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  1. 35 (or as my kids say- "29 for the 6th time)
  2. well taht post got all screwed up, but I hope you understand:)
  3. [quote]Hmm, I could have sworn she adopted Boonie after Justin had left too... [quote] nope, thats one of the few things I know for sure :-? they both went and got him, and that night my kids and I met them at 6 flags for a halloween thing.........[/quote]
  4. I was being told the same as you - heartworm that the vets were either charging a fortune or simply refusing to treat. ofcourse now I wonder :( I heard the murmur was minor (?) I cant remember for sure on that
  5. boonie was adopted last october (?) right before Justin left, they both met cynthia in seattle at a show or something I believe and adopted him. the rest were all after he left. I hope that clarifies some things atleast :-?
  6. I dont even know what to say at this point. I am so upset about everything that has happened, I have learned so many things over the past week or two that make me so angry and sad. I dont even know what things were ever the truth now. :cry: The only thing I do know is I thank dog I have Stryker - every day I tell him how lucky we are. I just wanted to check in here and let you all know I am still alive - just working alot and trying to figure out alot of things lately. I miss all of you!
  7. Oh Alena - Im so sorry! :cry: :cry: Did the vet suggest she be PTS because of the biting or the medical condition? Is there a test they can do to see if it is what they suspect? Its a tough decision all around, being a mom too, I know your kids safety has to come first, but I think if it were me I would get a second opinion (I have a really good vet if you want the number or help with that) and if they say the same thing, sadly, I think I would put her to sleep :( You can make the end of her life very special, so that you know she left feeling loved. In my opinion that would be easier on her and you, that way she is not confused and you arent left wondering what happens with her......... again, Im so sorry - I love Star, and I know you guys do too - keep me posted!
  8. that was great - and my 7 yr old daughter loved ALL the games! she had a little trouble identifying the pit bull, esp the puppy, but she learned alot and the other games she ACED :D
  9. I LOVE that! I think I might have to frame it and put it in the entry way!
  10. yep - definetely, GO TO THE COTTAGE! :D If they can't understand why you won't just ship off the pooches dog knows where, its not even worth trying to explain. :wink: send a card or gift, and go relax and don't worry about what they think
  11. Oh my dog - Bailey has gained 7 lbs in less than a year!! she is now 37 lbs! :o The vet says she is really healthy and looks great, that most of the weight is probably just "maturing" and filling out since she is almost 2 yrs old, but she was shocked at how much it was and even weighed her 3 times to be sure :lol: She said she can still feel her ribs so doesnt consider her overweight, but to keep an eye on it anyway :roll: other than that all seems to be good and the vet did comment that she can tell Ive been working with her on her fear and security issues and she seemed to be coming a long way :D (maybe she was jsut "saying it", but it did make me feel good anyway :wink: ) All that being good seems to have wiped her out though cause she came home and crashed!
  12. thanks - that helped, now I need to find out whether her rabies was a 1, 2 or 3 yr..... I did opt for bordatella before because she was goign to be in obedience class, but she ended up gettinmg it anyway, so I wont be doing that again unless for some reason I have to board her and its required :roll: another question - if you have done 3 yr immunizations shoudl they still get an exam every year, or is every two or three ok if they are healthy?? I dont mean to sound ignorant, just curious :oops:
  13. Baileys going in next week for her annual check up, I remember quite awhile back people talking about whether to immunize or not, etc..... can you help me find that info ? I seem to remember some of her shots last year (at 8 mo old when we adopted her) were the "newer" 3 yr, so she shouldnt need any of that, although I think the reminder card I got said she did :-? I know rabies is required by law, is that an every year one? sorry such stupid questions, I really havent kept up on that stuff :oops: but now I want to be prepared for what she needs and what I do not want her to have for her appt....... Thanks!
  14. those are great!! do bailey and stryker!! :D please, please, please :wink:
  15. Leah - we go camping all kinds of places. a couple weeks ago we went to Fort Warden by port townsend, this weekend wea re going to familys property on vashon island, next weekend to confluence state park in wenatchee - we also like squaw rock on the other side of mt rainier on hwy 410 and sun lakes state park........ Ive never had a problem with taking dogs as long as they are on leash and not barking constantly :wink:
  16. Thanks everyone for supposting Nay (and me I guess) in this - no doubt it was a hard decision for her to make, but Stryker is very happy here and doing great. He plays with Bailey alot, but also seems to know when to stop and relax (which rupert still doesnt get :roll: ) He will be going camping with us this weekend and again next weekend, so I will be sure to take pics of them to post :D My kids are just as thrilled as he is that he's back, they fell in love with him when he visited in may :)
  17. thanks so much! I found it at petco today, so Im goign to go back next week and get it! it was $24 for the medium, so Ill check the website and see if thats a good price for it, it seems to be though, the ones at petsmart are about 20....... I like this zipper type one much better tho, and it seems alot more flexible, not so thick and stiff
  18. Hey Im looking for a life jacket for Bailey and I love the ones in your pics on the boat - where did you find them? I dont like the one at petsmart too much, but I havent had a chance to look many other places....... suggestions on a good one at a good price??
