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  1. look in the topic pictures and there is a couple of explainations.
  2. one thing i forgot to mention is you have to study a little about dod pack behavior to help you deal with this. you want to be the ALPHA. you may get some lash back when this starts, since he thinks he is ABOVE you but you must nip it in the bud before he becomes an 90lbs plus dog with an identity problem.
  3. I would say the AmB and APBT are 2nd or 3rd cousins in the woodpile. the problem you may face with only one person training the dog is that the dog might not learn to respect ALL members of the "pack" just the trainer. All people in the family must agree to a set of commands and actions that are acceptable and use them. My favorite command to start with is NO. just like with human children you will be saying it ALOT. Since you are with the puppy most of the time I feel it would be best if you started the training but have the others help when the training starts to take. if the dog is chewing state NO, walk over remove the item, if he growls again say NO, and replace the item with a toy or chewwy. Good chewwies are pizzle, pig ears, kongs, tuff kitties, canvas toys, or hard rubber dog toys. you will have to do this often and in the same manner EVERY time. if telling NO, doesn't wrk to stop the growling and aggression, by itself i would use the spray bottle with some diluted lemon or pepper juice and give a shot in the mouth. Now they do make things you can spray or put in the trash can that will help to make it unappealing to the dog but i can't remember what that is. today when you begin training take the pup to a place where it is just the 2 of you if at all possible, Sit would be a good place to start. When it comes to feeding time place the dog in a SIT before you feed him and do not let hm break it till you command, he will get the picture. by always makeing him listen you will move him down the pecking order and with luck the aggression will subside. he sould always come last, last to eat, last to go outside, don't let him on furniture, never let him take the "High" ground and never show him doubt, it will make him question your rank. Now i'm not an animal behaviorist but you might want to consult one in the future should this not be a faze he is going through. Hope this helps and please let us know how it is going, so many people just pop in and get info than disappear and We Really LOVE Updates And PICTURES. :D
  4. sorry i'm so late but first let me say I can believe dogs do things to show their displeasure from chewing on things to crapping on the floor right in front of you just to let you know they are not happy. case in point I know a muture golden that has NO separation anxiety but when kept in his crate or a room when the repair man was over crapped all over everything. Why? i still think he does it for attention. to animals, like some children, BAD attention is a substitute for GOOD attention. on that similar note i do believe in physical punishment for all creatures if deserved. With Lecter I went through i nipping stage early on, I bit him back. after a couple of times he never did it again. cause and effect? dum luck? does it work for every dog? I'll never know but at least he doesn't nip hard anymore. just to clarify when I say nip, I'm not talking about "love bites" i mean "OUCH" kinda nip, where if he had done it to a stranger they would think he wanted to eat them. As for our Newbie [color=darkred]welcome to the wonderful world of bully breeds[/color] not to scare you but it will only get worse before it gets better but that is with any breed. My advice is get yourself a crate ASAP and don't leave him alone lose in the house till....well maybe you will never be allowed to do that. Good Luck it's alot of fun and worth every minute of it. There are alot of resources out there on the internet that can help. We are only one of them.
  5. I have the same problem with lecter, he climbs our 4 ft chainlink fence with no problem. we switched to a harness for a while then one day he worked the slide loss and chewed through the side strap. now when ever he is in the yard he is hooked up to a 15 ft lead so he can lean on the fence but not climb over we had a 20ft lead but he climbed the fence anyway and had to have my neighbor come over and pit him back on the inside. untill we buy our own house and can erect our needed fence type we just have to be extra careful.
  6. well since i have a new dog since this was originally posted i'll add My new girls name. Some people may think this is corny but we named her STARLING as in agent starling from the Silence of the lambs series. so now we have Lecter and Starling and their relationship is true to form with the movies very love/antagonistic and amusing as they jostle for position.
