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Home Grooming II: The Clip

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So, after trimming up Pixie's face all by myself, I decided to go totally wild and trim Peanut up. I went to Target and got a Andis clipper set, with a clipper and a bunch of comb attachments and some shears, came home and got to business...




and After:




Whaddya think?

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It's hard for me to make the pictures out really well because my monitor is all screwy (truth is I need a new computer :oops: ).

However, best I can tell, it's pretty cute. A Yorkie, right? Again, I'm struggling here since my monitor is soooooo dark. Just remember on your Yorkie to trim just the tippy tips of those ears. Also, here's a quick, almost no fail tip for doing feet. Turn foot up (pad facing you) and trim off hair between pads and sticking out around the foot. Then turn the foot over (pad facing down). Brush all the hair to one side of the foot and scissor off excess (anything sticking out past the foot). Brush all the hair to the opposite side of the foot and do the same. Voi la! Insta-foot! After that, you should only have to do a quick neaten, scissoring off any pokey outies (shouldn't be many), and you will almost always have perfect feet. It takes practice, but is a good guideline.

Good luck with your kids and have fun. I only wish I had a better computer where I could see a bit better.

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That's for posting the information about the feet I always have trouble with feet. I worked at a grooming shop with my sister on occasion but I was not a trimmer just a bather/prepper. I used to watch them trim the dogs up but I didn't pay enough attention to the feet.

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HF, thanks for the tip! I had done Pixies feet around, but not in the pads for either of them. I'm kind of afraid that the clippers will pinch or something. I should set the clippers on the shortest setting, yes?

We just had our first snow last night, so I definitely need to get that hair trimmed out, so they don't get snow balled up in there.

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