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  1. Could you guys give me some idea about how to improve the relationship w/ my husband and the dog. Lecter is a velcro dog w/ separations anxiety that loves to chew. Jay can not understand this eveytime lecter does something to upset jay he threatens to make him an outside dog. which means dog house and the whole 9, which would kill lecter. he's a major people dog that needs tons of interaction and praise. Really the stuff the dog does isn't that bad in my book, sometimes he knocks stuff over w/ his tail, he chews MY socks (I don't care), moves onto the bed in the middle of the night ( keeps me warm), and countless other doggy quirks. I'm starting to think he's not a dog person like he claimed or that the kinds of dogs he likes have no personality. any ideas would be a great help.
  2. Can we have @ least one day where someone doesn't make me :cry: how anyone can be that heartless is beyond me.
  3. just to clear it up Lecter the dog is a boy and sassy the child is a girl. Don't mean to nit pik, i should have been clearer about that.
  4. in my little family it's Sassy (child) that is the pushy one w/ the dog. She tries to grab his tail or she'll move all her toys and herself into his crate when he leaves it unattended. So i'm well aware of what behavior in her i need to curb, but i've never heard of a family pet mauling a child. Does it happen due to gross negligence ? It would have to happen that way, call me simple but i can't see a beloved animal w/ sound temperment just ripping a person to shredds for no reason.
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