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  1. hey holtz that wsa a short grounding or are you still sneaking around.
  2. [quote name='slim86']Drama Queen, huh I'm not even female and I don't make things up in my head. > ya don't have to be female to be a drama queen. How do I know anything about you? on your 10th post it started this. how do I know your a really concerned owner who was involved in a situation like you described? I DON'T. what you said didn't make sense to me. I've already cited the reasons. Honestly, I think it's funny when another dog is showing dominance on my 6 mo. old GSD and the're roughing him up a bit. I.E. shoving him to the ground over and over again, trying to mount him and just plain being rough (no teeth/biting involved). He'll just get up and try to play some more and get shoved to the ground again. I let my dog get bullyed by other dogs because I think it's good for him. It showes him "where the bear s--t's", to put it bluntly. I also find it a little entertaining. All at my puppys expense. This is what the boxer was doing to my dog so I wasn't worried about him. I'm always right there with my dog, mind you. I don't baby my dog so don't give the the drama queen nonsense. What happened, happened. > I can neither confirm nor deneigh this but that's not importent at this point. Most people here seem to agree with me to an extent. Even pit bull owners. Some say most pit bulls should not be at dog parks off leash. Some say the shoud be there on leash. Some say the should not be there at all. Some say they should not be there. Everyone seemes to think I have a legit gripe. You, on the other hand seem to think I'm totaly off base and ignorant. That's the reason for my last post. > no i don't think your totally off base. I just think you have to be right and can't handle people telling you otherwise with out you being condesending. much like the way you treated me. but you could have explained your problem at the dog park with out being overly emotional and shouting every APBT and owner in your park was out of control. You didn't even ask a question. IMO you weren't looking for information on dog aggession, you were just bashing the pit bulls you had a bad day with. "this ain't about you anymore. my post about you was to someone else EXPLAINING why I felt the way I felt. > does everything have to be about you? we've moved on to a general discussion about dog agression and dog parks. not the bashing you originally started. You just contradicted yourself. Didn't you? > not one bit. Ain't about you.... my post about you... Also, calling me a "drama queen", isn't supposed to be about me, either. Is it? > no that was about you completely. don't expect to treat me like an idiot an get off with it. just by your post where you were molly coddeling me mademe come to the conclusion about that. you didn't explain the situation futher just started saying "ok, bullygirl your right, i'm wrong, my puppy deserved to be attacked." and I read a note of pompousness in it. which honestly that's what you wanted to ruffle my feathers, raise my hackles a bit if you will because i wasn't sensitive to your problem. If that's how it all started i'll say i'm sorry i'm not sensitive just PM me. It's just not in MY nature to except everything I see, read or hear. Slim[/quote]
  3. Mary if i go to those area's even to pass out flyers. I will be arrested for attempting to by drugs. any white person found in those area w/o ID saying you live there is buying crack. that is how the police see it. or better yet the dealers think i'm a narc and shoot me. either way i'm SOL. most shelter around here kill pits no question asked. mine was smuggled out by a volunteer, who paid his bail and slipped him out to a friend of mine the day before he was suppose to die. the papers said his original owner picked him up. I as well as any other pit owner has never said "oh the breed is dog friendly". we due know the truth. I understand that MOST incidents concerning the breed can be avoided but in this case I still believe to be a whole different thing. All of my comments are for this case I was presented. Not a general discussion but someones one perspective, someone I know NOTHING about who opens a thread in such a manner and than proceeds to treat me like an idiot. Some one who couldn't even have a civil discussion among his/hers own peers, by their own admission, concerning the actions of the offending dogs. I met bad dog owners every day, around here though the dogs are labs, on very short chains, left in the yard like the abandoned childrens toys they were bought to be. Maybe i just live in pitbull shangrala. in past places i have seen many terrible things, dogs , and owners but i still say there are more good ones than bad on average.
  4. ya know what Slim i wsan't happy the first time you made a snide, condesending post to me and it ain't much better now. i'm not saying your a liar just a Drama Queen. this ain't about you anymore. my post about you was to someone else EXPLAINING why I felt the way I felt.