  19. I have a dremel, but cant seem to get Bailey to let me do it at all - shes scared to death of it, but then shes scared to death of clippers too :roll: I took her and had petsmart do it once and it took three of us holding her down, and Im sure it was absolute torture for her :( I still dont really know what to do, but I did have good luck (accidently) when I took her to play in a tennis court. chasing her ball around (and skidding) filed her nails down pretty good! (except that it also "skinned one of her pads a little too :cry: guess I cant win)
  20. That is too funny!! :lol: last week when we went for a walk, Bongo peed on Baileys head! we laughed so hard - but then its not all that surprising, he pees on pretty much anything outside, even DAL the first time we met her!!
  21. Thanks - yes he is a beagle, about 10 mo old now. that was the first time I have ever heard him bay though. I have known this guy almost all my life, and I really dont see that he could "abuse" him, atleast not in the physical sense - but that fact that Rupert was so scared of my husband too worried me. they have had him since he was 6-8 wks old so the fear is probably not coming from anyone else. I didnt know that beagles were that sesitive, so that helps atleast. when rupert was very young, (the first time the wife was told to "get rid of him") she asked me to take him and I said no because I had the fosters who had gone through parvo..... now Im wondering if I shoudl consider it if it comes up again :-?
  22. Ok - in another thread I think I mentioned how Im watching my moms friends beagle once a week to help wear both him and Bailey out (and get him out of his crate- he is crated all day 3 days a week, 2 he does go to doggie daycare) the whole story is very long, (I posted about some concerns when she first got Rupert and talked about debarking him.....) the ladys husband isnt a dog person, infact he's a neat freak and a dog is jsut too messy and hyper for him. several times he has told her he has to go, and the last time she found him a home and at the last minute the husband said no he's not going anywhere. (sound a little familiar DO?) anyway- he made it clear though, that he is her dog and he wont have anything to do with him. :roll: fast forward to today...... I picked him up this morning and brought him home - it was the first time he met my husband and he was terrified :( I thought it was a little strange since he hadnt reacted that way to anyone else he had met (only women and kids with me) this afternoon I took him home and "dad" was there and the first thing Rupert did was bay at him! (and he didnt sound happy) I put him in his crate (he has to stay there til she gets home :( ) I left there with this nagging feeling that his fear of my husband and baying at his "dad" were connected...... Im worried he may be abusing Rupert :cry: maybe not physically, but atleast mistreating him (yelling) what do you take from the whole thing? what shoudl I do??
  23. so nobody has any ideas? or just too wordy? :-?
  24. Ok - so we had our first city beagle meet up this weekend...... when we first arrived we walked up the other few people and doggies all on leashes and Bailey started barking her head off :roll: She is awful (scared, etc) when she is on leash meeting dogs (she is great every time we go to the off leash dog parks though) I know our obedience instructor said this is totally normal becasue she feels she has no control and it intensifies her fear. We took all the dogs into a tennis court area and let them off leash to run around and play and they did great - in fact Bailey was the most playful of all of them and not at all agressive or scared (with the dogs) My first question is, how can I get her to not be so scared/agresssive acting when meeting dogs on leash? (the others werent like that) My other question is how can I get her to not be so timid around people? when she is off leash she does great with the dogs and will approach a person (albeit cautiously) but when they reach out to her (even slowly) she backs away :-? is having them offer treats the best way? or how should I be goign about helping her be more comfortable?? It was clear when we adopted her that she was not well socialized at all before that, though we have no idea of her actual situation. We adopted her at 8 mo almost a year ago. she has gotten much better, especially with dogs, but what else should I be doing? should I purposely put her in certain situations ? is it possible that she will ever be "outgoing" or even comfortable?? I would love to get her into therapy some day (thats something I have always wanted to do) but Im wondering if thats even possible to get her comfortable enough to something like that :( sorry for rambling :roll:
  25. sorry - I have been working a "newish" job :wink: and havent been on as much....... Bongos hanging in there as usual. My hubby thought he couldnt bark anymore because he hadnt in several days, but today he did several times :roll: still eating as much as he can, and going one day to the next. Each day taht he continues to hang on I worry more that I wont know when its really time....... I know he's supposed to "tell" me, but he's already surpassed how long the vet said...... I keep wondering if Im "missing" something and he's suffering more than I can see :-?
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