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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dog Has Record Litter Of 24 Puppies POSTED: 1:47 pm EST January 20, 2005 UPDATED: 3:45 pm EST January 20, 2005 A Neapolitan mastiff in Manea, United Kingdom, has broken a world record by giving birth to a litter of 24 mastiff puppies, according to a report. [url=http://www.local6.com/slideshow/news/4112551/detail.html?qs=1;s=1;p=news&dm=ss&tn=b]Images of Puppies[/url] Breeders Damian Ward and his girlfriend, Anne Kellegher, had only been expecting their two-year-old mastiff, Tia, to give birth to a maximum of 10 puppies after a scan from a local veterinarian. When Tia grew so large she could barely move, the couple took the dog to the vets, who decided that an immediate caesarean was vital. Two hours later, Tia had given birth to the record 24 puppies. Four of the puppies were too weak and died but the remaining 20 are thriving. All but three of the pups are up for sale. They are worth more than $1,800 each. Tia's achievement is now likely to set two records in the Guinness World Records -- the biggest litter and that of the most surviving puppies. A Guinness World Records spokesman said the current record stands at 23. Watch Local 6 News for more on this story. [url]http://www.local6.com/news/4112253/detail.html[/url]
  2. This theory irritates me. Sorry... I don't believe it. :-? I have yet to hear a logical explanation...or even proof for that matter. What do you think?
  3. Total signatures: 26530 Signature goal: 20K! We did it! By Monday, this will be finished!!
  4. [quote]a 16 year old kid who runs Cuddlypuppy.com[/quote] [quote name='pwrpufgirlz']Dear Ms. McCaskell: We appreciate your letter and your concerns. When we chose to profile Timothy Hampson as a successful young entrepreneur we visited his home and took care to look into his business practices. [b]Timothy told us he checks out and visits all his breeders personally to insure the puppies are raised in healthy conditions and has the breeders follow a veterinarian-approved health protocol before he accepts their animals.[/b] Most of the breeders, he says, have only one or two breeding pairs. He screens buyers with a detailed application form, has a close relationship with his veterinary clinic
  5. Just an observation... (I can't remember the name of the blue one) but he looks VERY "HAPPY" in that first picture. I thought he was supposed to be fixed? Didn't he say Deja was the only one not fixed because she wasn't his dog?
  6. [quote name='StarFox'] KP I have to resectfully disagree with your post. I have a huge problem with his "methods" weather they be for the working dog or not.[/quote] Thats cool. :D You are more than free to your opinion of course. I understand and appreciate where you are coming from completely. Thank you for disagreeing politely :D Like I said I don't agree with everything there but in some ways there are things I understand to some degree in other areas. In anycase, back to the topic :P , the chick who is training this dog is WAY off the mark and I wouldn't want her within a foot of my dogs. :-?
  7. [b][size=6]THANK YOU[/size][/b] Loki you pretty much summed up everything. Because OF it's reason for use and the potential problems it could cause, an e-collar is an investment, not something you should bargain shop for. It should be a solid name brand. The lowest stim on an e-collar should be no stronger than licking the end of a 9 volt battery or light static electricity and should have at LEAST 7 settings or a dial. Hands down, if the lowest stim is stronger than that it's defective. The lowest setting should NOT be painful. It should be just enough feeling to get the dogs attention. Some dogs need stronger than that which is why it should have many settings. My e-collar doesn't even slightly hurt on the lowest setting. I have tried it on my wrist and even regularly try it on my neck just to make sure it's staying right on. Doesn't hurt. I also agree that pinch and e-collars not only have their place BUT they should ony be used when all else fails and they should not be the only methods worked with. With motivational training you need to have a positive balance or the dog will get burnt out. I have one dog who I have never had to use a pinch on but I have limitedly used an e-collar for shaping up an excitingly wonderful recall from a not so great "smell the roses" recall I used to get. Otherwise we train positive with her. With my current 2nd dog I have tried positive. I have beat it in the head in fact. I invested enormous amounts of time and training into her and it went about as far as you could throw a house with her. She just wasn't getting it. She needed a more k9 correctional type training. It's just more speaking her language to use the pinch. I've said it so many times, dogs just as humans, require different learning methods. Some people learn better visually, some verbally, some pick things up and some need more help and guidance, some learn better educationally and many experience wise. Dogs are in some ways the same. Sometimes these tools (ONLY when used properly in skilled hands) are necissary to get the dog to understand. As far as Leerburg goes... It's not a board for people with companion pets. He is (I believe a retired) K9 police officer. His board is for those who work in schutzhund, [b]working dog[/b], aggression and dogs with drives off the charts. These are dogs willing to fight and willing bite or they trained to bite and protect on command because it's the dogs profession in a working society or managing or finding help or advice from experienced people with common problems that get out of hand...it is not a place to go and ask for potty training advice or chat about your dogs quirks. Not defending.... just explaining what I have come to understand. I don't agree with everything there but I understand, from my own experience, where a lot of that comes from. The more experience I get around problem dogs, and learning about dog behavior, the more I understand some of it. Ed is not entirely all, who he comes acrossed through his website. He does [b]not[/b] work with [b]all[/b] dogs that way. In fact he's just started selling clickers...and if I'm not mistaken he's used one in one of his older videos to train puppies. I also have never seen him say anything negative about pit bulls other than too many people are breeding them for the wrong reasons although I could have missed something I guess. I don't know if he still does but he once had a page about how misunderstood the PB breed is so I don't quite believe that he would be pro-bsl on that one. I don't visit and read everything everyday but I browse his site often. I know he is however completely against breeding hybrids or [b]pet[/b] wolves. On a personal note, I can't blame him there.
