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  1. Lord_Pik

    And the winner is....

    Alright then, but you know, it would have been cooler had you been nicknamed Ducky because of the movies..
  2. Lord_Pik

    How much do you REALLY know about dogs?

    I think the second page was the scoring page, but either way..
  3. Lord_Pik

    yay! were keeping him!

    come here Lucky, no not you Lucky, yes that Lucky!
  4. Lord_Pik

    Speaking of names

    no prob courtnek :)
  5. Lord_Pik

    How much do you REALLY know about dogs?

    :o :cry: 30%...I must do research now!
  6. Lord_Pik

    Speaking of names

    Not realy a story involved with ours, but here goes. Kavik - DP had it in for this name since she was 11, and it means little wolf. Suits him too, regardless of the fact that his name was pre-ordained. Tyr - When we rescued him, I wanted to call him Balder, but DP and Ford thought that was dumb, so they veto'd it. So I moved on down my list of Gods (and NO, I wouldn't name a dog Odin or Zeus), and found Tyr, God of Justice etc. They accepted with mild reluctance, but we love it now. I couldn't think of another name for him if I had to. Technically in Norse mythology Tyr loses an arm to the great wolf Fenrir, but we are going to ignore that fact in favor of Tyr's (the dog) health. Zaphod - We couldn't decide on a name until we started finding random names out of books we liked, and stumbled upon Zaphod Beeblebrox, from the 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a trilogy in five parts' by Douglas Adams. Zaphod, throughout the books acts stupid so that people will have a lower expectation of him (and also because he altered his brain...) and so comes across as an [i]idiot savant[/i] whenever he has a good idea.
  7. Lord_Pik

    yay! were keeping him!

    [quote name='courtnek']:D I KNEW this was going to happen - it was meant to be Lucky.... I like Ike....[/quote] Just before I scrolled down to see your post, I was thinking 'Lucky would suit him, both in looks and circumstance...'
  8. Lord_Pik

    And the winner is....

    Prairie Gurl - Not old....just wondering
  9. Lord_Pik

    Choke Collars

    HOW SAD - I, in fact, do not use a choke chain. However, IF you use a choke chain, and correct at the correct time, don't yank on their neck, and immediately release, the NOISE becomes a deterrant. I agree that if misused or misunderstood, choke chains can and do hurt dogs, which is why I said it takes a very careful owner to use one properly. I myself know that even if I correct and release, Tyr will pull until the cows come home and I -- to avoid hurting him -- would have to let go of the chain, thereby defeating the purpose of having a training session completely.
  10. Lord_Pik

    Petition to stop Rott BAN

    Signed it.
  11. Lord_Pik

    And the winner is....

    Same here, two for Elmo
  12. Lord_Pik

    And the winner is....

    Ducky from "The Land Before Time" movies?
  13. Lord_Pik

    A bird chasing dog!

    Once when I was dogsitting a collie named Keeper, it attacked two mating robins as they fell from a tree. One flew away, but the other I put in a box and carried to the corner store to see if they might know how to get the bird some help (I was ten)
  14. Lord_Pik

    Daschund Info Needed!!!

    We need some clicker info ourselves, for the three beasties
  15. Lord_Pik

    And the winner is....

    You should turn this into a poll