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  1. I love yorkies and mini schnauzers.
  2. candy722

    How to stud

    I can tell you that even the best breeders out there still make their own mistakes. They might be able to make less mistakes than others but will still have accidents. So bottom line to avoid having more dogs in this world we need to stop breeding. We got to start adopting those that dont have home. I have made up my mind that I won't stud anymore even though i feel I have enough experience to do it since I have volunteered in a kennel for a month but if i do change my mind I will go ask the people that I worked with at the kennel for their opinions about stud. And it doesn't make it okay for people to breed even if they know what there doing because we are over populated with dogs. So stick to your own beliefs.
  3. candy722

    How to stud

    I asked a questions but nobody has answered it yet. I got a answer that is not even related ifyou can read. Anyone can understand me except in here but i know why. That is why is called dogomania Anyways, I don't belong in this forum because i guess im not enough dog mania. So there suspect you can suspend my account cause i aint coming here. How can i be self centered when I just gave you guys a list of people to call and educate too? I don't want to waste my time in here anymore because of 1 time only stuf will over populate the world. Wake up people!
  4. Of course, in california you can't get anesthesia without your vet prescribing it and probably have to do it for you. Gosh Im not that ignorant.
  5. For your info no that is not my dog that is why I stated it was my bf's siter's yorkie. Duh. Anyways, im gonna recommend her to take it somewhere else because a little dog like that can die from anesthesia. I also heard little dogs die can die from getting fixed because anesthesia can be too strong for some dogs.
  6. Please do not think about getting this breed because theres so many dog out there in shelters that do need homes. This thread can make people go out breed more or get one.
  7. candy722

    How to stud

    you know what, yeah there are pure bred out there with lots of health problems that people don't want to pay for because they can't afford. Try finding some here in California pure bred and no problems. And yes there are probably a few that are in good shape but those are hard to come by. If your talking about puppy mills I can tell you I don't know any here in california or else I will go straight there and get me one myself. Why pay for one when you can rescue one. Please do me a favor? If you really want to be how you are right now, then you should go out and message everyone in this forum about them going out to adopt a dog instead of buying a pure bred dog or even a mix dog. And if your trying to prove me wrong then you should also call every breeder to stop breeding their dogs because theres too many. And yes how did you guys know that my dog has lots of disease to spread? And how did you guys know that im gonna make a few bucks? I guess that explains why im here in this forum because im not a dog lover i only here wasting my time posting and answering questions so that I can start making money with my male stud. Wonderful! I watch so much animal planet that i don't need you to prove me wrong. Last thing, i do know what your point is but you don't need to go over board with mine or others people's decision. And still I get your point and im still sticking to my own opinion because there is nothing wrong to do it just once for my BF's mom to get a puppy. I don't think anyone in here will enjoy having you guys putting them down. And Im doing ya all some favor now. Here is the link to all the yorkie breeder from state A-Z so you can call them now and tell them how bad it is to over populate more dogs because we have too many. [url]http://yorkieviews.com/breeders.htm[/url]
  8. I think when your dog urines while he or she walks that might be a sign. My counsin had a dog that could not hold the his bladder and urines while he walks.
  9. Dog license are required by law every dog, anywhere, in the county Every dog over 6 months of age is required to have a current rabies vaccination and county dog license. This includes House dogs, Kennel dogs and Breeding dogs. State law and Jackson County Ordinance requires the license and anyone in violation is subject to substantial fines. Animal control enforces this law through contact while working cases, upon impoundment of an unlicenced dog, and by a door to door license compliance campaign. So it's different everywhere. I got this link here [url]http://www.co.jackson.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=106[/url]
  10. candy722

    How to stud

    GOsh you guys do attack hard in here with this issue. If everyone were to spay and neuter their dogs then there will be no dogs in this earth. Did you guys ever think about getting a pure bred dog? Well there is alot of people out there that do want a pure bred dog not a mix dog or a rescue dog and that is why people are willing to pay for what they get. And plus Im just doing it once not like im gonna over populate the world with full yorkies. I respect all your opinions whether is good or bad and I expect people to respect my opinion and not attacking me with my decision. Let's be more optimistic in this forum for a change. By the way, how would you like to be fixed since baby? Another thing is im not making money from making babies because I don't have a FEMALE dog that is why it's called stud service. And if you really wanted a pure bred yorkie you won't find one at any shelters. My friend tried and found lots of mixes of yorkies that she does not want so how are you suppose to make people get a dog that they can't fall in love with?
  11. candy722

    How to stud

    I've never done a stud service so how do you do it. Are you suppose to put your male and a female in a tiny room hoping that they will do something?
  12. My bf's yorkie can't be left alone. If anyone leaves the front door he will sit there and cry. If his 3 favorite mommy's leave it's even worse. Now he cries and barks when we come back. It's so annoying that he cries from anxiety. Besides that problem he is the best dog. He is so so so calm as a 6 month baby. He walks really good. As a matter fact he doesn't really like to walk too much. He is so lay back and kick back.
  13. I took my bf's sister's yorkie to the groomer and they recommended that we give him anesthesia before taking him in to groom because he is really difficult. What do you guys think about this?
  14. Maybe the food is too salty or sweet? I don't know. Maybe he wants more food. It's dumb questions but hey you never know why they are drooling. My bf's mini pinches drools when she's jealous. IT's so funny. She only drools if my bf is holding my dog.
  15. I think it's Rottweiler body and doberman face.
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