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Should I get her a playmate?


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I've had Rowie for two years and two months exactly today, and have recently been seriously thinking about getting another addition to the family...although temporary. What I mean is I'm thinking of fostering a dog from the BSPCA here. The BSPCA is in great need of helping hands and I try and volunteer as much as I can, but it isn't enough.

We have a very large garden, a double-brick wall and an electronic gate. Also we live in the countryside so walks are fun and the dogs wouldn't be disturbed by cars. I have plenty of time to take care of both dogs, and can certainly afford two dogs (dog food isn't very expensive here, niether are the collars, leads, food bowls...etc). And as for getting attached to the dog, of course I will, but I would rather chose heartbreak over missing a dog after he/she has been adopted out, than allowing it to be PTS or stay in the already crowded sanctuary.

The dog I am thinking of should be an adult, (puppies are adopted out after a couple of days, while its normal for adults to be at the sanctuary for years!) medium sized, and preferably a male. I don't care what colour it is, or if it looks "ugly", I'm saving a dog here, not judging a dog show.

I know there is a lot of work put into fostering a dog, especially while you own your own dog, but I've been researching and I'm certain I can do it. I've always wanted to foster/own a rescue dog and now is my chance. It might be months before I get the dog though, but it will give me time to prepare!

So, for those of you fostering dogs or whom have fostered dogs...what are the pros and cons? Experiences? And any tips?

Thanks! :D

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Guest Anonymous

Go for it.

Fostering is such a wonderful gift to an animal. It gives them the chance to have one on one person time or just to know again the comforts of home.

Good luck.

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I agree Rowie!! you really have grown up a lot since I first started talking with you.

couple of things....

take Rowie-the-pooh with you to meet the foster, just to make sure there arent any "issues". Let them meet on a neutral territory, not your house or yard. Goldens are usually laid back, but better not to tempt fate. Not at the shelter either, since the rescue may feel 'closed in"....

pay them both the same amount of attention. Dont leave Rowie out of your love while caring for the foster.

Encourage them to be friends. Let them play together, with you.

Train the rescue the same way you trained Rowie, with love and compassioin and understanding and discipline. Dont be surprised if there are disappointments at first. That's bound to happen.

When it's time to let the new pup go, (because you are so gentle and I KNOW you will become attached) realize that you gave this pup the best of you and Rowie, and now his/her forever home will have a good. loving
dog to be proud of and to love and care for!

:angel: :angel: :angel:

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