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Future plans...


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Ok... I had to think of something to keep me preoccupied, when I'm constantly thinking of my baby (that might be born RIGHT THIS MOMENT (who knows?)!!!) :angel: , so I thought I'd come and chat to you about the future... What would your perfect future look like?

Ok... I'm a dreemer kind of "gal", so I daydream pretty much 90% of the day... And this is what I've kind of "cooked up": :roll:

First of all, I want to move to England to some english countryside and meet a nice fellow and fall in love (hey, I'm 17!!)... Then I wold love to get a job to pay the bills (believe or not I WANT to pay the bills... Makes me feel... umm... independent...). And then get married to "mr right" (I'm giving you the VERY shortend version, I don't want to meet a guy and then in five seconds marry him! Nope... A few years of beeing together and a couple beeing engaged. I'm not THAT naive!). Then I would like to buy this farm... or not a farm, but this house somewhere in "nowhere" where there's no trafic, pollution etc. etc. just peacefull days with the birds singing! Then... (prepare yourself) I would like to have 3 dogs (hairless ofcourse), 1 cat (sphynx.. ya know... one of thoose hairless cats), 10 geese (love geese) and a pond for them and 2 aquariums (I've had an aquarium for all my life and because my old one broke, we haven't got a new one, but I'm getting a real bad aquarium feever, so I'll probabely get one in a year or so). Then I'd like to have 3 kids... no wait... 4... Or... Well anything between 2 and 4 (love kids) and I'd like to be a stay home mom. (Believe or not I actually DO want this) And clean around the house, be with the pets, take care of the geese and the farm, help the kids with their homework and... be a good Chinese Crested breeder...

I know, I know... nothing of that will really happen, because... well.. here it goes again: :roll:

[i]"Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world. Money, money, money, allways sunny, in a rich man's world..."[/i]

Ok... If ANYONE read the whole thing, raise a hand ( :hand: ) (and no cheating!!). Whoever fell asleep reading it MOON ( :lmaa: )! :lol:

What about you? What's your future dreams?


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Guest Anonymous

First, don't think that it can't happen! I'm 24, divorced once with two kids from that marriage. I now have a lovely home (if a little old) with 3 dogs (as of tomorrow), 3 cats, and a turtle! I'm also a stay at home mom. I get to stay with my three year old while my 8 year old is at school. My dream is coming true this fall because I'm going back to school to be a vet tech! So don't think that what you want can't happen. I never thought I would meet a wonderful man who would take me and my kids like they were his own, much less support me going back to school for a job that won't pay the bills! Okay, now my dream.... To move to the country (but still be close to family) that way I can have all the animals I want and can take care of them without having to worry about space! :lol: :D

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I dont live in the countryside but I do live with my husband and our 5 kids, with one, nearly two dogs, and am also a stay at home mum.
Money is tight, but love, company and happiness are miles more important :D
Hubby and I have been together 9 years in a couple of weeks, married for 5 (we got married after our second daughter as we didn't want to get married because we had kids, but because we love each other).
Soppy old so and so aren't I?! :lol:
And yes, I read it all so :thumbs: :hand:
And EllieAngel, fancy starting a syndicate, could do with a lottery win for my dream life too :lol: Farm in the country....lots of dogs....perhaps another kid?! Naaaa...perhaps not :lol:

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My life is nowhere near what I expected but I wouldn't change a thing. I live in a nice house out in the country, although it is in a subdivision. I don't have any two legged children but I love the children that I have. My dream is to own my own business, live on about 6 acres way away from the city but close to the lake, raise my RR's, travel to shows, help educate newbies to the show world and educate the general public about the importance of buying from quality breeders. I can go on, there is a ton more that I want to accomplish and all of it is within my reach, I may not be able to do it all as comfortable as I would like to but I can try to make a difference.


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Dreams do come true. I dumped my high school sweetheart (after dating him for a year) to marry a jerk; after we got divorced, my high school sweetheart and I reunited and we got married 1 year ago after living "happily" together for 16 years.

