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  1. kendalyn

    I have to find a new dog sitter

    How many times does Maya get loose with you home? Your dog sitter doesn't sound that good to me. If I were watching a dog I knew was an escape artist I wouldn't open the door without her on a leash or confined away from the door.
  2. kendalyn

    a thought on Katrina...

    Sounds good :-) I trust you Courtnek. Scott and I will send a check.
  3. How do you feel about what happened? You probably need to trust your instincts here. Do you think that there is a good chance (for whatever reason) this could happen again? Was there rough play involved, or was the motivation behind the bite serious? Deep down you probably know the answers. Once you figure out the motivation behind the bite you need to make some decisions. At the very least you need to tighten up training and start from square one with Star. No more special privileges.
  4. kendalyn

    Need help asap cody's super aggressive

    What do you do when he shows aggression to people?
  5. kendalyn

    should I get a dog?

    I think as long as you're willing to spend time with the dog when you are not at work, you'll be fine. A retired greyhound is a good idea. You could also check some rescues and look for older dogs. Perhaps a dog over the age of 7. The rescue would have a good idea of the dog's exercise requirements. Older dogs are usually harder to adopt out and deserve loving homes as well. :-) Good luck!
  6. kendalyn

    My new doggie ...yes you heard me, MINE!!!

    She looks a lot like a yellow Buck. I'm guessing Lab/hound mix. Have you heard her bark?
  7. kendalyn

    Dog Food anyone????

    Buck is on Wellness and I rotate between Fish and Sweet Potato and Chicken. Although lately he's been supplementing his diet with bunnies. :roll:
  8. kendalyn

    I made a decison

    Time will tell. Welcome back.
  9. kendalyn

    Pet Supplies Plus now allows dogs!

    Ours has always allowed dogs as well. My friend's grandpa started the whole Pet Supplies Plus chain.
  10. kendalyn


    :lol: :lol: Trying to type an IM to someone, and a message on here doesn't work! I kept pushing backspace after submit and it took me back to the posting a message page! You'd think I'd never posted before.... :oops:
  11. kendalyn


    Hey! It's tomorrow! She's gone now, right? No more "peacemakers" around here, I hope! :wink:
  12. kendalyn


  13. kendalyn

    About Vacations and dogs

    If I'm visiting family, I've taken Buck along before. Otherwise, I have never taken Buck on a vacation with me. I have a few people who will watch him. Either he goes to their house or they come and stay here. I've never taken him to a boarding kennel. If I didn't have a choice though, I would try it. $10 a day seems to be the going rate here for house sitting. I house sit for other people quite often.
  14. kendalyn

    I KNEW it would happen....

    We have coyotes around here too. Once in a while someone's dog gets killed and there's a small stir about it. Nothing ever really happens though.
  15. Buck does a little spinning dance in front of the door. Or he'll run back and forth in between me and the door. Usually spinning while he does it. :lol: