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  1. Some of you might remember back a few months ago Bongo had dental surgery and had several teeth removed (he had had a swelling under his eye indicating a probable infected molar) well, that swelling never did go away completely after the surgery and then while dogo was down, the swelling got worse :( I took him in and when the doc tried to look in his mouth he bit her! she pulled her hand away, but he was very serious about it. so....... on thursday last week Bongo went under again and she looked at the molar socket and cleaned it out to make sure there wasnt any piece of tooth left festering. then she also took a sample of the swollen tissue off to the lab - we are now awaiting results. :roll: from what she tells me, she really isnt sure, because everything "contradicts itself" sort of...... she says it is eitehr infection of cancer - it is in an odd place for cancer, but very typical place for infection - BUT, the swellign is hard as bone, unlike normal infected tissue is usually softer :( and she didnt find anythign in there looking like infection .......... SOOOO - the doc said she would have results back today and depending on exactly waht they said she would talk to a local dental specialist about the best treatment options and get to me once she got all the answers ..... nothing like waiting! :cry: keep your paws crossed for some sort of good news - the poor old guy is really tired lately
  2. AAWWWWWWWW :angel: He is SOOO adorable!!
  3. Baileysmom

    Costco food?

    did you check the ingredients? that would be the first thing Id check.... maybe TDG or someone knows....? Im curious now :wink:
  4. none here yet, but 2 hrs north of here has quite a bit and they say its heading this way...... supposedly we will have up to 4" by tomorrow afternoon and hopefully more monday
  5. IT sounds like he has an ear infection, call the vet - they'll probably want to see him to make sure thats what it is and give you something to clear it up :) Good Luck!
  6. Thanks :D I think shes beautiful too, but I may be biased :lol: LOL the part we know is beagle, and the vet thinks mix with either dobe or whippet, most likely whippet. her build, hair and "run" seem to support whippet or similar....... she is extremely fast and agile (the only dog that has come close to her speed at the dog parks was a greyhound :o
  7. Thanks matty and everyone :) I was hoping to find some way of putting it in food and "tricking them" but I tried several ways last night and they refused all of them :x I was left with holding them and putting it in the back/side of their mouth...... it took three of us and we did the blowing deal with bongo, they hated it and made nasty faces at me for atleast 30 mins after, but it was down :roll: *sigh* it jsut seems there must be an easier way, pills are so much easier!
  8. I cant really add anything different than was already said, jsut wanted to say good luck - you shoudlnt have much trouble as long as you keep it positive :) we crate trained Bailey shortly after we adopted her just a little younger than yours - shes now jsut over a year old and she it SOO GOOD about her crate - even when I can tell she doesnt want to go in all i have to do is say "crate" from anywhere in the house and she goes straight to it and goes in :D in the begining I almsot always gave her a kong stuffed with treats or peanut butter or something to keep her busy. (jsut make sure yours is safe with them before leaving him alone with it)
  9. Well, as I said in another post, Bongo is coughing now too :cry: and last night they were both up 1/2 the night snorting and coughing and trying to catch their breath :cry: I called the vet this morning and she said to up their robitussin to a full teaspoon 3 x a day each :o (oh ya, as if 1/2 that wasnt hard enough to get down them!!) She told me what to watch out for (not eating, excesive nasal discharge, etc) and we set a tentative appt for thursday incase they are not better. she also told me not to take them outside except for quick potty times because its so cold and keep them calm, no playing or exercising :o (she must not know Bailey, the last time she got bored she ate my hairbrush and the mop :x ) send them happy thoughts to get well quick, and wish me luck! :wink:
  10. I can do that, as long as there are two ro three of us holding her (shes quite a squirmer!! :roll: ) but I wanted to avoid scaring her if at all possible because shes so fearful of everything anyway :(
  11. I am using a syringe, but she is so uncooperative it takes a torturous pinning to get near her mouth :o shes only 30 lbs, but a very strong 30lbs! (ask DAL, it took 3 of us to hold her down to clip her nails!!) the wet dog food is a good idea, Ill see if that will work.
  12. Ok, I am trying to give both Bailey and Bongo robitussin DM for their coughs (Bongo has jsut once or twice, but I dont want to take the chance) and they hate it!! What can I do to make it easier for them and me?? Bailey spits it out :roll: and I tried this morning to squirt it on bread (not even sure if thats ok to do?) and Bongo eventually ate it, but Bailey still refused. I hate to make it a torture for Bailey by pinning her and forcing it since she is so fearful anyway, but she needs to have it, what can we do?
