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Talking dog

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Just wanted to share this cute observation made by three year old grandson. I babysat my three grandkids ages 4,3 and 19 months for three days (alone, what was I thinking?) while everyone went on a deep sea fishing trip. We were sitting around rocking and watching cartoons when Bentley (jealous of the grandkids) came up and starting trying to get my attention. My little grandson looked up at me and said "Is Bentley talking?" and I laughed and said you know, I guess he is. He then said "whats he saying?". At this point I realized never having thought much about it that Bentley is very verbal and makes many sounds and has cute facial expressions , tilting his face from side to side, put his paws over his nose, etc. The funny part is that I was able to tell my grandson what he was saying. So all weekend my granson would ask what's Bentley saying? I would translate and say He wants me to pick him up, to go outside, He's telling us it night-night time, etc. When his parents came home he told everyone that Bentley could talk. I guess that's what makes Bentley "the wonder dog". Have to go......Bentley is telling me to get off the computer.

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Too cute!

Things I think Macy says:

"I love you" (or "I love Daddy")
"I'm scared of that big dog"
"I don't like that black kitty" (Pawnee, who whacks her occasionally)
"I love my Greenies"
"Aren't I cute?" -- she just gets this little look sometimes, and you KNOW she knows how adorable she is!

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Guest Anonymous

Years ago I had a cairn terrier, Joey. Joey would clearly say Out when he wanted to go out. My husband now and I were dating and husband came to my parents home. Joey said "Out". My now husband looked around and said "Who said that?" We all laughed. My family was used to Joey talking.
We didn't have video cameras then. I wish we could have Joey on tape.

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Mine talk. I encourage it, because I'm so scatter-brained I tend to forget things. (I have a lot of "cat moments"--you know, where you go urgently out of one room, arrive in the next, and completley forget your original errand) Anyway, Fang talks back if I scold him. He also mutters to himself if he's unhappy with the current situation. He's teaching Calliope to howl (oh no! a howling pitbull. sadly, it sounds just like it is--a pitbull trying to howl. kind of pathetic) Gypsy tells me to come to bed, Buddy tells me when he has to go out. Sandy lets me know if I forget any of her creature comforts, like leaving lumps on her part of the bed, or if the blanket is mussed, or if she doesn't have a huge cool bowl of water before bed. My neighbor's dog, a german shepherd, talks all the time. She almost never quits whimpering, whining, yapping, or groaning. When she gets going on a high-pitched groan, usually a sign that she wants some sort of action, usually play time or a petting, I can induce her to howling if I howl too. No, I'm not *completley* insane.

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