Ideally, I would live on a 10-acres farm with 10 dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses plus a maid to take care of the house so I can play with my pets. Ideally also, my website (Cutefamilypets.com) would become internationally known and my forum activity would sky rocket.

Dreaming is wonderful, isn't it?

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Guest Anonymous

I read it! :hand:

Okay, my dream... to actually graduate... at the rate I'm goin, it doesn't look good :-? :o Once that happens, I'd like to stay home for about a year and work. Hopefully from that money, and the ICBC money, I'll be able to find a small place in Salmon Arm, and have enough money to support me for a while (until at least I find a job or something down there). I'd like to take Coal with me, and get a Border Collie pup and use the BC for school (Canada West Canine Center in Salmon Arm). Bonus too, Salmon Arm only gets about two months of winter!! :D
Once I finish school (which will take about a year), I would like to find somewhere with some good writing classes, and while taking these writing classes, get as much experience in Dog Training as possible.
There's a lot of gaps in my plan (although the next few years are WAY more filled in then they were 3 years ago!! :) ). Eventually I would like to find a small place (and Mr. Right too :wink: Although I'm not too kean on kids, really don't like them actually :-? ) with lots of acrage to start up my own kennel and training place. Meanwhile I'd be writing my first best selling novel :wink:

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[color=darkred]I found mine, 11 years (this DECEMBER) :grins: We moved into our own house age 22, we only had the one dog (Patch) who lived with me at moms...now we have three, plus three cats!
I could say life is wonderful but unfortunetely not where we live....well the house was cheapish and big enough to start a life of our own, we don't have children has yet but hoping to move before we do.
We very much dislike the area we live in....most of the people are ignorent and inconsiderate of others property including ours :x
My dream would be to live in a cottage out in the country....somewhere near the seaside In a place called Devon based in England or somewhere abroad, would be nice. Have never been so I can't say where LOL but I have seen some nice places on Holiday Homes :)
Where ever it was there would have to be stables because I love horses! I used to spend loads of time with them, whether it was grooming or cleaning them out (mucky job) but I enjoyed it....riding is more fun though :P
Of course if I won the lottery, buying my husband to be, a Calibra and myself a Horse would soon be on top of my list! [/color]

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Its fun reading about what youre dreams are!

My dream is to do well in school next year, get into the IB program, and go to collage in the USA. Then move out west, maybe to South Dakota or Texas or Colorado or Nebraska or somewhere. Then I'd like to buy lots and lots of land, so I have a huge property in a remote place. I'd like to have a Tahoe car, and get a high paying job not to far from my home. Then, after I've gotten some money I'd like to build a house and barn. After a while I want to stop working at the high paying job to stay home and raise a puppy. I'll already have a few guinea pigs, and maybe a cat or two. As the years go by I'd like to get some more animals, including horses, goats, parakeets, fish and of course more dogs. My ultimate dream is to have a nokill dog shelter. But that does seem a bit impossible. Most of it does. :(

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[quote name='Shannon_C'][quote name='nea']
I'd like to build a house and barn. [/quote]

[color=darkred]LOL I love to hear this mentioned in childrens dreams, so sweet :lol: I think we have all said it :wink: [/color][/quote]

Yeah... but I mean it! I [i]want[/i] a barn! And a house too, but the barn comes first, along with the animals inside it! :D

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I read the whole thing!

I'm only 17 too, and have similar dreams to yours. I want to live near a lake, with a house full of dogs...my total amount? I would love atleast seven. A few labs- maybe one of each color. A bullmastiff, bernes mountain dog, and a great dane too. I want kids- maybe one or two. I want to save myself for mr.right, have him be my only one- and share the rest of my life with him.

But, I try not to make too many expectations- because I don't know what is going to be thrown my way. And, I don't want to be disappointed. It may take time for my dreams to be fulfilled, maybe years. But someday, hopefully they will come true.

Whatever I have to go through to get there.

right now we live in a New England house, and have a huge barn. its a lovely and peaceful place! soon though, I am going to go to college- and move away from home. and start a journey of my own.

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I'm a dreamy girl, too. Good Lord I have friends, they always have to repeat what the teach said because I was daydreaming... yea know...

My dream?? Umm... let's see...

