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Guest Anonymous

[quote]And in my opinion, this collar is kind of useless... people might as well just take their dog's collar OFF in unsafe places, because what are the odds when a dog runs away with this collar on that it's going to break off, especially when someone tries to grab the dog by the collar to save the dog?[/quote]
Im gonna have to agree with CS on this one.
I really just see the collars as useless, and maybe even more dangerous than a collar that will stay on.
I would rather my dog get caught up than flying out of the truck or getting run over by a car. I would rather my dog get caught up by his collar instead of running loose and potentially killing someone elses pet. And I definately wouldnt want my dog running around with no tags.

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I have 3 Keep Safe collars, one for each dog. They NEVER get used! They are hanging on the wall.
Some years ago, when my dogs wore collars all of the time, Jesse managed to get his own lower jaw hooked in his buckle collar. Now obviously that collar was too loose. Thankfully I was right there and was able to calm him down and get the collar off. It was a very scary few minutes and we were both shaking when it was over.
Another time, I noticed that the tags were missing from Jesse's collar. I looked and looked and finally, weeks later, saw a 'glint' in the grass in my neighbors yard. Walked around, there were Jesse's tags. At the time, Jesse liked to hang on the fence and bark at said neighbor. Apparently, the tags got caught on the fence and thankfully, popped off when Jesse got off the fence. I do not know if Jesse had to struggle or for how long. The tags were on with one of those O ringy things, not an S hook.
As I frequently take my dogs to the park for off leash play, I CAN see how the Keep Safe collars are a good idea, my girls will play with much grabbing of necks and wrestling. Neither is inclined to bolt out of the area so I will consider using the Keep Safe from now on at the park. My dogs are each tattooed and chipped as well just in case.
In UKC agility, dogs MUST wear a collar with no tags in the ring, I normally switch to the one without tags as soon as I get there so I won't forget. The Keep Safe collar, as long as there are no tags, are perfect for this.
My dogs never wear collars in the house nor do they wear them when able to go in and out the doggie door. My dogs know that bolting through an open front door is a grave error and generally wait for permission. I still practice this frequently in case anyone (Candy) thinks I am not paying attention.
I think we can agree, for some this is a great idea, for some it just aint gonna happen.
As far as choke chains, to quote 'but you could have used a second collar, such as a choke chain (is that a dirty word on this board) for walking.'
The pivotal words here are 'for walking'. Such as on leash. I don't think this is ironic at all. Even choke chains have a 'dead' ring you can use.

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Guest Anonymous

I always did use a second collar. The issue was a quick grab. If I had to quickly leash them or grab them quickly by the collar (to prevent bolting or other such issue) the things would pop and were useless. So for me they were pointless because as everyday collars they did little good.

Hubby reminded me when I told him about this post that Prissy always managed to scratch just right to pop it off.

Dr. John I am not by any means bashing your product or you. I just don't believe they work in my house hold. I had door dashing maniacs i needed to be able to gain control quickly. The collars for me were not worth it.

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mine have webbed plastic latched collars, not exactly quick release, but enough pressure on the plastic latch and they would come off. yet you can still grab and pull on one without it flying open. like I said earlier, mine have their collars on 24/7....I cant chance them getting out without them, and there are too many teenage boys here all the time who cant seem to remember to close the doors properly. I am not kidding, I have signs on the doors that say SHUT TIGHTLY...they still forget.

I have harnesses for them when I walk them, so thats not an issue.

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Re will always wear a collar. I've heard about dogs choking on their collars many times but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Re will bolt if given the chance and it is illegal to not have tags ON your dog at all times in this county. Police will take the dog and there is usually no chance of getting it back. the collar stays.

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"You serious? The dogs MUST have collars on?"
Yeah, most of us who run UKC think it's pretty weird too. Ok as an option, but to require one is silly.
Then there is NADAC, dogs CANNOT wear a collar from what I am told. I have not yet run in a NADAC trial to I best remember this come spring!
I do think the wearing of a collar should be optional, as long as said collar has no attachments or dangly bits to get caught on anything.

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I swear by chokes and prongs. They are lifesavers I tell ya. :P

But anyhoo, the cat and dog wear collars 24/7. Lucky has a safety one, Kat doesnt. Lucky gets into problems all the time so I could just picture him choking to death. :o :( His old break-away collar would come off WAY too easily and I hated it... but the one we have now only comes off when you pull really hard. Kats a lazy dog and doesnt go outside much (because she gets scared lol) so I dont see the need for a safety collar. That collar stays on unless Im grooming her. When we go for walks I use a choker. She can pull a lot when on walks but doesnt when the choke chains on. :wink:

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