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Lil fuzzbutt in our yard....

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Okay, for those of you who remember... I have some neighbors who have a dog (a pit bull or bulldog mix) that they leave outside 24/7. :roll: Well, recently they got a 6-week-old puppy. They said they are trying to find a home for it but I couldve sworn he said he paid for the pup. :-? It was only like $16 but still.... why would they get it if they didnt want it? Maybe it was a rescue but who knows....

Anyway, this pup is 8 weeks now and has decided to take some interest in me and Kat. :P He goes under the fence and comes into our yard. The bully can get her head under but thats it. :lol: Im worried she might bite Kat because she always growls and charges at the fence when shes around. :x Might be motherly instinct ...or she just plain doesnt like other dogs, especially other females near her yard. Either way, I just hope Kat doesnt get herself into trouble with that dog. :roll: :-?

Today the pup has stayed in our yard all day. :lol: I dont blame him.... I gave him food (he acted like he was starving to death! :o :( ), plenty of toys, affection, plus he has Kat to keep him entertained. :D Poor thing gets beat up by his "momma" dog and gets no human interaction which is crutial at this age. :( Both dogs dont have their shots... which is definitely a worry. :o :( Hopefully, I can convince my mom to let me foster him until January and I can get him adopted out.... or keep him. :wink: :lol:

Well, here he is!
Isnt he cute? Probably a chow/retriever mix. He has black spots on his tongue, but Kat has more than him so he cant have too much chow in him...

I have to go now though. The dogs are waiting at the back door and want in. :lol:

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:angel: I figured you all would like him. :P :wink:

A bit of an update...

My mom isnt too thrilled about this pup being around. :( She wants the neighbors to put up something to block the holes. Which means just forget about the pup and let it live a sad, boring life outside even though the Texas heat could kill that poor pupppy. :evil: :cry: Right now is the best time to get him up for adoption before he gets too big. Not only that but this dog needs to be taken to a vet. He could have worms, fleas, ticks, who knows what else! :o :x ...that is my moms biggest concern: our pets' health.

SO... what I NEED to do is raise about $200 to take him to the vet myself. Ive got about $60-70 so I still need at least $130. :-? I hate to ask, but would anyone want to give a few bucks? I really need to get money ASAP, because the sooner hes in good health, the sooner he can get adopted instead of ending up in their backyard all day long. :cry: Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Opened a paypal account, my email is [email][email protected][/email]

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