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  1. Aw, they're beautiful! I can't read a word of your site, but the dogs are gorgeous! :D
  2. I did a quick google search. Good info here: http://www.thepetcenter.com/gen/hw.html[/url]
  3. I wish I had something to add. All I can suggest is that you ask your vet millions of questions, get a second opinion if you don't feel confident in your vet, and get your other animals on heartgard to prevent future problems. You might also try searching the internet for heartworm treatments, side affects and such. Hugs and good luck!!!
  4. Hard to tell. My dogs occasionally cough a bit, but then it goes away right away. If it keeps up, it's safest to ask your vet. :D
  5. Oh, good, the ages are creeping up. I love a board with a wide variety of people on it! :D C'mon, though, someone's gotta be older than me!!! :wink:
  6. I found a poll that asked how many people were over or under 18, but I have a feeling that there are tons of people way outside that range of possibilities. So, let's see what the age dispersion is ...
  7. Wow, interesting combination of breeds! Male or female? In my breeds, 8 weeks is such a tiny infant, we usually can't get them until they're 12 weeks. But the tiny babies are soooo cute. :D Good luck, and I hope you'll post photos!!!
  8. Hi and welcome! :D I love pharoahs, and have met many in my travels. I've always been into sighthounds. I had borzoi when I was younger, and now have two greyhounds and three Italian greyhounds. I sometimes compete with my dogs in lure coursing and racing. The pharoah hounds are always the loudest, most excited, rowdy ones, wanting to chase that bunny at any opportunity. They're amazing!! If you haven't already, I hope you'll share some pictures with us!
  9. I wish I had the statistics in front of me. It's my understanding that pit bulls are not nearly as frequent a biter as many other breeds. I think chihuahuas are #1, but of course they can't do much damage with their tiny mouths. But if I remember correctly, it was something like a german shepard with the most dangerous rating. No one's suggesting we do away with them because they're popular. Rin Tin Tin, and all the war stories, and police dogs, and so on, make GSDs seen as heros. But they can be very dangerous if trained badly, just like many large dogs. I'm not in favor of any breed-specific legislation or removal. That just blindly attempts to address a symptom, not the problem. The problem is idiots who don't properly raise, train, and restrain their dogs. And people who engage in macho fighting "sports" with animals. I know an Italian greyhound who was used as live bait to "train" fighting dogs. The lucky IG survived and ended up in rescue. People who do that are sick, and they create monsters out of man's best friend.
  10. Aww, what a little cutie pie!!! I hope someone takes him soon. :D
  11. [quote name='__crazy_canine__']See I dont like the idea of breeding at all but if people are breeding anyway, I see no problem with what your saying. If people are going to breed something for nothing other than looks and are considering "responsible breeders" then I dont see how creating a breed with "good" intentions is wrong. I do mean that honestly, but, again, I dont like the idea of breeding in general. :wink:[/quote] From a personal perspective, I agree with you. I made a decision a long time ago that I would never breed anything. Too many dogs and cats are destroyed every year, just because people breed too many of them. Four out of five of my dogs are rescues, and I expect to always, in future, take an "unwanted" animal, rather than a "new" one. If this were a perfect world, with no unwanted animals, and no puppy mills, then that would be a different story. It's a complicated issue though. What if all the responsible people stopped breeding, and all our dogs were from puppy mills? In my radical moments I think there should be a ban on breeding until all unwanted animals have loving homes. :wink: Would that work? What new problems would that create?
  12. I don't know anything about that breed. But for what its worth, my little Merlin is the only one of mine I raised as a puppy. He was pretty laid back as a puppy, and I found that was a pretty good indicator of his adult personality. Other iggies I know who are hyper, started out as hyper pups. Good luck.
  13. Oh, man, this is the second hit-by-car I've read about tonight. So sad ... I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
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