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Another brag on Candy in the agility ring


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Packed the pack in the van Saturday and drove out to Lynchburg VA (2.5 hours away!) for agility trials.
Candy ran twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday. We qualified in each though her AGI run Saturday was not very pretty! It was HOT and my girlie does not care for that. She bounced back though and had a clean run in AGII.
Oh and bees were very heavy both days, quite irritating to us all, thankfully none of my pack got stung. One woman there got stung both days and a dog got stung Sunday. Gnats were also in abundance, quite annoying.
Sunday morning, we only lost 1 pt in AGI and again had a perfect clean run in AGII. We are by far not the fastest team out there but that is because of me! She got two 3rd place ribbons and best of ALL we earned the UACH title which means she is now an agility CHAMPION!
Since these trials were further away, we stayed in a hotel out there, did not get very much sleep at all. I am a light sleeper and there must have been 7-8 trains that came through, each one HAD to blow their horn as they passed through. I was up for good by 3:30am, just could not sleep. Luckily I did not doze off at the trial!
A friend taped two of her runs for me, can't wait to see them.
Now I have to train even harder as Agility III is next, at this level, you can be no closer than 6 FEET from all angles to your dog as they navigate the weave poles and must also send them to the table or pause box from 6 feet away. This ought to be fun.

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