  7. bullygirl29532


    Yeah Rose we rescued her from the shelter 2 weeks ago. she was picked up as a stray and had been there for 2 months. they thought she was a Hound type X pit bull but i can tell you she is Rottie no doubt about it. She is ridgeless though so that was harder to pick out i had a guess she was but last week confirmed it. When she gets pissed off all the hair stands up where a ridge should be straight back to the tail, so she does have a ridge, it just goes in the same direction. here is a link to their picture page. she is a pretty lovebug and a great member of this family. [url]http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/youknowrs25/lst?.dir=/Silence+of+the+dogs&.view=t[/url]
  8. bullygirl29532


    I know alot about PIT BULLS *(one T not two sweetie) or more accuratly American PitBull Terriers, since i have one myself. i've been raised around and with Dobbies and Rottweilers. I also own a Rodesian Ridgeback X Rottweiler mix. but before i go shouting my love of these breeds i have some questions for you. 1. do you have children or plan to have them? if you do how old are they? 2. Do you plan on buying or rescueing a dog or is that still up in the air. 3. when you say "pitbull" do you mean American pitbull terrier, american staffordshire terrier, or staffordshire terrier known as "staffybull"? all of these fall into the "pitbull"catogory.
  9. I see some kind of border collie, or herding type dog.
  10. courtnek being a diabetic isn't that bad in the big picture my brother who is 21 just found out he is a diabetic, he's on insulin. our parents don't have it but our grandfathers did. at least it can be keep in check with diet and medication.
  11. Hazel i kinda agree with that train of thought if people are "uneven" by their own admission they should have a choice to end their life or sterilize themselves. my mother is a prime reason totally mentally unstable allowed to breed unchecked and abandoned her young at will. yeah i wouldn't be here but i also wouldn't be a carrier for several mental illnesses and able to breed myself. but we as a race are beyond such means of control, there is no survival of the fittest anymore, no way to separate the wheat from the chaff. our only hope is to acknowledge our short comings and adjust to make up for the "problems". that and gene therapy. :lol: Every day we grow a little wiser from the day before, if people can not accept and acknowledge we learn from our mistakes then forget them. how we raise our dogs/kids/selves is always subject to others peoples concepts of right or wrong as long as YOU feel your right does anything else really matter?
  12. I know we all love hazel but i think everyone should just stay off sitstay and mind their own business. This would make the 2nd board war in 6 months this really is to much. They have a history with hazel concerning hazelnutmegs problems and care something none of us were party to and really everyone is intitled to their own opinions it is a public forum if you don't like what they have to say, stay away from there.
  13. NEW YORK (AP) -- It could have been a cat-astrophe, but Meow Mix cat food chief executive officer Richard Thompson is recovering -- with his sense of humor intact -- after being bitten by a Rottweiler. The encounter happened just as Thompson is about to launch "Meow TV," a half-hour, feline-friendly comedy on cable's Oxygen network that features cat yoga, cat haiku and sporadic video of squirrels and fish. Thompson said he was walking on the Upper East Side about a week ago when the dog bit him on his backside. His wound was bandaged at a hospital, and Thompson said Friday he's still finding it difficult to sit comfortably. "He was hungry," Thompson joked in an interview with The Associated Press. "I'm still convinced the dog knew who I was -- `Top Cat' of the Meow Mix Co. -- and he didn't get invited to the `Meow TV' opening," he said. "I think the dogs had a conspiracy against me." Thompson said he filed a police report about the dog, which was on a leash and with its owner, but he expects nothing will come of it.
  14. My next door neighbors RatXjack does it to a hunting boot. She's fixed though but since she learned to do it before she was spayed everytime he puts on his hunting boots on she hops and humps. like any other trait you have to curb it with training and hope they forget once fixed.
  15. Lecter has two groups of names. Titles: attention terrier, satans bull terrier of hell AKA: nut, my pit-moose, mama's boy, bitch, mutt, fat a**, bubba. But pitmoose is my favorite. the really funny part is when i'm getting him all wound up i sound like Rain man.
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