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  1. Has anyone else ever head of this breed? They come in three sizes.. toy, small and medium. I came across this breed while doing some research (I have a siberian husky myself) and have never heard of a toy size northern breed. This picture is NOT a puppy and taken from this site: [url]http://www.helderberg-huskies.com/HH/alaskan_klee_kai/[/url] [img]http://www.helderberg-huskies.com/HH/alaskan_klee_kai/images/adv_akataka_on_grass.jpg[/img][color=darkblue][/color][size=6][/size][size=3][/size]
  2. (((((Whoa... lets keep it civil!! 8) I think there was just a misunderstanding about what Shannon meant there.))))) I wonder what the vets would think after seeing this post to how many people feed their dogs table food :lol: I know my vet would be :shocked!:
  3. Yeah, Tasha snatched a bird out of the air when I first got her and she tried to swollow it whole when I tried to get it away from her. I grabbed her mouth and my hubby had to pull it out. it was dead. I think it had a heart attack because it wasn't bleeding anywhere. (I think I would have had a heart attack too!) I was crying I was so upset. :(
  4. What :o ! They are kids! I tell my human daughter all the time, go play with your sister! Tasha is my first baby!!!
  5. I've been looking at scooters and pricing lately. They are sooo expensive! I wish I had the money so I could start now! I am going to have to save up, unless my hubby can figure out how to make one for us. :wink:
  6. I feel sorry for the dog too. He seems like a really good dog. When he comes to my fence I open the door and tell him to go on home and he runs straight home. Whenever a car goes by, he runs right home. Hes just protecting his territory. What I think the problem is is that he doesn't get played with or walked and he normally only gets out when they are not home, so that tells you hes lonely. I just dont want to see him get hurt. You know?
  7. Tasha doesn't "like" to be alone, but doesn't have separation anxiety. When I come in the door if I have something in my arms, she waits until I put it down, but if not or when my arms are free I get big "hugs" She jumps up and literally wraps her front legs around my waist with her tounge flicking all over the place. Then she jumps down runs in a circle and comes back jumping up on me. I encourage it, even though I shouldn't because she jumps on people when they come over. I do hold her back and if I know the person doesn't mind, I will let her jump on them, but if they mind I TRY to control her. :lol: Easier said than done as she loves people. But I dont want her to stop because I love getting my "hugs"
  8. Ok for months now my neighbors dog has been getting out of the fence. He doesn't go far, but he runs at children and people barking his head off when they walk past on the main street. I thought he was going to attack these three little girls. He is constantly getting out and comes to my fence prompting my dog to start trying to dig out. I told their son about the dog almost attacking those people... but the dog continues to get out. I am afraid something is going to happen to the dog, get hit by a car or attack someone protecting his territory. I dont blame the dog, I blame the owners. I KNOW they know about it. I've heard them yell at him for it. So he got out again yesterday and was barking at people again so I called animal control. I'm not trying to get him taken away, but I think someone needs to talk to these people and tell them to fix the yard so he cant get out. My dog has gotten out three times from my yard and each time I went and bought chicken wire fencing to put on the areas so she cant get out. Someone is coming today to talk to me. Do you think I am wrong to call?
  9. Tasha begs, lately I have only been giving her food in her bowl sometimes while I'm eating but normally not until after dinner. She still begs though. I make her go lay down. She does the whole sit, shake and lay down without my telling her too, trying to get something. :lol: They are so funny!! I always make her "take it nice" though. She tends to like to snatch.
  10. Tasha would be extremely outgoing and active. She woulnd't put up with any crap and she would be extremely set in her ways. She would behave only when it suited her. No one would push her around!!!
  11. Yeah, my husband is always yelling at me when he is home to not feed her. Luckily hes out to sea right now, so she got a nice piece of ham for Easter dinner. :D I know what you mean about the begging, thats why I have tried to stop doing it. Plus the fact that my daughter is walking and when she has food in her hand the dog will try to take it. My daughter likes to share, and loves the dog, so when the dog comes up for some food, my daughter holds out the food to her. :lol: Its cute, but I dont want Tasha taking food from my daughter. You know?
  12. I am sooooo horrible about this. Whenever I am eating I always share with Tasha..unless it will make her sick. I have gotten a lot better. I am regretting the ham I gave her though because now she has pretty bad gas. Whoooo buddy!! :lol:
  13. Awww, those are just too cute! I love the one where hes got his head cocked! I just love the sideways looks they give us!!!!! :D
  14. Aww those are so cute!! Congrats on the addition to your family! :)
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