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  1. How sad, I had no idea there were [i]that[/i] many dogs out there without a home, I knew it was a problem but I didn't think it was so bad. :cry: I did think about adopting at one point but changed my mind. I may just adopt one or two of those dogs within the next month or so, we'll see. Horsefeathers, I commend you for opening up [b]your[/b] home to some of these dogs, kudos! :buzi:
  2. Hey Nookie :hand: Congrats on the new puppy. Ya live and learn, now move on and don't make the same mistake twice. :wink:
  3. Hmmm, well I still don't know what I'm going to do with my dog once I get him. I'll be gone 12 hrs a day for 3 or 4 days. I've thought about working nights while the dog sleeps. I've thought of leaving the dog in a room with his crate and toys available to him if he wants to go in and I've also thought of putting him in a kennel. I suppose I'll figure out what to do when I'm ready.
  4. [quote name='True_Pits']I hope Labor Day weekend has gone well for most and the weather decent.[/quote] Nope it hasn't d/t a hurricane. Today though seems sunny, windy but sunny nonetheless. I suppose I'll try to enjoy the day today but I'm not really feeling it. :( True pits, are those your dogs in your sig?
  5. :rofl: @ this whole stupid ass topic. Kiwi and Divine (sp) your dogs are SO CUTE! *lol*
  6. [quote name='mydogroxy'](how i wish i could have one...sigh)[/quote] Me too! Congratulations and enjoy Hmmmm!
  7. woa...what a thread! [quote name='Hmmmm']One more thing... If the members of the board would like me to stop posting here I will completely respect your requests. Although I hope that is not the case![/quote] I don't know what brought this on. But you have taught me so much and I will always appreciate it. I understand and respect (yes respect) why you do what you do. Peace
  8. [quote name='newfiemom']If it's getting tired, then drop it and go somewhere else. I am really sick of all these new people just joining this forum to bash someone else. Take it somewhere else.[/quote] I didn't join the forum to bash RNP. I agree with you that this is getting old.
  9. I believe that RNP knew exactly what was going on and he wasn't scammed but this is really getting tired....what are you going to do if he is selling his dog? reach across the computer screen and kick his ass?
  10. [quote name='DeafAussieLover']I'm sorry i know that R'n'P is a valued member of this board,. but i went tot he pitt bull site that he is on.. and i read almost every one of his posts on there, just beacues i dont think that this is an "accident" and someone stole the pictures. there are WAY to many things wrong with the things he has posted on here AND on the pitt bull board.. and if i were in his shoes and "someone stole the pictures and sold my dog" i would be a lot more upset and ticked off about the whole thing i would be kicking and screamning and all over the place trying to take care of this. it just seems to me that RnP doesn't seem to worry or care that much about what is going on.. i dont think it is an accident... why are all the ipctures he posted sudenly not there? i think there is more to then then he letting us in on... JMHO :-?[/quote] I agree! I'm not trying to be rude to him...but all of this is very very strange.
  11. RnP, if you are telling the truth then I hope you get this taken care of, only you know the real deal. You sure have had a streak of bad luck regarding dogs though.
  12. [quote=ROTT'N'PIT]As rude as that was, I didnt even see the number posted up there. at least i do now know that there is a number to contact. for what little help your comment was thanks....[/quote] Sorry, but you were.... I'm glad I could help.
  13. [quote=ROTT'N'PIT]Actually i have never even heard of the auction before this morning. I am emailing.. "me" i guess to ask about Drey and see if i get a response. I dont even know where to start my search i have posted about my dogs on countless forums and MBs. I am hoping that i do get a response so i can prosecute or something. when i woke up this moring i had a feeling i should ahve just stayed in bed.... this is truely one of those days :([/quote] You are starting to get on my nerves. Instead of emailing "yourself" call the auction site number and get some answers from the people in charge of the website.
  14. Your posts are weird and full of holes...you can not be upset if all evidence was pointed to you auctioning off your dog. :niewiem:
  15. I'll wait for him to post some more, but I'm not buying it.
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