  13. Ok - I will txt you also, but thought I might as well post this here too...... Columbia vet says it is impossible to say how much it will be for sure, but she said given steroids he will prob have to take, and the shots, you are looking at somewhere prob over $100, but not more than $500..... hopefully that helps somewhat :roll: your idea with the base vet might be the best bet if they can give you a good price and you trust them :)
  14. K -Ill call them tomorrow........ with the base vet, wont you have the issue with 3 dogs on record? (its almost sure to be cheaper though!) what do I need to ask - Just how much heartworm treatment is for him? is there anything specific? (sorry, I dont know really anythign about it :oops: ) if you can get him home, then I will go ahead and call around other places too if you want.......
  15. atleast thats one bit of good news for Boonie! now its the $ :wink: Ill keep my fingers crossed they will do payments or something! :) do you want me to call colombia up here where you took him before? they atleast will take a series of post dated checks if that helps!
  16. Thanks guys - so far Bailey is much better, she still coughs some if she runs alot, but much better than she was, and Bongo has not started coughing yet :wink: it is kind of "ironic" that Bongo has never been vaccinated for it and has never had it in the 12 yrs weve had him, but Bailey I did vaccinate, and she probably has it :roll: oh btw - to Nay - I did email them again about agility with no reply yet, so I will try them and a couple others again :roll:
  17. I just wanted to chime in here for everyone who wondered why this wasnt found earlier........ I think the major factor is that this rescue apparently was pretty lousy - from waht I have heard from Nay she has tried many times to contact them since he began having these problems with no replies to email and I believe she said the number is no longer in service or something (correct me if Im wrong there Nay) the other reason being that heart worms are extremely rare here - Ive never even heard of a dog having them in this area - ever (let me clarify, Im not ignorant, Im sure it has, but its very rare - almost un heard of here) Im sure thats part of the reason it was not diagnosed or tested earlier. and to Hillside, I dont mean to sound rude either - but the idea of euthenizing him was NOT Naomi's...... the vet said it may be the kindest option for Boonie given his many problems, not jsut hw. If she was not in this "for life" she could have given up or given him back months ago. That is not an option she came up with on her own, nor one she wants to do.
  18. Ok - now as Im reading some info about kennel cough, I am worried about Bongo....... anyone know how likely it is that he will catch it from Bailey and if it would be more dangerous for him? (hes almost 12 yrs old) if so, is there anything I can do to preevent or lessen him being very sick?
  19. well, the vet called this morning and said a doc called in sick today :( I talked to the nurse over the phone about her cough and just by that she thought kennel cough was a good possibility. (she doesnt go to daycare or anything, but she said it could be from the dog park or goign to get her nails clipped at petsmart a couple weeks ago) they suggested robitussin dm if the cough is bothering her and to bring her in monday if its not better. if that is what it is about how long is she "contagious"? just as long as she has the cough? I was goign to take her back for some obedience refresher classes in a week or two....... btw - she did have the vaccination, but as we know that doesnt matter :wink:
  20. I forgot to ask you that on the phone - do they say what his chances are with treatment and how long treatment would take? (if they were good, maybe he could stay with your mom until he's better?) other than that I really dont know - Im so sorry this is all happening and you have to make this horrible decision! :cry: Is there anyone driving up this way maybe??? I was jsut thinking maybe it would be safer for him if he somehow could be driven back home instead of flying.............
  21. Well, now Bailey is goign to the vet tomorrow morning anyway - but not for her foot......... she is coughing/gagging :( shes doing it when she eats and when she barks. this morning she tried to bark her head off at the mailman and all that came out was a coughing sound! I had a dog die from a collapsed trachea when I was young and this sounds so much the same I'm worried it may be her trachea. BUt she is only a little over a year old :cry: she does pull like crazy on her leash, but thats why i only walk her with a harness or gentle leader. Is there anything else that would cause this "coughing" that you know of? anyway - think good thoughts that its nothing serious (or expensive :roll: isnt that awful of me?)
  22. Thanks so much - that helps alot :wink: We werent too sure if the licking would be good for it or if it will prevent it from healing or something :oops: it doesnt seem to be the dew claw or anything, jsut a cut in the skin - it looks fairly deep but isnt bleeding.
  23. I forgot to mention, the cut is not on the pads or directly where she walks, its jsut above that area before the upper pad on her "forearm" I guess you call it :oops:
  24. :cry: I just noticed Bailey licking like crazy on her front paw and there is a cut on it! Its about an inch long kind of jagged like an arrow shape. its not bleeding right now. My question is does she need to go to the vet for it or jsut watch it at home for infection, etc......... and should it be treated and covered or should we let her lick it? Thanks so much for your help!
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