  5. [color=red]where oh where to start this might take awhile.[/color] Why I think slim was overreacting this is to meehs "All three dogs were chewing on my dog." drama. chewing implys eating. "The owners of the boxer just stood there and called his name. The girl with the 2 APBT's did nothing to stop it." [color=blue]please notice both owners were idiots but the first line expressly says APBT.[/color] "I grabed my dog and as I was trying to put his leash on one of the APBT's and the boxer came back at my dog. " >once again the main point of this whole thing is THE PARK IS OVER RUN W/ APBT. "screamed at the top of my lungs at the APBT's. It was all I needed to do to get them off." AND "Very angry now, I screamed at the top of my lungs at the dogs and they left." if they were mauling the puppy do ya think this would really call off 3 dogs that weren't your own? just my point. "As I left the dog park, I screamed at the girl with the APBT's (foul language included)" very civil ain't it. drama. "Something funny happened after I screamed at the girl with the Pit Bulls. The guy getting ready to enter the park with his pit bull put him back in his car and left." someone please explain how this is funny...oh maybe slim sees it as a VICTORY. JMO "I know the boxer was involved too but I don't think I would have had a problem with the boxer had the Pit Bulls not started the fight in the first place." BUT "The boxer had been showing dominance on my GSD for a while." do we see what i'm getting at? Now Mary to this "you aren't out educating the bad owners to help improve your breeds reputation." just how would we go out to find bad owners and BYB of our beloved breeds? This goes out to everyone. Should we take out an ad? would it read something like- Calling all irresponsible, unethical dog owning idiots- yeah that would work. "If you know the signs, you know he's aggressive, why are you at the park?" you mean to tell me that if a dog has EVER growled (which is a sign of aggression) it should NEVER be allowed to a dog park. do you mean human/dog/stuffed animal aggression. please be more specific next time. "You have given me no compelling reason as to why or how it is safe to take him to the park knowing that at any minute his true colors could shine through." NOR does anyone have to. free will it's a b*tch. what is right for one is not okay for another. every rat terrier i've every met (4- small number of rats in the world) have tried to bite my dog. the jack/rat and chi next door come into my yard and bother my boy through the fence. do i hold all of these dogs in the world responsible for the actions of a few? NO. I accept the Dog agression on it's own terms. it is not the whole APBT but only a small part of the whole dog. IMHO the APBT is more good than BAD as a breed. Saying you won't allow or don't approve of an APBT in a social setting is Your OPINION period. I don't tell people how to raise their children be it human or animal. I'll be d*mned if anyone will give me unwanted advice or talk/type to me in a condesending manner. " that's all I have to say about that." and you can quote me.
  6. Now that is just what any house hold needs a drunk dog you are trying to piss off. What were they thinking? :drinking:
  7. bullygirl29532

    Bull Boxers

    okay K for future reference anything pulling bully related is of intrest to me. :D I love seeing those dogs work and lecter and I have started condition for events. With in the next month he'll have a real pulling harness and I'll have a doggy scooter. Hopefully by fall we will be able to compete in an IWPA meet.
  8. bullygirl29532

    Bull Boxers

    K thanks for posting that site.
  9. its something bully owners know well, the out and out fear people have of your dog, based solely on looking at it. It sucks [color=blue]Now Rott it doesn't suck all the time. like when i take him for his nightly walk. to walk around my "block" is 3 miles, alot of that is not very well lit with a couple of liquor stores and open fields in the area. people hang out in them and get drunk. Have I ever been messed with? not once. do I need my dog to defend me? NOT at ALL. I can take very good care of myself but people see me and a pit they leave us alone. if they say anything it's usually "nice dog". when lecter see's people or dogs he wants to approach he starts to wimper and pull in that direction. some think it's a sign of aggression, i know he wants to say hi or sniff some tail but I just shorten his lead tell him easy and keep moving. I use every chance I can to show openminded people that APBT should NOT be HUMAN aggressive. We go to the neighborhood kids baseball games, civil war reenactments, and outdoor festivals to change the sterotype. Some people will not accept what they didn't learn from the t.v, no matter how incorrect it is.[/color]
