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  1. This is good story with a bad outcome. [url]http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/South/01/12/pond.drowning.ap/index.html[/url]
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    i agree i'm nosey too. people should at least introduce themselves. i'd love to have schnauzer person on the board cause i love all of the types.
  3. :new-bday: i've just got to be like everyone else. :drinking: have some for them.
  4. no sorrys needed poofy...truth be told i was mostly upset by you suggesting i leave this board but no harm no foul.
  5. no sorry i wasn't clearer jacsmom i ment CH show dog to CH show dog or great working dog to great working dog. not interbreeding the different type of REG. dogs. does this clarify it? let me know i took a chill pill and it's kicking in so my english is a not so good.
  6. :o :( :x :D well thank you for the update i was wondering what was the outcome. please keep us posted but i'm sure that guy will never get the punishment he deserves.
  7. this is a very simple example/question but bare w/ me... if you were to take one greatly bred bitch and one poorly bred dog and mated the two you would inprove the dogs line but not the bitches nor the breed as a whole. so you would be improving the breed but is that the way you really want it done? i think CH show dogs and working dogs should be matched great line to great line each with strengths that compensate the faults of the other. isn't that truly the idea of better breeding?
  8. K i never get offended when it comes from people i know. besides i figured you were mostly shocked that it came from me...well let it be known i have a very dark side and the beast has reared her head today. :evilbat:
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    you know what we really need a pot calling a kettle black emoticon!!!!!
  10. oh no hobbit that wasn't for you!! i know and love yoursarcasm. that was for all the misinformed pit people how don't know a game dog from a mooses butt. tons of people throw that buzz word around with out any idea of it's true meaning cause most don't own a dictionary. Bribob was that me you said sided w/ the elite few...if thats the case boy did you read my post wrong. i was sticking up for you. my ideas differ greatly from most on this board. i don't mind responsible byb or even brokers...my true concern about them lies with how the animals are kept and trained. if they are beloved animals than do what you will, animals are owned, property like a house or car. i have been on the outs w/ some concerning my views about BSL or at least i felt like i was on the outside w/ one person.I don't conform to the GROUPS ideals but I do follow the BOARDS rules. which are two totally different things.
  11. i'm not a breeder but one day i might be when i get older. but if a miller gets better stock isn't it logical than that they will just dilute the good w/ the bad? i too hope these people will realise the folly of their ways but most make to much money to care. it is a business which means it comes down to the bottom line expense VS profits. plus alot of people see nothing wrong w/ bad breeding practises b/c they don't know what good ones are. most top of the line breeders charge to much for the avarege family to plunk down $600 for a pet plus vet costs and various other expenses. so when they see the dog of thier choice in an add for $250 they jump @ the chance regardless of everything.
  12. i'm gonna post this as it's own topic one day but today is not it. gameness n. The quality of mind enabling one to face danger or hardship resolutely: braveness, bravery, courage, courageousness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, fortitude, gallantry, heart, intrepidity, intrepidness, pluckiness, spirit, stoutheartedness, undauntedness, valiance, valiancy, valiantness, valor. Roget
  13. i think you are handleing this as well as any dog person would except the treats thing. i may be wrong but hear my story and if it applies great if not sorry i'm no help. Lecter tests the waters with me every now and then and i use to give treats for proper behaviour untill he wouldn't do it unless he got a treat. basically he saw the treat as a reason to act up, gets scolded than listens and gets treat. so i just started using praise not so many treats. i always use the sit or down stay when it comes feeding time mostly b/c i don't need a 50lb beast getting in my way but i do feel that it establishes me has the boss cause i've got the food. in wild packs alphas dictate when subs can eat it, if at all. it seems to me that training a dog is more like becoming a dog yourself than getting your dog to act human.jmho
  14. poofy you can leave my name off the above post. i'm not the sheriff here in this dog patch and neither are you. i leave that for the real BIG DOGS on this board ROO, JACSMOM, AND K to handle. i have an opionion too. idon't have anything against anyone and am not personally against anyone aswell. i was informing sandyb that i appreciated what she had to say but if she didn't conform to the rules she would be gone which i don't like seeing anyone go. and i have nothing against people who want to learn if that's really what they are here for but i do not like to see good people get taken advantage of by unsavory characters. this is not dircted at anyone but if the shoe fits wear it.
