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Clyde(kitty) is free from pain..


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(posted and modified from my journal)
I came home around 10pm last night.. And Clyde was laying on the bottom of the stairs not moving... I could have sworn he was dead, but he wasn't. Under further(and quick) inspection, I found out he could not walk.. He started dragging his whole back-part behind. He has no response to his back legs, nor his tail.. And they are ice-cold.

Sadly, Im unable to afford the ER vet at the moment.. so I had to wait til morning to get a hold of my normal vet... I've been told that this can be caused my heart problems, and he has a heart murmer.. The first time I gave him water, he threw it up.. So I gave him bottled water and hes doing fine.. I layed him comfortably on a towel and heating pad with the water just a short head lift away.

Whenever he tried to walk, he yowled in pain.. I stayed up all night to stay and watch him. To move him when need-be, to get his water, and stuff.. arund 4am, he stopped yowling, the pain ended. He could now be comfortably moved without hurting him..

I got to the vet a 9:40am. It was his heart murmur.. It turnde out to be a serious heart diease that released a blood clot in his veins and got stuck in an area that caused the paralysing. First things first, they wanted to Put him to sleep.. They did tests on him like they did on Thunder(my cat at my grandmas). Moved his legs in weird ways, cliped his toes with some object to see if he could feel.. Failed.. When it happened to Thunder, his leg was amputated. But you can't exactly amputate the whole back-end of a cat. I've put him on IV's and medicine. I'm not going to surrendor myself to the fate of -1 cat to death yet. The medicine was to try to free the bloodclot and regain motion in his legs and tail again.

Within 2 hours of being at the vet, Clyde started having serious problems trying to breathe, and his heartbeat was very irregular. I was called at 12:00pm to be told of his.. fate.. I arrived there at 1pm, when I was able to have someone drive me. I petted him and hugged him for around 15 minutes, although it seemed much shorter than that... His pain is now over.

He died at the age between 10-13.. He is already greatly missed..

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When I lost one of my dogs a while back (I will soon get to that point again) I watched "All dogs go to heaven 2". May be it's just me but it helped a bit. Now, I always think about my kids playing up there and having fun. Nothing will take the pain away but a little help is always good. Just a thought......hang in there.

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