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About the paws...

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2000+ and 5000+ aside, when I arrived here, I went like lightning on the posts. And while my posts may not all be quality ( :oops: more like 80% not quality) I have a large quantity of humourous or chuckle-worthy posts! Perhaps I should just go away, but I am TOOOOO addicted....

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Just an idea, but since so many new joiners -- and even not quite so new joiners -- don't know how many posts equates to how many paws, perhaps when someone views their profile, it could say "14 posts to next paw (Addicted)" or something along those lines.

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[quote name='Horsefeathers!']See, I'm going about this paws thing all wrong. From the very beginning, I tried to hoard my paws. I mean, I post a few long drawn out posts to keep from posting plenty of little short ones here and there. It's like I don't want to waste my paws? I see the race to earn more paws and I want to tell people, "NoOoOoOo!! Pace yourselves!" I mean, what happens when you run out of paws? There are no more! There will nothing left to work for. What reason will have I have to live once I've used up all my paws and there are none left to work for? No, I say, pace yourselves. Beware the paw addiction. What we need is a twelve step program...

HF (who is stepping out for some fresh air now)[/quote]


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