  15. i'm sorry i'm really jaded today. :lol: but it made me laugh just doing it. i'm going through one of those it's a battle to big to fight so when you can't beat um join um. tell them what they want to hear so they be gone. and i can put my rose colored glasses on and assume all dogs have loving homes and warm beds and good food and fresh water and people that love them and and and .....on it goes. ever just wish we could restart the human breed with a focus on compassion AND intelligence?
  16. i would keep the sire away from the mother and pups. pits are not the best dog lovers in the world and if a fight breaks out you might find yourself with 10 dead dogs. which would be a shame to lose all that money.
  17. i have been tryin to keep to my self but i can't hold my tongue anylonger. it seems to me too many people out the confuse rat sh*t for rice crispies..meaning jus cause your dog came from a CH doesn't mean YOUR dog is a CH. but that's your choice breed more lambs for the slaughter. Keep on destroying all the hard work ethical breeders have been doing for years by willynilly breeding practises. at this rate no breed will ever reach it's full potental, dog as well as human. as for the "flaming" going on here w/ sandyb or bribob and tlc. they are calling a spade a spade and i respect that. but the village idiot rarely knows he's the dumb one and everyone else feels like they've been assaulted. so sandyb you've said your peace, i've enjoyed it and i hope you stick around here to give some more insightfull info concerning your history.
  18. I you want to see a mess imagine a Rott, Dobie and mini Pin and a huge mango tree that usually bears two times a season. thats what my uncles have to deal with in FT. Lauderdale. minus the Rott now, she past over a year ago due to sudden liver failure
  19. Great i've been giving my MALE dog dried PENISE of bull. i've been TOUCH dry bull twigg?????? Does that make lecter an interracial homosexual? i'd still love him but it would explain the rainbow bandana and butch leather collar. Why do i have to come here to find out these things? :eating:
  20. Lecter will eat anything if my daughter gives it to him. Everything she eats he wants in on. it's kinda funny seeing my kid give him a treat of a carrot stick when she gets him to sit and he treats it like it's beef. me? if it's not a real dog treat he won't touch it unless it's a grape but even then he breaks it up gets some juice and drops it @ my feet. when it comes to feeding him i use what i call the half and half. I usually cook alot of asian and italian foods so depending on what the menu offers i give him a acup of human food mixed into his kibble. unless it a tomato sauce, to much gives him gas.
  21. with strong chewers crates and kongs are the way to go. i had the same problem with lecter my dog and jay my husband. when i first got lecter i felt bad about crating him when i was at work so i let him have the run of the house. that last 4 days before i learned what a pit can due in a couple of hours. when i came home 5hours later (wish i had a picture of this) he had torn up a 48 pack of diapers to shreds,knocked over my easter lilly, pulled the table cloth of the table along with the vase (lucky it was plastic) chewed that into a mess, dragged out my recycle newspaper pile, as well as the plastic shopping bags i keep from the supermarket. I kid you not when i walked into the house the debris was an inch thick in the living room and kitchen and he was just so happy to see me he had to pee on it. i could have killed him right then and there but jay was due home in less than 20 minutes so i didn't have time to kill him and clean up the mess.
  22. have you gotten her to close any doors yet? just wondering cause i've been tryin to teach lecter to close the door when he comes in and am still having no luck. he just sits there looking at me like i'm crazy.
  23. good 4 you..maybe i should stop slacking off i've been here a little longer than you and your ahead of me....###@@@??? but i'll catch up. and by the way TO K A BIG KUDOS TO YOU GIRL.
  24. if your arts and crafty you could stich a silk one to hold the ID tags. silk is pretty strong but i wouldn't walk anydog on a silk collar. i stitched lecter a a silk/poly blend coller to hold his tags on cause he had the same problem going bald under his chin but i walk him on a harness. even if he's out in the yard i put his harness on cause it's easier for me to grab him in case of emergency.
  25. When Lecter does that it's usually b/c i'm not spending enough time w/ him actually playing. he does it more like nibbling on a cob of corn, three or four quick ones and he strikes another spot for 3 more before he runs off for me to chase him. i still tell him "NO BITING" and toss him his cong for us to change the game we're playing. How has diverting her attention work in the past?
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