  10. Call me crazy but I think the Puggle is cute,so is the boston beagle but WE ALL know i'm biased.
  11. They go from waggin tail to malice in an instant. I believe they dont really even know what they are doing.[color=red] most go into attack mode with a wagging tail. Their tail is the rudder it is always moving. Any person who knows their dog knows the sign of aggression. For lecter it's the fur around his neck and along his spine that gets bristly. he'll stop jumping around and square off against the other dog. very rarely will he give a warning growl before he strikes, so I have to be attentive. I treat him like I treat my toddler. I know where they are, what they are doing and what they are about to do next. All these reaons given by other people are the reason I keep my dog with others like him. If my dog wrestles with another APBT the owner knows APBT will be what they are. If it were a Lab or GSD dog/owner I'd have to hear all about my out of control dog and what a threat we are to society. Even if it was a harmless encounter that happens between all breeds all the time.[/color]
  12. did you notice the dog is 8months and has patella luxation. I wonder if she was a pet shop pup? I think a breeder would have told them what to expect. it's a shame.
  13. One more thing: Anyone who doesn't think or expect an APBT to show aggression of some kind is indeed a fool. anyone who doesn't think any dog can bite is fooling only themselves. But there are people out there who are ruining the APBT breed standard in 2 ways. I wouldn't let my dog run loose with smaller, weaker dogs he might think it's a snack. If i go to the swamp and i'm out numbered by these breeds we walk on. But if i'm there first w/ 2 APBTs and a Rottweiler, the odd man out should just walk on by. some are trying to breed dog aggression out of them. while others are trying to breed human aggression into them. you lose a part of the APBT when you do either. For those of you in the north remember in the 1980's? do you know what the hated breeds of the time where? Dobermans and GSD. or at least in NJ that's the way it was due to their human aggression.
  14. HF I may think many things about you but a breed racist isn't one of them :lol: [size=2]that was a good hearted joke to anyone that's gonna jump on me for being HF aggressive[/size] When it comes to dog parks i still believe it should be on a case by case judgment. or a breed section. when i lived in vermont at the dog park by my house we had fenced in areas. 1 for big dogs. 1 for small dogs. A huge field for fresbe playing. each area had a trach can and little dispensers for baggies donated by local businesses. I still say if slim had actually asked a question, instead of blowing off steam about how he can't go to a park due to APBTs, it wouldn't have gone down like this.
  15. let them run free should be held legally responsible for any damage they inflict [color=red]aren't all dog owners ALREADY legally responsible for their animals ?[/color] The other dogs and owners have a right to be there too [color=blue]no one said other wise but why can't everyone (human that is) get along and play nice? ya kno share.[/color] That is a FACT, it was what they were bred for. [color=green]and Dalmations were bred to run in front of fire engines so what's your point. are you saying a zebra can't change it's stripes?[/color]
  16. I like the tread for ban the Pitbulls. It's great to see that for every idiot that wants to ban a breed there is 100 plus who know where the real problem lies.
  17. "gooydog. I like you already. That was exactly the info I was looking for. I was not trying to upset anyone. I was just looking for info." [color=red]now just where exactly was a question in any of your posts ? did I miss it.[/color]
  18. well said goo and Rott. i'm glad there are others here that have the patience and couth i lack. One little known fact the shar pei was once considered the chinese fighting dog.
  19. PEI just so you know APBT don't have locking jaws, it's a myth. they are just REALLY determined to hold onto stuff. but good point Honky. :lol:
  20. Marymama to sum it up; that would be tooo easy. i would have said the same thing if it had been ANY breed w/ an already bad reputaion. sarcasim and b*llbustin are part of who I am. if slim asked for help to resolve the problem maybe I missed that one line, since it just seemed like a pit-y party (pun intended) to me. maybe I read to much into the original post but if you want me to cite the sentences that made me come to this conclusion i will.
