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  1. or get your self a service dog harness and a dark pair of sunglasses. 8) Noone will say a thing.
  2. lecter came with the name. it comes from Dr. Hannibal Lechter, he's a solid black dog so it had to be something "evil". my last dog was a greyhound X black lab named bullet, if you saw him run you'd know why.
  3. my favorite one is the allergy commercial. with the guy in love with the girl that has a cat. by the time you get to the last frame where he's wearing a shirt with the cats picture on it, i'm LMAO at the poor guy.
  4. This just shows the spirit of the bully breeds. the owner of the dog was on the news last night and she plans to bring charges against the officer that shot her dog.
  5. same here. it wouldn't let me look at any post.
  6. so true. even with small dogs people think it's okay to just go up to them and some times you might lose a finger if you get to close. my inlaws have a shi-tzu named gizmo and she doesn't like anyone except her mama. truth be told i don't like her much either.
  7. The AST is from the APBT. some people consider the APBT and AST to be the same breed, with the AST being show dog while APBT is the work dog. It has been said that the AST is non to little dog aggressive, as it was never designed to be a fighting dog. For structure purposes the AST is shorter and stockier. but since the AKC doesn't acknowledge the APBT and the UKC does. it possible for one dog to be registered as 2 different breeds with 2 different organization. did that just confuse you more? :)
  8. my daughter does the same thing. :lol: when i try to reprimand him for something, she yells stop mama and goes to comfort him with a 'good boy." of course he does the same thing if i tell her to go sit on the couch for a time out he takes his place right next to her and won't move till her 3 minutes are up. the really funny stuff comes when they both cram into his crate or when she kicks him out of it and he goes into her room and takes over her bed.
  9. you have to give him Good outlets to work off all that puppy energy. maybe he needs more organized play time so that biting shoelaces isn't a game. how many toys does he have? or approved chews? like i said it's never to early to start teaching basic commands. most dogs find it to be great play time, plus they learn the behavior you want them too early on.
  10. 1) spray bottle: he should have the same reaction that you or I would have from a sour drink. 2) i don't use my crate often. my dog has full run of the house at night unless mommy and daddy are having a "moment" or marathon. i'm not saying you should use it a punishment. but before he does something to warrant being punished. a place all his own to relax away from what ever is getting him all wound up. 3) ask yourself how much time is he actually spending in the crate?remember 5 days ago he had his mother and siblings around all the time. in the only home he's ever known. now he's by himself, in a new place and he's scared. when he does get to interact he just gets so excited, i surprized he doesn't pee on the floor. are you using the crate just at night? you might want to switch to keeping him gated in the kitchen with some weewee pads laid down till he masters bladder control. Do you keep him in the crate while at work? there isn't anyset rules to raising a puppy just like with human children. you just have to try what works best for you.
  11. another thing and i can't stress this enough. Don't allow the dog to believe that chasing and nipping ANYONE is acceptable behavior. just because the dog is a baby, or a golden, or a small dog or any reason you can come up with to make this OKAY. it isn't. because if you allow it today, before you know it you'll have an 80lb dog that won't listen and may really hurt someone, including you.
  12. okay if you just brought him home he should be at least 8wks old. right? please let me know in the next post how old he is. Don't let him bite or tug on her shoe laces and pants. period. everytime he nips or chases you must put your foot down with a firm NO. get yourself a water bottle and put some lemon juice concentret mixed with water. it has to be bitter or you can try hot sauce but some people think that is cruel and give him a squirt in his mouth when you catch him in the bad behavior. I have a daughter that will soon be 3 and i've found if you let the child help with the training of the dog, it will help to establish a rank with the dog on the low end of the totem pole. which is what you will want later in life. it's never to soon for a puppy to learn sit, which is the command we use so our human baby can help. as for crate training you might want to look at the crate as good place for a time out for the pup. when he gets all worked up and is running wild place him in the crate so he can calm down and relax. it's easy for a puppy to get over stimulated. which will lead to him not responding to commands. i only crate my dog when i'm not around so he can't get into unsupervised trouble. plus i've never owned a puppy, my dogs are older when i get them and usually come house broken.
  13. I agree "new" breeds are mostly about money. some may do it to be god and create their own type of dog. but most do it for the $$$. If it wasn't about the money how come we don't see it happening with the bully breeds? like a pugapit or my favorite a sharpitador. wait may be i'll be the first one on my block with a Poopit. Why wouldn't this happen ? because people have a fear of this breed due to the media. they aren't seen as a cuddly, "safe" bred eventhough they have a better temperment than most other breeds when it comes to the GCC tests.
  14. could be worse. sometimes people will be fawning all over Lecter, giving him kisses till they find out he's a pit bull and the next thing out of their mouths is "i've heard they turn on their owners when they get older." I reply," yup just like all kids."
  15. all the boxers i've met are high energy dogs. most are medium to large and klutzes for the duration of puppy hood. how does your current dog deal w/ other large dogs? and what concerns you most about adding a new dog?
  16. Lecter would be the attention seeking middle child, class clown combo. Him and My 3yr old are always pushing each other out of the way to sit on my lap. when he's bored he plays catch w/ himself to make me feel guilty. he does impressions of other animals. when he wants something he yodels like a basenji at me. if he's happy he sounds like a pig. when he howls he sounds like the basset hound next door. and evey now an then i swear when I have him outside he cries Mama when he wants to come in.
  17. Praire i'm a little bothered by your understanding of Gameness. you seem to think it's a bad thing. it isn't. gameness means a whole lot of thing. gameness n. The quality of mind enabling one to face danger or hardship resolutely: braveness, bravery, courage, courageousness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, fortitude, gallantry, heart, intrepidity, intrepidness, pluckiness, spirit, stoutheartedness, undauntedness, valiance, valiancy, valiantness, valor. Roget
  18. is there a APBT rescue that holds all these Dogs by you? I see that most of the contacts for them are the same email address.
  19. Are you kidding me the AKC STILL doesn't except the APBT as it's own breed and IT'S been around longer than the Am STAFF which they DO acknowledge. and to anyone that wants a DOODLEMAN PINCHER get yourself an AIREDALE TERRIER. TO lucky: believe it or not people still use poodles for water huntin. My last next door neighbor had 2 and he said he'd never use anything else. He even got them clipped in the froofroo poof cut. which was actually kinda funny to see "a fat lumberjack man out with 2 "girlie dogs" shotin duck. " DISCLAIMER: I am not against poodles or the kinda cuts that are designed for them. nor do I think they a girlie dogs just quoting the man himself. I love them.
  20. DOn't be fooled. the APBT breed isn't an adult till after 2yrs old. and even then they still are pups at heart. come on don't you want one that's house broken already? They bond to people so quickly it's as if you've had them their whole life. Sable is a cutie w/ those ears.
  21. here is the link for the IWPA site [url]http://www.eskimo.com/~samoyed/iwpa/[/url]
  22. [size=7]i'm in love[/size] i've just sent off an email about Ruby jean and sable. I've got room for one more. Look at these girls!!! I'll keep you posted as to what if anything happens.
  23. all I see is Herding Dog Breed Clubs. Miniaussie club of america.
  24. i don't pull yet but soon we will be. right now i'm checking out scooters for us to use. so i'm little help. but you can try the IWPA web page.
  25. oh yeah[size=6]your nuts[/size] :banan: but it's a good thing.
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