Graduate from high school and maybe get some soccer scholorships to some collage somewhere away from here. Ideally, I'd meet Mr.Right early and get married young. Get a nudder dog and go to a dog-training school. Then I want to live in Northern California where there ain't much winter, lotsa sun, and it would have to be a dog-friendly city. I also want some land to live on (a good 5 acres at least) that's right outside the city (whatever city that is) so I can raise Shetland ponies, Arabian horses, goats, and most importantly DOGS. Maybe a cat. MAYBE. Oh, and I want a hampster too!! And an acquarium that doesn't have dead fish in it all the time!! he he. I want to be an editor of DogFancy (my fav magazine)... but I probably never will be... but that's ok.... 0-2 kids. It depends on my mood... so I'll have to have some then just send them to my mom and dad when I get sick of them. lol. j/k. And I want a champion agility dog!! And 10 vehicles!! And my own airplane!! And I wanta own Australia!! lol...

yea, I really don't know what I'm gonna do. That's just basically what I pulled together out of my various day-dreaming. he he...

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Dreams huh ???
Well even though I'm 42, I'm a young 42 and I still have dreams......
I live with my husband of 22yr. in July in a nice neighborhood, we have a double corner lot on a dead end street, across the street is protected wetlands, so we never have to worry about people living across the street !! (definite plus)
Our house is large,3-story, 7 bedrooms. Plus we have a lovely pavillion where we cook out in the summer and we just put an inground pool in 2 yr. ago. 8)
I am a stay-at-home mom (love it) and I do Daycare in my home to make extra money. :angel:
I already have 4 kids , ranging in ages from 24 to 7 yr. old ( plus I have 2 grandchildren with one on the way) :o
I definitely don't want anymore kids !!
I currently have 3 dogs and 1 cat. It would seem like my life is pretty perfect at this point BUT......
My dream is for a house out in the country , miles away from the closest neighbor, at least 10 acres, so I can have more dogs and plenty of room for them to run...... :roll:
I would have at least 2 more JRT's , Great Dane, Greater Swiss Mt. dog, and a Neapolitan Mastiff.
But like the rest of you I'd definitely need to win the lottery !!!! :wink:
It's always nice to dream though.......

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I read the whole thing too :wink:

I really don't know what I want yet, I seem to change my mind a lot...
I want to continue my tertiary edcucation in some form next year.
I want to go overseas and spend a lot of time in Europe and have multiple affairs with a veritable smorgasbord of charming men (well they seem to have deserted Australia :evil: ).
One day I would like to move to the country and have a mini-farm: ducks, cows, horses, sheep, lots of dogs. Maybe a rescue centre of sorts...
I'd also like to set up an alternative to the main youth music program in my city, because we really need it. There is certainly a market for it.
I want to be reasonably healthy because it's very scary to have that taken away from you, and financially secure enough so I don't have to worry about working myself into the ground at retirement age.
I just want to be happy. That shouldn't be too much to ask. :)

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Ohh, ohh, I read it all! :hand:

Well, I had my life planned ever since I was a little girl! :lol: I wanted to be a kind of scientist(animal) and help animals and stuff :-? Then I wanted to be an astruanat, and then, I wanted to be a house wife! :o

But now I know exactly what I want(but hey, I'm still young, you never know what might come up and ruin it all :-? ) First, I'm aiming for good grades. The lowest I have as a grade average is a D( :-? ) I hope to make it a B. Then I'm going to do the IB program, and hopefully get into a good college. Hopefully in the UK or US.(No chance of Harvard or Oxford I'm afraid! :lol: ) Then after that, I'm going to do my masters and get a degree in ?. I'm not sure yet, but the reason I'm doing my masters is to make my family happy! :D After that, I hope to either go back home and get a job, or find my own place and get a job. After that(and this is the REAL dreaming part! :lol: ) I wanna build a HUGE no kill shelter, for all the doggies and kitties, then I'll build a really good Obediance Centre, as we don't have any really good ones in the area! :-?

But one thing is sure, when I grow up, I'll do SOMETHING to help animals! :D

And as BK said, all I want is to be happy! :D

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