  8. [quote name='courtnek'] I WONT comment on Sue, four letter words are NOT appreciated... how about a FIVE letter word? "bitch" comes to mind.... :evilbat: :evilbat:[/quote] :lol: :lol: :lol: I'll drink to that! :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:
  9. 8) 8) 8) And you are doing an EXCELLENT job Mei Mei! :D Keep up the great work mods! Hopefully eventually we will be psycho free... :P
  10. Mor[u]A[/u]phine is one of the strongest hardest pain narcotics on the market, right below Fentenyl. Extremely addictive and can actually cause some pretty bad constipation. Because it's a narcotic it's very regulated on who gets it. I've never heard of Morphine.
  11. We use pepto all the time without problems. Kuma isn't too fond of it at all but it definately helps.
  12. For the love of god.... when is enough, enough? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: I may not be the most valued or the most contributory of all the members here but I have visited nearly every single day since becoming a member and I love this place. I really enjoyED coming here up until "the jerk" showed up but this is just getting rediculous. She is WAY out of line for her comments to Mei Mei who has been very fair and patient to her this whole time. I could handle all this till I read this thread but this is rediculous. Have I been nice about my comments to her...? No... no way, no how, never will. I take responsibility for that and I don't regret anything I've said to her either because she's asked for and deserved every bit of it. It's the lack of respect thats being shown to our admins and mods she's shown and I can't believe that this isn't being made a bigger deal of... I think I'll be taking a break for awhile...at least until this crap is over with and done for. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  13. Kuma is called Kuma bear, Kuma Chameleon, Monkey butt, or goose/goosie We call Peeka Boo.... Peeka, Turd, Dork, The Weazle, or Boozer :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. And yet it moves from one closed topic to another...Can't take a very clear "hint"? :roll: [quote name='primorse'] Cheekymunkee, I gather from your continuing defensiveness that you are misunderstanding my point. I am NOT criticizing you for separating your dogs. You do what you have to do to keep your dogs safe, and since there are few (i.e. pretty much no) homes for adult, dog aggressive pit bulls, your options are limited even if you were going to rehome one of them (which I am not suggesting, either). Most of us are aware of how a sad a dog who is closely bonded to his owner can be when separated, so none of us is probably surprised that one of your dogs "howled like a hound" when separated from you and that you found the situation heartbreaking. It is a tough situation any way you cut it and you are a great example to potential pit bull owners who think that they will live with pit bulls harmoniously in multiple dog households. It very well might not happen and you might spend lots of time shuffling dogs from one containment to another and lots of time feeling guilty about banishing dogs to back rooms. I objected to your original post simply because it implied the opposite--that aggression toward other animals in pit bulls (and even more particularly in the two pit bulls pictured) is NOT problematic and that thinking that it ipit bull aggression toward other animals is a serious problem is an appropriate object of sarcasm. Actually, no, I wasn't being snide about posting cute pictures of pit bulls being something that pit bull people do to counter breed bans. (Nor emails, nor organizing). I don't personally feel it is going to do much to hold back the tide, but it can't hurt. My point is that the things that I do not for a second doubt the pit bull community is doing seem mostly aimed at convincing decision makers that there really isn't a pit bull problem, not about actually addressing the real problems that pit bulls have and cause. And I think that is ultimately a losing strategy, because there IS a real pit bull problem. Maybe I am wrong about this. I haven't read this whole thread yet, and maybe people are saying all the concrete things that they are doing to actually change how pit bulls are treated, rather than just how they are perceived. It isn't my breeds that are being banned. But somebody here has a signature line that says something like "Every bad thing your pit bull does endangers MY right to own a pit bull." Similarly, every bad thing your dog does endangers my right to own dogs and my freedoms with my dogs. If you want me not to notice (and comment on) that, then stop arguing against being held to a different standard than owners of other breeds of dog (i.e. stop arguing against breed specific legislation). Unless you agree to being held to different standards than other dog owners, then I have every right to put in my two cents about how breeding dog aggressive dogs (for example) endangers my right to legal off leash areas for dogs. [b]primeroast[/b][/quote] [b]Don't ban the pits! Ban the beef![/b] :lol: :lol: :lol: Or is that the "bull" you're really working on getting banned roast beef?
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