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Lucky girl


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We found a stray Staffie wandering round the heath tonight. She'd followed several people round then attached herself to Bri and the girls. It was getting dark so we couldn't leave her, she had no collar on and she might of got run over. When we turned round she'd gone having a nosy in our house anyway. She sat round the table with our three while we had our tea and then Bri did their tea while I made a couple of flyers up. Didn't put too much info because Staffies get nicked in this country.

She was so friendly and lovable, he went the local shop and someone had already been in asking about her. They gave Bri a general location nearby and he drove round knocking on some doors. He eventually found the owner who'd been looking for her since 2pm this was now 7pm. She'd jumped a 6ft fence and got out and the owner had been driving the roads round the heath looking for her (might of been better if she'd gotten out of her car and walked the heath). She said she was worried because people are frightened of Staffies and think they are vicious, her name was Wendy and it was a happy ending thank goodness. Here's a couple of piccies of her having her tea.

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[quote name='marion']haha K, I must of worded that funny, the dog's name was Wendy not the owner. :lol:[/quote]

:lol: :lol:

[color=darkred]Aww good on you Marion and Bri for taking Wendy in, it is a shame her owners came forward, she would have had a wonderful home with you, nevermind hun. I'm sure she was grateful to you both taking her in. [/color]:wink:


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