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Deaf Dog Petition- Please sign!


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Please pass along to everyone!! Thanks!

For many of you, this would not effect you,
but AKC has a rule that deaf dogs can not
compete in ANY show. There are many deaf
dogs that are showing in obedience and agility.
I personally trained and showed a deaf double
merle sheltie. Misty earned her U-CDX, Canadan
CD and CGC. UKC and Canada do allow deaf
dogs to show in obedience and agility. There
are some other avenues also, but I'm not famillar
with them. This rule has been brought up to AKC
to change it many times. They only vote on these
type of rules every 4 years and the voting was this
year. Again it did not pass. The breed clubs that
are members of AKC are the ones doing the voting.
The biggest club is the Dalmation club. They have
in their rules that any member that has a deaf dog
must put it down. This is also true for any rescue
that is a member. If they rescue a dog and find out
it is deaf, they have to put it to sleep. If they know ahead of time that it is deaf, they normally will not
take it into the rescue. Since the breed clubs are
the ones doing the voting, we have to go to them
to change their rules/minds when voting on this

Please go to the site listed below and sign the
petition. We are trying to get 1,200 signatures
as this is how many members the Dalmation
club says it has. The person doing this does
not have a deaf dog, she has been watching
one train and thinks AKC needs to change this
rule. She will then go to the other clubs and talk
to them too.

You may cross post this also.

Thank You for signing.
Pam Andress
In loving memory of:


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I signed it.

Just a thought: would deaf dogs competing increase their popularity and would that be a good or bad thing? eg. if double merles etc are almost always deaf, it's not a good idea to deliberately breed them is it, which may happen if their popularity soared? But on the other hand it would be good for the public to see how good deaf dogs can be.


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Guest Anonymous

I too am not sure about this. I can understand the reasoning behind it. I am concerned about the increase in deaf dogs being bred. AKC doesn't allow s/nuetered dogs to show even in obedience (I believe that is still correct).

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Guest Anonymous

i know many deaf dogs that are in agility and fly ball and are CHampions at that!! and there are a few that i know of that are deaf and blind. a breeder told me ( after telling him my plans with cody ) the the top hearding dog in the UK 3 or 7 times in a row ( soryr i can'tr remener) was a Blind Border Collie!!

I dont think that it would make them more popular and people would deliberatly ( sp ) breed them, i think it would get the word out about them though, and then more people would be open to getting the education and that these dogs are not a good thing, and should not be bred.. .. JMOP...

i'll sign it ;)

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#494 - the logic is stupid. I can understand not breeding, and not selling, a deaf dog. they are harder to care for, and the average dog owner has issues with a regular dog as it is. but to my knowledg, most rescues neuter their dogs before adoption, so creating more deaf puppies would be impossible. But there are people out there willing to adopt them. Like DAL and Divine, and can train them effectively. So why put them to sleep?

I signed.

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Guest Anonymous

[quote name='DivineOblivion19'][color=indigo] but it is BS to just kill a dog because it can't hear. Makes me very mad! :evil:


Couldn't agree with you more !!!!

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