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  1. interesting topic i say just dont go in the pet store at all and you wont feel you need to "rescue" any of those dogs. i went in a pet store a while back to get some bones for jetta and there was a fleet of puppies. one ofcoarse cought my eye a sheltie im guessing almost 6-9mo old. he wasnt as small and "cute" as the baby pups. i dont know what his fate was but im sure it may have not been so great. what did i do? i left w/o even getting my bones. its sad to see. he was almsot too big for the cage he was in but there is nothing i can do. i mean i could have waited there for days to see if he was shipped back to his mill and follow and B%$#@ slap the breeder but that isnt going to do no good. just dont buy the puppy. when i was in high school i knew a guy that broke into a pet store and steal all the animals. it was a small pet store but a pet store none the less but they shut down. it wasnt the 1st time they had been broke into. im not saying thats how to stop pet stores i just find that an amusing story..lol
  2. oh so what if unlike rabies you could choose? i mean like a 1 yr tag 2 yr tag and so on. im just thinking a bit unrealisticly but still. if there were some sort of regulation and a regulation on animals comming in we could almost wipe out this disease. unlikely but i think its worth a try. but like someone else said its even hard to enforce leash laws. i know in this county i was trying to get the owners of the other puppy for neglect. in knoxville haveing a parvo dog and not trying to have it treated is neglect but here in sevier co its not.
  3. i answered your question now i have a question. how did you know jetta had parvo in the 1st place?
  4. because my husband had dogs his hole life live long full lives and never been vaccinated he never truly seen the danger and truthfully neither did i. i know about rabies because its out there and there IS rabies awarness and laws on rabies. but not on parvo and distemp and w/ the laws and more education i would have had all jettas shots. and some people dont realize they get 3 boosters for a reason. she she had 2 but not the 3rd. and that 1 cost her getting parvo. NOW we know the dangers and what can and does happen. but should everyone that dont truly know find out the way i did....NO there should be more involvement by people and the vets whoom i already said mine were shitty and if they had been doing their job would have warned me better the potentials of danger w/o that 3rd shot.
  5. yes. i have been a parvo freak now. i cant change the laws but i did help the rules of the trailer park i live in. the land lords require you show proof of vacs before you can have your pet here. which i think is great. but what if they required a tag for the vaccinations? i know its really hard to do all of that. expecially in counties where animal curelty isnt even a big issue. our humane society has been shut down 2x for neglect causing death in many animals. the animal control officer (we only have 1) and he is a (pardon my french but) hes a &^%^%$$#$#@@ #%$%^*(*() there are so many dogs running loose around here and he wont do anything about it. thats how mine got contact w/ parvo. there is a little boy here he keeps bringing in dogs and his mom didnt want them so he tied one up behind my trailer in the heat (this pup was maybe 7 weeks old max) i gave it water and called animal control and they never showed up. so i brought the pup inside. big mistake but i couldnt help it. the boy came for his puppy which i found out later died at the park here where the swing sets are. i called animal control many times in this county about neglect laws dince my dogs were at the vets getting care. these people let a invected puppy wander loose and then just die of this horrid disease. i called knox co. and they said that is indeed animal neglect and could be fined and or jailed for it but we dont live in knox co so they couldnt do a damn thing about it. but im opening it all back up again because that boy has since gotten another puppy and had the nerve to bring it over to my house to show me i told him a few choice words. But im trying to get the county to take the puppy away since i have many witnesses that it was indeed his puppy that passed away at the park. and had been wandering around spreading the disease into the grounds. i also been getting together w/ knox co shelter to make up a parvo/distemp awarness booth at their next expo. Alot of people dont really truly know the devistation that this can cause till they see it. only thing about this is when something this bad happens is when you can divide the good vets from the $$ hungry vets. i didnt know there was such a thing but mine were and i have since found new vets. It cost me one of my dogs and i wouldnt wish that on my worse enemy and i wouldnt wish parvo on Kujo. Me and my husband cryed 5 nights while jetta was at the vets. it was like one of my kids leaving. but what made it worse is they wouldnt even let me see jetta so in reality i dont know what they really were doing to her. there was alot of ordeal w/ the puppy and alot of people think i should have investigated more and tried for a law suit but at the time i just didnt have the energy to take on a vet office.
  6. ok i was just posting under another thread and got to thinking. we all know the laws on rabies/licence and being vaccinated by a licenced vet. i know rebies is a devistating disease. but why dont we have these laws for other diseases that are just as bad Parvo/distemp? is it because rabies is the only one that affects humans? right now Knoxville,tn and surrounding counties are having the largest outbreak of parvo they have ever seen. now could that have been eleminated if we had the stricter laws on other vaccinations? PS this is my 1st time making a poll so if it dont work..ummm lol i would like to hear your oppinions on this. and if it has already been discussed and i missed it can someone link me?
  7. [quote name='candy722']Dog license are required by law every dog, anywhere, in the county Every dog over 6 months of age is required to have a current rabies vaccination and county dog license. This includes House dogs, Kennel dogs and Breeding dogs. State law and Jackson County Ordinance requires the license and anyone in violation is subject to substantial fines. Animal control enforces this law through contact while working cases, upon impoundment of an unlicenced dog, and by a door to door license compliance campaign. So it's different everywhere. I got this link here [url]http://www.co.jackson.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=106[/url][/quote] i think they are talking about a dif kind of licence. the one you are refering to is the "tags" that prove the dog has been vaccinated for rabies by a licenced vet. the licence they are talking about is basically the "right" to breed your dog or own more than the alotted amount for that city/county etc. its kinda like a drivers licence for owning dogs. if that makes any sence. you can usually call your county court house to get the info wheather you need any kind of "licence" for your dog(s) other than the rabies tags.
  8. <~~~incerting foot in mouth..LOLOLOLOL i guess this is what i get for being gone so long...LOL :drinking: ohh the humiliation(sp) :oops:
  9. hi sarah how are you?? Well hubby got a new job and the guy he works w/ his wife is prof obed and agility trainer were going to get together. i cant wait were supposed to be getting some property soon about 4-5mo and i cant wait!..lol
  10. Any of you have links to sites w/ low price equipment? and any of you that made your own have any insights on making your own equipment. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) TY
  11. ohh cool! any pics? i have been intrigued(sp) by them for ever i want a Savanah Moniter. my firends had one but he was MEAN he would scare their rotty..lol
  12. East Tennessee Sheltie Rescue just called. They are going to take her were gonna drop her off Monday morning.
  13. Ya know what. Ive only met a hand full of pitts and a hand full of shelties. And all ive seen. I think my jetta would bite someone before the pitts ive met would. :o but shelties are not an "agresive breed". Any dog breed owner age can do what it wants when it wants. Should we start making publications about an "agresive breed" in humans? WHY HE** NO! why? because thats racist. But no one hears jack &^%$&^$ about people being racist to dogs. If only dogs could speak our language a point could go through. And untill dogs learn english im afraid were stuck where we are.
  14. Yeah i tried to call the sheltie rescue all day yesterday and didnt get any answers. I thought about that too. Just fostering her. Im going to try the rescue again today. Im going to try the collie rescue too. She may either be sheltie mix w/ large breed or some collie mix. Her feet are as big as Jettas..lol
  15. i guess you didnt see my other posts she was a dump off that my friend found at a gas station. There was another one a woman at the gas station took the other one but no one would take this one so my friend called me and i told her i could temp keep her till i found her a home. but after i seen how sweet she was and i wanted to try to keep her.
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