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  1. Over this last weekend we took a short holiday and went up to my in laws lake house. I am please to say Lecter was a shining example for the bully breed. at any given time there was from 5 to 35 people and 4 dogs at the lake. He was perfect off lead, come, stay, chill he nailed everytime. The other dogs, a chia, a pom, a shi-tzu, and beagle/lab puppy were completely out of control so it was easy to look good against them. He was off lead for most of the 4 days and he was never more than a whistle away. next time we'll try swimming.
  2. Now thats not true my mother called me stupid, lazy and other choice names all through high school and I came out alright. HF i totally agree it's not what you say it's how you say it. I call my dog my b*tch (he's male) and dumb mutt (he's not mixed) and he goes nutts with excitement.
  3. I agree with mary's mama and nancy b. i've never thought about this alpha control thing relating to stairs or doors. we don't have stairs (thank dog) but we also have no control problems. Lecter is the low man on the totem pole. so much so I allow my daughter to walk him in the living room. which is really her just holding his leash as he walks from couch to loveseat but she thinks she's helping.
  4. Good choice Daisy. rottie rescues are the way to go. at the very least you'll have an understanding of what your getting into. but don't stop looking at the shelter you may just find one that you click with or is the youngster you want. but i'd advise that to anyone looking for a big dog that is worried about any issues the dog may have. unfortunatly shelters don't have the time or resources to fully test a dog before adopting him/ her out. on a personal note i have uncles that are very involved in dobbie and rottie rescue. usually they foster but every now and then they can't bare to part with the animal. so fostering might be something you'd like to think about.
  5. yeah puppies!!!! glad for the good news.
  6. I really have no opinion about chaining for or about people who do. But i can speak for my own actions. I could never subject any creature to a condition i would not subject myself also. unless it's a human, i'm human aggressive. So i can't imagine not having my dog (dogs) with me at all times except work hours. but free will is just that. I can only hope more people will come to realize and adopt my point of views.
  7. It would be great if those things really worked. i first saw it on one of those morning shows like good morning america about 7 months ago.
  8. can only speak for my dog, this is normal. lecter like to take those tonka wheel dog toys and chew off the tires and then bite off little pieces of the axle. and i get left w/ little hard plastic bits of yellow and black to step on in the night. but i don't know if it's bad for him. never even thought about it cause it brings him so much amusement.
  9. What happened to your roommate i thought you guys we're raising the dogs together?
  10. i am currently dealing with lecter separation problem. it was a lot worse when we first got him. it's been awhile since he use to bend the bars on his crate. i swear by the kong and rope toys. he has a dental rope that he loves.
  11. is the roxy link working for anyone????? i can't get anything.
  12. :lol: train a man :roflt: when i figure that out i'll give you a signed first press of the book. for real though i wouldn't worry about it. sounds like your dog just wants to jump into the fray. a very doggy behavior to get into the mix of things. i doubt it would cause the threat of an aggression issue to arise. but things can get out of control very quickly. so my my finale answer is set some limits and stick to them. examples of limits might be barking @ the guys is okay but jumping on them is not. what ever you see fit.
  13. a friend of mine had a rott that got car sickness they had to buy a safty harness so she could ride in the front seat and it cleared it right up. i'm not sure if you could give them over the counter motion sickness meds for humans or if it would work. ask a vet about that one. but i'm sure about the riding in the front seat curing car sickness.
  14. even if you were closer hill wouldn't matter. she went to her new home today.
  15. I know some people are gonna :2gunfire: me for saying this but they could try a doggie valium. Not a long term fix but it will help for a little while. Just long enough for the training to kick in.
  16. millers are the most despicable, undiscerning, low life bottom of the barrel, karmicly challenged person i can imagine. who value money over everything else.
  17. I see byb on two scales. One is the hobbyist who will usually show their dogs at regional events. Who do care about genetics and finding the best breeding partner with in the situation. these people are okay by me, they may not be gun ho about it like professionals but @ least they care about the breed standard. the other kinda i have no use for (like my neighbor) they see a dog of the same breed and say " well my girl will be comng into heat in feb, you wanna breed your dog with mine? I know alot of people who will pay good money for a pit." i feel so bad for his red nose. i'm thinking about telling him yeah, let her stay here during her cycle so that way it would be easier.then i'd take lecter to my mother in laws during that time so she wouldn't get bred. when he askes "i wonder why she ain't pregnant" i can laugh to myself and say" we'll try again next time".
  18. Lecter won't chase ice. he crunches it up, spits it out and then licks it back up.
  19. i don't care but it sure is cute they have him listed as a aussie shepard and rott mix but the email i got said he could be AC X Rott. anyway looks like this special guy will be going to his forever home soon, thats what they told me when i asked about fostering him.
  20. Yes yes ain't he cute and your right he's an Rott X ACD.
  21. I've gotten tired of tryin to figure out how to post this picture in the topics so here it is in my ablum take a look. Ain't he cute? [url]http://groups.msn.com/Dogomania/mydoggyfamily.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=96[/url]
  22. I'VE GOT IT!!!!!!! she is a rare one of a kinda pure american heinz 57 mix.
  23. okay then if you had to guess at what your girl was....fill it in. if she's part husky she could be middle sized when full grown but if it's malamute she could get to be very large. another good sign is how big the paws are.puppies go through a stage where they grown into their feet.
  24. post a picture so we can make our best guess. as for training just keep going over and over the stuff she knows cause they like to "forget" basically play dumb.
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