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  1. Miles (2 1/2 year old Shih Tzu) developed an unsightly growth just under his nose about 5-6 weeks ago. It grew rapidly and then stopped growing. Took him to the vet about 2 weeks ago (well respected facility, hospital, 24 hour emergency care. . . .) and they were very nocommital. They said it could be 1) An infection in which case he needs antibiotics, but if it's not an infection then of course the antibiotics won't do anything; 2) a histiocytoma or 3) a cancerous or pre-cancerous tumor. Vet said that based on Miles' age and the look of the growth, she is 99.99% certain that it isn'
  2. [url]http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/local/9467779.htm[/url] Dog stops Columbia carjacking Associated Press COLUMBIA, S.C. - A dog took a bite out of crime to stop a would-be carjacker Thursday night, police say. The 3-year-old Rottweiler-Doberman pinscher mix named Diablo bit the suspect after he opened the passenger door of a car stopped at a stoplight and grabbed the driver by the neck. The woman, who asked The (Columbia) State not to identify her, said she had to pry the dog's jaws open to get him to let go. The dog lost its four bottom teeth in t
  3. [url]http://www.nbc10.com/news/3593850/detail.html[/url] Appears to me like another case of dogs and people suffering because an owner is incapable of exercising any type of control. [b]Owner Tries To Save Pets From Death Sentence Two Dogs Allegedly Bit Three People[/b] UPPER DARBY, Pa. -- Two Bichon Frise dogs in Upper Darby may look cute and cuddly, but a Delaware County judge said their bites are just as bad as their barks and he has ordered them to be put to death. A judge on Tuesday deemed both dogs vicious and ordered them to be put to sleep after they bit three d
  4. I know this probably belongs in the Health section, but more people see it here in the Everything section. Miles' best friend, an overweight pug named Gabby, has sores on her mouth and lips. The vet diagnosed them as Papaloma or Fiber Papaloma and said that there isn't any medication they can give and they aren't contageous. In Gabby's, and the vet's, defense, Gabby sees lots of dogs during the average week and no other dog has picked up anything. Miles is supposed to go over for a playdate tomorrow (the first time since the appearence of these THINGS). No one seems concerned but me,
  5. [quote name='sashagirl']ferky... did you see the post in NDR? :wink: 8)[/quote] I actually don't know which thread in NDR that you are referring to. Link?
  6. [quote name='primorse']Uh, nooooo. I am "directly implying" that allowing one's cat to have kittens (particularly at this time of year) directly causes kittens to die. In the unlikely event that Sarah's brother in law has room in his life for three or four or five more cats, he can go to the shelter and save the life of as many as he wants. If he finds "responsible homes" for these kittens, that will be three or four or five "responsible homes" that other kittens won't get. They will die as a result. Legal quiz: Why is it inaccurate to charactrize anything that I say on this
  7. Miles is no retriever, but you had better believe that when someone walks in the house, he runs to greet them and then as soon as they give him some attention and pet him, he gets even more excited and runs off in search of Red Monkey (shown in pic below). Usually he will bring Monkey back and let you grab it so he can wrestle you for it. He'll even follow you around with Monkey in his mouth waiting for you to fight him for it.
  8. I frequent a Shih Tzu forum at: [url]http://forums.doghobbyist.com/forum.php?catid=149[/url] Someone started a thread asking for advice on getting their Shih Tzu to eat dry food after being on a special soft diet due to an illness. It was always my understanding that short of BARF (or a similar fresh-food diet), high-quality dry kibble was the best food. Below is a post from a well-respected member of that Shih Tzu forum and it didn't sound right to me. Nobody has questioned her advice and I was wondering what you dogomaniacs think about it: Let me ask a question... why do yo
  9. [quote name='DeafAussieLover']i was feeding my dogs pedigree and just recently swetiched to chicken soup dog food, my dogs love it![/quote] OT - DAL, glad to hear that yours are doing well after the changever to Chicken Soup. Miles has been thriving on CSFDLS and we are very happy with the results.
  10. Can't offer any specific advice except to see this thread: [url]http://forum.dogomania.com/viewtopic.php?t=12997&highlight=pepper[/url] Looks like you aren't the only one with this problem.
  11. I have been feeding Miles Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul for the past few months now. One day Miles decided that he hated Cannidae (he went on a hunger strike and wouldn't touch the stuff) and we experimented with Innova but it was too rich for the little guy. We decided to give Chicken Soup a shot based on its great ingredient list and recommendations from others. Miles loves it and everyone is happy. He poops less than when he was on the Cannidae and Innova (you don't want to know what he was pooping while on Innova!!!), he has no gas (that we know of) and he is healthy, shiny and
  12. If you haven't found it already, there is a website, and a forum, just for people in the dog walking/pet sitting business. Lots of people here who have started and now run their own successful doggie businesses. [url]http://www.petsitters.com/[/url] [url]http://mb.petsitters.com/forum/[/url]
  13. 8-12 months was when my Miles 'came into his own' and started testing the boundaries of his own independence, so that's what it sounds like to me. You may start to notice that Webster relies on you less and starts to push his own boundaries by ignoring commands and trying to assert his own will. Essentially he is a teenager and from what I hear, raising a teenager is no fun! Miles and I got through this phase by getting even more attention from me. I discouraged the bad behavior and episodes where he "forgot" (yeah right) a command and really encouraged the good with praise and treats.
  14. No offense taken K. My initial reaction was based on my reading of your post to mean that barking/whining/crying is based on the type of breed, as if a mature toy breed would still have this problem. I now see that we are all talking about babies. No one can ever expect a baby not to cry. They're babies, it's what they do!
  15. First, and not to impugn K who knows a heck of a lot more about dogs than me, saying that this (excessive barking) has something to do with having a tiny dog is just wrong. Many toy breeds, particularly the Shih Tzu, have been breed to be [i]silent[/i] partners. By their very nature, Shih Tzus are quiet dogs not prone to yappiness. I have 3 Shih Tzus in my life, one of them my own, and the only time any of them bark is when they get together and start roughhousing and getting crazy. Unfortunately, and I don't know that it is the problem here, but one of the most common ways that bad
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