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A very sad story

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Just sat down for a cup of coffee at the doggie restaurant after our morning walk, and started to read the paper when I saw this sickening story.

"A puppy was killed by having its legs taped together and mouth sealed with tape, and was thrown off a motorway bridge into trafic. It was a Lab x"

What sort of sickoes are these people. They are the scum of the earth.
:cry: :cry: :cry:

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[quote name='K']What is in the minds of these people?????..where do they even dream up these things?????..I would of never,ever thought of doing that...its just beyond normal...its really a sickness..and they need treating..to a bullet in the brain...I mean thier brains are not working right?..best to put them down surely?...first a dog....and then a kid?...it happens...a high percentage of child killers/molesters began by maiming animals... :x[/quote]

took the words right outta my mouth. Most of the sicko's you hear national news about, the John Wayne gacy's and the Jeffrey Dahmers, started their illustrious careers abusing animals. Their parents "lectured" them that it was wrong, but that was it. Did no one see that there is a truly sick mind at work here? that requires more than mere lectures, and then avoidance of the problem, because "it couldnt happen to MY kid. He'll never be one of "those" people......"

:agrue: :agrue: :evil: :evil: :drinking:

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