father was lucky someone didn't call animal control and have him charged with cruelty...
  23. Sorry more questions? Where did you get him from? How old was he when you got him? Has he had any obedience training? Did he ever have any socialisation? Do you think he suffered from irregular feeding by your father? Would you say he's been well treated? What do you think should happen now with this dog? What was your sister doing when he bit her?
  24. So very sorry to hear about Gemma. The drought has brought the snakes out in numbers this year. They are even being seen in suburbia. Godspeed Gemma.
  25. Ah not trying to hurt your feeings hillside but we have a Dal in our street who roams causing trouble. Not the fault of the dog but the irresponsible owners. However, this dog causes me grief every time I take my dogs for their walks ON LEAD. It is a right pain in the butt and has put me off the breed. Bad owners of my breed are the reason people have a bad impression of Rottweilers too.
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