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Litter of German Shepherd pups stolen

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***Crossposted with permission; please pass this info along to others.***

Attention all Dog people out there. Yesterday 01-20-05 a litter of 12 Bingo
vd Abfuhr (2X WUSV competitor) puppies were stolen out of a garage in
Escondido California. Escondido is in San Diego County. The puppies are 6 weeks old and are all bi-colored black and tans. There are no suspects or any solid leads at this time. The breeder is beside himself and will pay a reward to get them back. It would be wonderful if everyone who gets this email will forward it to everyone on their email lists regardless of where they live in the country. With enough exposure it may help in locating these wonderful puppies that were so carefully bred and raised. It would be great if someone in the press did a story on the theft. Hopefully they are still in the San Diego area and haven't been taken into Mexico. Photos of the puppies for identification purposes are available.

If you have any information that could help please contact the breeder
Christian Ellis at 619-279-6343 or John Riboni (Bingo's owner) at [email][email protected][/email]


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Guest Anonymous
That is just horrible!! i hope that the catch the people who did it and the pups are returned back tot he owner

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