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  1. it didn't work, why didn't it work?
  2. I'm trying to get my avatar to work, just ignore me. :)
  3. thats fantastic! I live in Illinois and it's just apsolutely wonderful news!
  4. yes i know that they're are definately not for everyone that's why I can't have one. But they are extremely loyal to their families. I especially can't have one if I can't handle a german shepherd, but I still love the Fila.
  5. that's the Fila Brasileiro for the full name if any one wanted to check them out, i can't remamber where i found out about them though
  6. any one know about the Fila. i just fell in love with these dogs. they hate strangers but are the greatest dogs when it comes to their family. i could never have one though
  7. my mom wants a bernese mountain dog. not at this time, just later when our number goes down. does anyone have any info on this breed? i hear that they're really great dogs but i've never met one before. like are they quiet or loud, smart or not, great with other animals, kids? any info would help.
  8. yes my mom does need to be sneaky about it. but she doesn't care much for the law. she's always getting trouble, not bad trouble but it shows enough of her feelings towards legal and illegal.
  9. oh they are, in fact they're getting to be the chubby side. once we get our fenced yard with the new house they're gonna go wild. they don't mind he tie out but with the yard more than one can go out. Sydney just loves being outside rolling in the mud then tramping through the house proudly. i don't think i could live a day without a dog or more, that'd just kill me.
  10. Tucker used to do that. First we switched him to a chain linked lead. Then we took him off that, every time he bit the lead we'd correct him with a stern "No" then when he stopped we praised him. He got the idea that it was much more fun not biting than biting. He loves praise. Many of you've heard it before but I really love Tucker.
  11. at the current time we have seven dogs. my mom is home during the day and my siblings and i are home durong the night. our house is large, soon to be larger when we move. we have the time and space but is it too large a number? most of my dogs are extremely mellow and do not require much fussing over, except the GSD which our trainer has yet to take. opinions please.
  12. my dad said he'll be out of the house by the end of this month :D this is so great. the house has a fenced in yard (right now we have a tie out for the dogs) it's so much bigger than our current house. it's going to take awhile to actually move since we plan on redecorating before moving. plus this way we'll be right down the street from both my sister and grandmother. my whole family going o be in the town, excluding aunts, uncles, and my many cousins. which means when we have our gettogethers the dogs can be included too. yay i'm so happy! :D
  13. my mom already has tried to talk to her, it didn't work. She got a 9 month old male pug puppy. Such a little dog wouldn't work in our house since our dogs are much larger and are used to larger dogs. Tucker went with us when we went over there to babysit my nephew. He loved the little guy but was a little harsh when they play fought, Tucker's 43 lbs when the pug is like maybe 10 lbs. I know it's not the pug's fault of where he was born so i kinda fell in love with him, even though I know my sister's in the wrong. And then my sister had the nerve to go to the animal shelter and get two ca
  14. i don't know if any of you remember when i posted about Drake and Reesie. for those who don't, my oldest sister and two diferent dogs, at different times. one was a rottie mix, she had him outside all the time and decided to get rid of him. she just gave him up, a little while after that she learned that he'd hanged himself. he was chained inside a fence. he jupmed and killed himself. then my sister had this beagle who she also decided she didn't want anymore and that dog ended up getting stolen. i didn't write about her other dogs though. one she, of course, got rid of ending to some un
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