  21. I am not cryin breedist nor do i need anyone to coddle me. IMHO slim came off like one of those PETA ban the breed APBT haters. in slims first post nothing but general APBT comments. if slim wasn't able to have a civil discussion w/ the offending dog owner, who can't defend themselves in this forum, what makes you think slim wasn't over reacting? who was there? except slim please raise your hand. I mean come on ...i'm sorry if i find it hard to believe that 7 out 8 pits in the dog park are dangerous AND have bad owners. i'm sorry you feel like i am justifing or defending these alleged irresponsible owners and dogs. but in my life i find there are 3 sides to every story. 1 for each party involved and 1 for the truth which is somewhere in the middle. i'm not a child, the village idiot, or wear rose colored glasses. but ya can't feed me sh*t and call it rice crispes. i'm just tired of people complaining and taking NO action to change things. if your dog park is being over run; take it back i'm sure the other owners will back you. talk to the parks dept to start a group like mary said. don't be a victim. But to jump on the bandwagon... poor slim's dog how could those terrible APBT be allowed to share the same park or even breathe for that matter.
  22. Good point mydogroxy. when i was holding a cocker in my yard with my APBT they were playing to rough and the hubby didn't stop them. lecter was on his chain but the cocker could run free. lecter rolled max over and bit his hind quarter, he broke skin and we had to take max to the vet for 3 stiches.
  23. [quote name='"slim86"']Come to the dog park I go to and see for yourself! Are you calling me a liar? I'm sorry if I offended you but it's a reality. I did mention the one APBT owner that did watch his dog. I'm not looking for poor me responses I can take care of myself. I certainly wouldn't take my GSD to the dog park if he was going to cause trouble. > not a liar just a breed racist. you seemed to hype up the APBT part just like the media wants you to. Would it have made you happy if I had told you that my GSD had huge gashes and I had to take him to the Vet and spend $1,000 to get him sewed up? I'm sure it would have happened if I didn't jump in and pull my dog out from underneath them so quickly. > certainly not! but if they really were ATTACKING your pup no amount of $$ would help. and if the APBT were really meanhearted dogs you wouldn't be able to type right now. Are you saying it's okay for dog aggressive dogs to run free (off leash) with other dogs? Does it suprise you that a dog that was made for fighting gets in fights when it runs free with other dogs? This is what I was getting at with my post. Am I crazy for thinking that it's not okay for Pit Bulls to run free at the dog park? Like I said before, there are at least 3-4 APBT's and sometimes as many as 8 on a Saturday and they are all off leash. If you don't believe me come and see for yourself. > every case is different some are okay off leash others are not, but that is up to the owners of the dog to decide not you. don't like; lump it. I allow my dog off lead around other dogs, if a fight ever breaks out WE meaning the other owners and I know what to do. But we hang out in a dog park that mostly other dogs of similar background go to. does it surprise me our dogs fight? NOT ONE BIT. are you crazy to think the way you do? It's your opinion and i'm sure you know the saying about that. and the next time i'm traveling to UT i'll be sure to PM to get directions. Slim
  24. I find it rather hard to believe that there ase SO many "bad" APBT owners that frequent your dog park. unless you live in the ghetto. and if your dog got away with a few scratches after being "mauled" by 3 dogs, 2 of which were APBT no less, consider yourself lucky. I wasn't there so I'll go by what you say. On a personal note I have met more good owners than bad by a ratio of 9:1. I take my dog everywhere and so far any problems have been small. He won't turn away from a fight against another animal but i'm prepared for that. as an APBT owner i usually take my dog to the swampy area of a nature park to avoid anyone but that's where i usually met other "dangerous breeds" with their owners. find a breed club in your area so you can hang w/ like minded people. or go to a different park if that's possible. so if your looking for a poor baby you won't find it here.
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