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  1. candy722

    How to stud

    I asked a questions but nobody has answered it yet. I got a answer that is not even related ifyou can read. Anyone can understand me except in here but i know why. That is why is called dogomania Anyways, I don't belong in this forum because i guess im not enough dog mania. So there suspect you can suspend my account cause i aint coming here. How can i be self centered when I just gave you guys a list of people to call and educate too? I don't want to waste my time in here anymore because of 1 time only stuf will over populate the world. Wake up people!
  2. candy722

    What are Tibetan Spaniels?

    Please do not think about getting this breed because theres so many dog out there in shelters that do need homes. This thread can make people go out breed more or get one.
  3. candy722

    How to stud

    you know what, yeah there are pure bred out there with lots of health problems that people don't want to pay for because they can't afford. Try finding some here in California pure bred and no problems. And yes there are probably a few that are in good shape but those are hard to come by. If your talking about puppy mills I can tell you I don't know any here in california or else I will go straight there and get me one myself. Why pay for one when you can rescue one. Please do me a favor? If you really want to be how you are right now, then you should go out and message everyone in this forum about them going out to adopt a dog instead of buying a pure bred dog or even a mix dog. And if your trying to prove me wrong then you should also call every breeder to stop breeding their dogs because theres too many. And yes how did you guys know that my dog has lots of disease to spread? And how did you guys know that im gonna make a few bucks? I guess that explains why im here in this forum because im not a dog lover i only here wasting my time posting and answering questions so that I can start making money with my male stud. Wonderful! I watch so much animal planet that i don't need you to prove me wrong. Last thing, i do know what your point is but you don't need to go over board with mine or others people's decision. And still I get your point and im still sticking to my own opinion because there is nothing wrong to do it just once for my BF's mom to get a puppy. I don't think anyone in here will enjoy having you guys putting them down. And Im doing ya all some favor now. Here is the link to all the yorkie breeder from state A-Z so you can call them now and tell them how bad it is to over populate more dogs because we have too many. [url]http://yorkieviews.com/breeders.htm[/url]
  4. candy722

    How to stud

    I've never done a stud service so how do you do it. Are you suppose to put your male and a female in a tiny room hoping that they will do something?
  5. candy722

    Myths about yorkies.

    I always thought that alot of celebrity own a yorkie.
  6. candy722

    Bad Fetch

    I tried that but it doesn't work on him. He won't fetch unless he smells and sees the treat on my hand then he would go fetch and bring it back to me. I want him to fetch without me giving him treats. I guess he knows that I always have treats in my hand if I want to make him do something. If he sees nothing on my hand then no fetch. He will do all of the other tricks without treats except for fetch. Any other techniques?
  7. candy722

    Liscense to breed?

    All I know is that all state and city have their own regulation. In my bf's city they won't let you have over 3 dogs. Animal controls checks up on every house to make sure they paid for annual fee and making sure if their are spayed or neutered. Also his not allowed to burry a dead dog in the backyard or you will get a fine. In my city they are pretty kick back but im guessing that my city probably don't have as much. My other friend that lives in another city 15 miles away he tells me that animal control do drive bys every week to make sure all dogs have their tags. You guys might want to check with your city.
  8. candy722

    Luxating Patella

    Did you try getting pet insurance. Maybe it might cover your dog's surgery. It's better to fix the problem before it becomes worse then you'll have to spend even more money. I know some vets that do love animals and they will even work out financially with you.
  9. candy722

    Myths about yorkies.

    I did all my research on yorkies before purchasing one. And I still got got lied. First of all I don't know how a silky hair yorkie feels compared to cottony and wooly. And if you do read on these types of hair in yorkies they can't even describe it to you in words how it suppose to feel. Another thing is I was lied about my yorkies age. He got away with telling me that he was 10 weeks old because he wanted me to think he was small but in reality he was only 6 weeks. Everywhere I took him including vet and pet stores said that he was only 6 weeks old. How are you suppose to know how a 10 week old yorkie look like? It's still good to do your research but if you catch your breeder lying on just one item then you should not trust them at all. Most likely they are lying to you about more things.
  10. candy722

    Male Dogs and Marking

    Oh you guys are soooooooo lucky. My male dog marked all over the house for a week then stopped. Whenever I take him any where new (house) he will mark territory everywhere. That is why I don't dare to take him to a friends house.
  11. candy722

    Myths about yorkies.

    Don't let yorkie breeders fool you. They will tell you that yorkies don't shed hair which is a big fat lie. They will also tell you that they will have silky shinny hair which is also a lie. Yorkies have 3 types of hair. Thick silky hair, cottony, and wooly. Yorkie breeders will tell you anything just to make a sale.
  12. candy722

    How old until Stud service?

    Would my male yorkie calm down after he humps his first female or will he continue to be so excited all the time and humps his toys or whenever he sees any dogs. He try to hump my friends male shih tzu and a cat.
  13. candy722

    party tricks

    I taught my boy to waive bye but he only does it for treats. How do I do it by waiving at him far away. And Im used to telling him bye when I leave so I can't use the world bye for him to waive. I guess I can use Hi instead. But how do I make him do it without treats. He does everything except for waiving bye.
  14. candy722

    Liscense to breed?

    Yes you do need a license to breed. If you get caught by animal control they will make you get a license. And in every state and city you are allowed to have a certain # of dogs.
  15. candy722

    lost puppies

    sorry to hear that.