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    yay! were keeping him!

    come here Lucky, no not you Lucky, yes that Lucky!
  2. Lord_Pik

    Choke Collars

    HOW SAD - I, in fact, do not use a choke chain. However, IF you use a choke chain, and correct at the correct time, don't yank on their neck, and immediately release, the NOISE becomes a deterrant. I agree that if misused or misunderstood, choke chains can and do hurt dogs, which is why I said it takes a very careful owner to use one properly. I myself know that even if I correct and release, Tyr will pull until the cows come home and I -- to avoid hurting him -- would have to let go of the chain, thereby defeating the purpose of having a training session completely.
  3. Lord_Pik

    Petition to stop Rott BAN

    Signed it.
  4. Lord_Pik

    Daschund Info Needed!!!

    DP and I have medium to large breeds only, so I can't give you much info if any, but advance GRATZ on the new propective doggie!
  5. Lord_Pik

    About the paws...

    2000+ and 5000+ aside, when I arrived here, I went like lightning on the posts. And while my posts may not all be quality ( :oops: more like 80% not quality) I have a large quantity of humourous or chuckle-worthy posts! Perhaps I should just go away, but I am TOOOOO addicted....
  6. Lord_Pik

    And the winner is....

    I would go with Elmo, given the three choices....or something amusing like 'Bad Dog' "Good boy, Bad dog!"
  7. Lord_Pik

    And the winner is....

    What is the dogs personality, what does it look like? etc..
  8. Lord_Pik

    Petition against puppymills

    Signed... we should have a sticky topic for petitions.
  9. Lord_Pik

    Fallen in love with hairless dogs!

    Got to admit, I'm not one for the hairless creatures people insist on calling dogs... :lol: ;), but while we're on the topic of which dogs we DO like, I would LOVE to get my hands on a Norwegian Lundehund.
  10. Lord_Pik

    Dogs and vacuums

    I know DP already posted about Kavik, but I am going to further it. To Kavik, the vacuum cleaner must be a monster that occasionally escapes from the closet, and he tries to help me subdue it, so as I strangle it's long neck, and it tries to escape my grasp, Kavik attacks what he perceives to be the haunches. And when any other dog comes near the vacuum, Kavik 'warns' them, rather forcefully that he, being the alpha, should be the one to fend off the intruder :)
  11. I was just wondering how each of your dogs let you know that they want snuggles? If you are standing, Kavik will jump up and try to pull you down to him for a hug, or if you are sitting or laying down, he pull plop down beside you and put the top of his snout across your upper lip. And then there is the age-old method: Lift your hand with his snout onto him. The BC stare helps his efforts a lot too.
  12. Lord_Pik

    How does your dog ask for snuggles?

    No offense taken....after all, I consider myself a boy ;)
  13. Lord_Pik

    Freebee is sick....

    Indeed we are... I really hope things turn out well ;) Here is an advance celebration for the goodness.. :angel: :D :angel:
  14. Lord_Pik

    Great Day at the Park :)

    I stomped on that ice so hard my legs from fot to knee hurt :o...but nope, I didn't fall in this time.
  15. Lord_Pik

    He could drink a lake...

    Luckily I haven't noticed him limping lately. :)
  16. Lord_Pik

    How does your dog ask for snuggles?

    :lol: yeah, we have to remind Nate all the time to tell Kavik 'No' properly, cause usually he will just say 'AH! no, down doggy, down. Please no, Aaaaauuughhhh!!' and Kavik will go nuts for the attention :)
  17. Lord_Pik


    Which post is it I confuzzled you with? :hmmmm:
  18. Lord_Pik


    Not at all :lol: Just the problem I was working out in my head. That was simple. 8)
  19. awww...:( my condolences
  20. Lord_Pik


    K....shhhhhh, you'll scare them away :D
  21. Lord_Pik

    Dog Books

    I have a Rotti training book even though I never owned a Rotti :roll: .. I would love to have one eventually, they are such awesome beasts :P
  22. Lord_Pik

    border collies anyone

    Sounds like Tyr in a way. He looks menacing and tough, but get him close enough to any dog/person/moving object, and he's all wags and whines. And even though he's twice Kavik's size and weight, he doesn't throw it around much. Kavik is still the Alpha :)
  23. Sorry your experience at the shelter wasn't very pleasant :(
  24. Lord_Pik

    Dog Books

    It would get noticed easier if it were an entirely new board. :roll: But I don't think it matters all that much.
  25. Lord_Pik


    Hey, she called me a hound ;), that must make this line of posting dog-related now. Woohoo! Justified posting here, yup. For sure it is.... *whistle*... :scared: