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  1. I like the ideas of Noel or Noelle and Holly..... maybe merry (mary) I tend to name my animals names that are also people names - but many people dont like to do that.......
  2. yay Boonie!!!!! good job!!! :lol: I am so happy he is responding so far Na - Get Better Quick little guy - Bailey and Bongo send hugs!
  3. :cry: I took my foster puppies (recovered from parvo) back into the humane society to be nuetered and available for adoption......... It was alot harder this time because Ive had them so long and have been through so much with them. My hubby said no to adopting one, but I guess it really is for the best (or maybe Im jsut rationalizing to make myself feel better :roll: ) but Im thinking the puppies are more than likely goign to be adopted quickly because of there young age - and if we decide to get another it would be better to adopt an older dog who is not as likely to be adopted (becasue unfortunately our HS is still a "kill shelter" - working toward not though) does that make any sense? anyway - jsut wanted you all to know - you were all so helpful and supportive when they were sick and we lost several - thank you :)
  4. Ok - me too......... when people ask about my kids I usually add him in, so I might as well here too......... Tom.... 34 yr old blue eye, blonde (getting darker as he ages though!) got at age 18, legally at age 20......... unaltered as yet :wink:[/b]
  5. If they are already eating solid puppy food, jsut let mom and "nature" take their course, she will eventually wean them on her own but dont take her away from them this early, even when they dont nurse they still need her for a few more weeks to learn other things. My fosters were about 5 wks when I got them and still wanted to nurse, but at that point mom was trying to wean them and would get up and walk away - it was probably 6 - 7 wks before they were fully weaned.
  6. Maybe if I showed my mom this list she wouldnt think I'm so nuts! I have: [b]Bongo[/b]..... 11 (almost 12) yr old GSD mix "boonie" dog we adpted at 8 wks from a shelter in Guam. [b]Bailey[/b]..... 1 yr old Beagle mix adopted in May '04 - she's my spoiled little girl, but also a big pain in the butt sometimes! [b]Furby, Junior and Shane[/b]..... 4 mo old "mutt" fosters we have had since 5 wks old - They are beyond a handful most days, but I love them so much and dread the day (soon) they will go back and find their forever homes. :cry: [b]Toby[/b]..... 6 yr old black dsh kitty - keeps to himself mostly, hates puppies who tackle him, but loves my daughters bed :lol:
  7. [quote]well minus Bailey cuse i think she's on speed LOL[/quote] :lol: LOL :lol: Isnt that the truth!!!!! (did I tell you she raced a grey hound?!)
  8. I could see not allowing toys when the dogs are in "cargo" - maybe the liability if they choke on it or something weird, but I wouldnt thik it would be a problem when they are carried on...... hmmmmm let us know what you find out!
  9. for a long time, I only let bailey have her kong if she was goign in the crate - now its in their "toy box", but I only put food in it when she's goign in her crate.......
  10. I am so glad to hear he likes it! I have put jsut about everything you can think of in Baileys, she absolutely loves it!
  11. Thats too funny! :lol: mine dont collect things, but one time shortly after we adopted Bailey I came home to a "message" on the answering machine. ... (if you push the memo button on it you can leave a recorded message for the next person home) Bailey must have stepped on that button, and when it said "record your message after the tone" she did! I came home to a message of a few minutes of barking and howling ! LOL
  12. Im so sorry to hear this - you must be so disapointed :cry: Im sure Hogan and Brutus will find wonderful forever homes, Im jsut sorry its not in yours.
  13. [quote]The person who made the original post got it the wrong way round or the person who told her that really has no idea. Actually the latter is probably correct if he/she told her to use it just because a dog is barking [/quote] thats exactly the way it was told to me, but like I said, it was a "friend of a friend" and I have no idea if my friend got it confused or her friend has no idea what shes talking about :roll:
  14. how do you find things like that? jsut happen to run across them? thats awful!!
  15. Thanks you guys - I knew I didnt like the sound of it, but couldnt "put my finger on it" and didnt know enough about it to know why :oops: I dont see Bailey biting or peeing on us with it, but Id rather not be proven wrong either! :lol: Im still not sure if her issue is one of dominance or fear (or something else) she goes to the door with her tail wagging and a bark that sounds ferocious! (and with some people, who I dont like either :oops: , she will look like she would attack: snarling, barking, etc ) If there are other people home its easier to control she will go in another room and "semi listen" enough to go into a down stay while someone else answers the door, but if Im alone she barely listens to my commands. maybe its mostly my problem because I dont feel like I can leave the person at the door and therefore try to deal with both at once when I actually shoudl be taking the time to take her away and calmly put her in a down stay or something before even trying to deal with the door.... hmmmmm
  16. I saw that, the article came from my local paper :( Mr Beck definetely sounds a bit "out of whack" I wish the author would have stated his opinion as usually his articles and answers to questions are not bad.......
  17. Ok, so its taken forever for me to reply to this topic :roll: dogs Ive had: a terrier mix named Brandi, a lab/dobie named Shane (both when I was young) and now Bongo, an insane mix and Bailey the Beagle mix...... Ive only had mixes from shelters or "rescued" from other people in my life, but there are several breeds Ive just "always wanted": dalmation, great dane, boxer, boston terrier (my mom had an awesome one named Pancho when she was young), pug, bulldog, ....... Im sure Ill remember more later! :lol:
  18. the other day I was talking with a friend and she said her trainer friend told her about a method to deal with dominance issues and barking, etc... she said you turn the dog over on his back and get above and hold until he makes eye contact with you........ (DAL, kinda reminds me of that person we saw at the canine fest, but this lady is much more gentle) my first instinct is it sounds "mean", or atleast negative, but then its not doing anything to "hurt"...........?? so Im wondering, have you guys heard of this, tried it, have any opinions on it?? I dont like to do "negative things" if I can avoid it, but nothing else has helped baileys barking and her "pouncing" at the door going ballistic when someone comes - Im startting to wonder if this might be worth trying :(
  19. I just had to share, I photographed an 18 mo old boy yesterday and did several also with his 3 yr boxer named Truman!! I was SOOO excited, he was SOOO handsome and a perfectly behaved little ham - he posed sooo nice for me, I only wish the little boy could be so still! I will post some when I get them back!
  20. ooh I like the idea of stuffing a kong with it - I am always looking for new ideas for kong stuffing :-)
  21. Thanks so much - they are all on chicken soup now, and *knock on wood* Junior hasnt had a problem with bloating since we switched them! Little Shane isnt putting on weight as fast as the other two - he is gaining a little, but still a little bony :( should I give him anything to supplement or just continue letting him gain slowly?
  22. thats an awesome poem....... I have copied it with your name and sent it to many friends and relatives - and plan to post it at the humane society tomorrow. Thank you - its heart breaking, but needed to be said.
  23. ya - the same thing happened to me that night :o very weird
  24. Thanks - I feel badly for her, because its her husband who is making her give him up (though she definetely jumped into this w/o taking the breed or her husbands personlaity into consideration :( ) but I feel even more badly for the poor doggie whos needs are ultimately being put last becasue of her sadness :cry:
  25. I talked to her last night and told her what I thought her best options were and she almsot flat out said no - he has to go to someone she knows so she can still see him :roll: I totally understand how she feels, but IMO she is being very selfish, she is looking out for what she wants, not what is best for him. :shake: we went round and round about possiblities and I tried to talk to her about the importance of finding the right home- beagles are very sweet, but also independant and can be difficult - but it didnt really matter, she said she would rather take him back to the place she got him from ( a person in a 2nd flr apt and the pups at 11 wks shen she got him had NEVER set foot outside !) than have him go to a good home of someone she didnt know :wallbash: by the end I felt like banging my head against a wall, and she was crying. neither of us was "rude" at all, it was jsut very emotional...... I dont know waht else to do - I want so badly to "save them all", but I know I cant :cry:
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