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Boo is dead


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Eli finally did it...he killed one of my cats :(
I was at school, but my mom and brother were here.
She brought Eli in cause he was barking at the garbage man, and then after my mom made her breakfast and sat down to eat it, Eli attacked Boo, we have no idea why, he just did.
She tried everything but could not get him to release Boo.
Now Boo is dead. :sad:
I understand that Eli is a dog and being a pit he has a pretty high pray drive, so I don't "blame" him nor hate him.
I miss boo, he was the sweetest cat anyone could ever ask for. He loved cuddling and he was just the best cat ever.
I took him off the street and had him for almost 2 years..at least he had a good 2 years and knew he was loved...
We should have done this before, but I guess sometiems you just have to learn the had way, we are making one of the rooms into a cat room, the cats will stay in there when Eli is inside.
R.I.P Boo

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