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  1. ok well I went and found alot of info on canidae, innova, wellness, and nutra and some info on 'all life stage' and i took it over to talk with them about it. Of course i had to do this without hubby knowing cause he is all like 'its there dog and not your problem' and all that. I talked with them and she told me stright out that she didnt have time to read it and only wanted me to give her an overview of it, her hubby said he would look over it which is all good cause he is the one mostly careing for the girl. I told them im not trying to get them to feed what I do I just want them to beable
  2. what a wonderful addation to your family!! so precious
  3. sarahmyjoy

    food Q???

    I feed my girls Canidae it seems to be great for them. healthy coat and skin good energy and all that. My sis in law just adopted a 9 mo old sheltie from the shelter that I work at and they feed science diet (i dont care for it) anyways she wouldnt eat it and didnt eat very much for the first week at home till I told them what I feed and she thought she would try it. :agrue: Well they went to their vet and he asked what they feed and she told him. He said that it was a real new food and that it isnt good to feed a all stage food that there cant be any thing good with feeding an all sta
  4. I am so sorry, Its been a while sence i have been on here and I had been thinking bout the other post and wishing the best. At least he was loved and cared for till the end. He couldnt have asked for anything better :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
  5. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. It was a beautiful service with almost everyone from the shelter. we said prayers, poems and read aloud all the pups names. It was a lovely . :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
  6. In the AM at 9 I have a burial for alot of pups that had to be put to sleep because parvo broke out in the shelter and it seems no matter what we did we couldnot get rid of it! This was/ is the hardest thing I have been through. Please think of and send out your prayers for all these little pup that had the misfourtion to loose there lives to this horrible thing. There are so many people at the shelter that are in great states of shock from this davistation. We are all at a loss and so very very sad. :( :cry: :cry: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
  7. Oh my that is so moving! I am still in tears. there is only so much a person can do and it never seems to be enough! We have some pits at the shelter that were taken for fighthing and owners charged they could be with us for over a year waiting for the court case. So many of the employes have fallen in love with them and we know that since they were fighters they will be put to sleep if they arenot given back to the owner by the court but with the people that are working with them now they KNOW they are loved and cared for they didnt know that when they came in some were bait and one IS a
  8. What I do...... Well Sarah is 2 and a half and Morgan is 6 years old and have had their shots regularly so they are healthy and happy. When I get home from work the girls are in their kennels. I just come in and say 'hey girls, ill be with ya in a little bit' and not touch or go near them. I go stright to the bath and wash up then toss my clothes in the wash. I use hot water, soap and clorox 2. At the shelter when I leave there is a mat 'footbath' with some stuff called veracon (sp?) that kinda sticks to your shoes and kills any germs on them so i dance on the mat before i leave so i dont
  9. Yes it was at the KC zoo. There is a park right next to the zoo called Swoop park if i remember right and there is alot of wild dogs that keep having pups and have never been handled. the zoo has the park fence with if i remember right aproxamently 5miles of chainlink fence but it is hard to check all of it regularly they said. they think the dogs dug under the fence. I dont think it is the first time they cought the dogs in the zoo. I was wondering why they havent done something bout the wild dogs in the park???.
  10. It is a good idea to have the x rays taken.... my sis had a rotty for six years or so and then we got her cause they couldnt have her were they moved to. We took her to the dr and she moved them round and checked her out recomende pic and at the time we couldnt but we did shortly.... well her hip were bad, very bad. we were able to give her meds for pain and had her for four and a half years doing good till the last bit and finely we ended her pain. If we had known sooner we could have (maybe) had surgery......It helps to know while they are young you can do something bout it.... Best wish
  11. I wasnt here for some of what happened but I read all through it and am very upset over it. I was able to see the web page and was in shock that the little pup he was showing off was on it..... well not really kinda guessed she would be but REALLY!!!! I just hate this...... its so sad
  12. DO I looked at the web site you gave and I cant do it but I will pass it on to my boss and see if they are intersted in it. They really care for the animals so im pretty sure that they will look in to it. Thanks. While I was looking round the page I looked at the dogs and there are so many. I was suprised and saddened then happy for all the ones that found a home.
  13. Here is Crystal [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0YQCPAlEeh!gx95cMUNeCtforcs*FHNK4XN!eSbtIjkyez86dJxYeeAOxikxGJjM*UzVLa1uY3ZTq5ioLtPE56ETbqEZFzmzTJ8XfICTBWwWCpUeZ9WNMlupPdbjsKk8BX16wXXQAYE0xrLQ2biQMbQ/wayside%20photos002012.jpg?dc=4675493089363003117[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0YQB9A1Ie0egx95cMUNeCtforcs*FHNK4Jh*K3btuguN3pkmu1!DjsPT6WBihaz2LHYKVnpIThTMnhmVRe*jwCBzJ*Kr!U2ou0bJUhsD7mR4G1sYB3MCxFeu9p6KODyHVOGaRtY5js0j14xfWAmyAWA/wayside%20photos002013.jpg?dc=4675493089438885645[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0YQB9A1MeG!kx95cMUNeCtforcs*FHNK4Et75voNFzFF*YHN
  14. came over to adoptions today....??? A beautiful boxer..... she is white with a little brown spot and she is deaf.... Someone has worked with her I went in to see her and hand signed sit and stay and she did it!!! She is so lovely I just had to share I will get a pic of her ASAP.....
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