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  1. I stongly dissagree that every pit bull that comes into a shelter should be put down. I think that EVERY breed, no matter what, should undergo those temperment tests that they put them through to evaluate whether or not they could be good pets or not. If not, nomatter the breed, they should probably put them down. Unless, like let's say that the dog didn't like children. They might be able to find a good home for those sorts of dogs. You know?? But if the dog has serious problems with people I think it should be put down. Best for the dog and people too. It's kinda hard to explain all this... but I think you all get the drift, eh??
  2. I too think that it is wrong to own a wolf. Wolves are wild animals and that is that. It can be very dangerous too. I see owning wolfdogs like owning a bobcat/domestic cat mix. dangerous and pretty wrong too. What if the wolfdog got out and attacked a human, or the human thought it was being attacked, but really wasn't??? I don't like it.
  3. I don't know that you need to back to an obedience class, neccesarily, but keep working with her at home. I work with Shadow every chance that I get and it does help a lot. Your dog should not growl at you, she is obviously challenging (sp) your alpha possition. Reinforce or make sure she knows who's boss. like HazelNutMeg said: don't give your dog treats for no reason at all. Ok, ok. I do, but I make her do a trick first. *smile* Some dominant moves include: putting your foot on her paw, not hard but just set it there. put your hand on her head. push your dogs muzzle downward with your hand gentally, etc etc. I could go on forever. Oh, one more piece of advice. You said that you were afraid of her when she's around potatoes, don't show it!!!!
  4. That was great!!! lol. I always get "is that a wolf??" about my husky. *sigh* when will people learn?? lol
  5. Sry, Pik. I have no damn clue what u just said a couple posts before... I'm losted. [color=red]W[/color][color=orange]E[/color][color=yellow]L[/color][color=green]C[/color][color=blue]O[/color][color=indigo]M[/color][color=violet]E[/color][color=darkblue]!!!!![/color] Sorry I don't have emoticons, but the stupid computar won't let me because of the stupid parental control $hit. Uggh!!!
  6. I agree mouse, you can never REPLACE a deceased (sp) dog, but you can invite a new one into the family to COMPLEMENT you. Don't let one bad experience ruin your thought of the whole breed. That's... umm, what's it called??... racism or something. Help me out guys!! One mean or nippy dog doesn't mean (sp) the whole breed is that way. For example, my GSD was the nicest dog in the world, wouldn't bight a fly, but one of my friend's GSD was meaner than he!!. It all depends on how the dog was trained, socialized, and treated.
  7. Don't beat yourself up over it, it's not your falt. You're a very responsible dog owner and we all know you adore (sp) your doggy. It's a good idea to take her to the vet just to make sure everything is Ok though. Let us know what's goin on, ok???
  8. Prairie_Gurl

    Dog Books

    A couple of books that I have include: [u]DOG TRAINING MY WAY[/u] by Barbara Woodhouse who was a really great dog trainer some time back. It's pretty good. My uncle gave it to me last summer, and I've read it front to back a couple of times. Chapters include: 1. EVERY OWNER A TRAINER~ about the cost of keeping a dog and how to give medicine, etc. Good wake up call to some people. 2. HOUSE-TRAINING YOU DOG~ about when to feed your dog (feeding schedual), and indoor kennels, kennel training, stuff like that. 3. EARLY TRAINING FOR ESSENTIALS~ about lead and collar training, training dog to stay alone, excessive barking, chicken killing (for farm dogs... unless u urban people keep chickens in your apartment lol), dogs that bite, and jumping up on people. Very good chapter. 4. MORE ADVANCED TRAINING~ name kinda explains it all. 5. TRAINING TO HEEL AND SIT~ training using a choke chain. Tells how to use a choke chain properly (with pictures). Trains heel work on and off leash. 6. CALL YOUR DOG~ name explains it all... basically the come command I think. 7. SIT AND DOWN EXERCISES: TRAINING YOUR DOG TO WAIT~ name explains most of it all. 8. DOG FIGHTS AND IGNORING OTHER DOGS~ my personal favorite. Tells how to break up dog fights (although I strongly dissagree with the method), and how to deal with dog aggressive dogs. 9. WAITING ON COMMAND~ a command for emergencies. and teaching stand too 10.DISTANT CONTROL~ working your dog from a distance 11. TRAINING YOUR DOG TO RETRIEVE AND SEEK BACK~ use of a dumb-bell 12. SCENT DISCRIMINATION OR FINDING OWNER'S DROPPED~ an article probably good for search-and-rescue or aid dogs??? 13. SEND AWAY: BRIEF NOTE ON A LENGTHY ROUTINE~ sending your dog in a givin direction. good for agility maybe?? There's another book by Barbara Woodhouse called NO BAD DOGS, that's suppose to be pretty good although I never read it. Another book that I like is DOGS DOG BREEDS AND DOG CARE by Dr. Peter Larkin and Mike Stockman. It tells how to choose a suitable dog to fit your lifestyle, like athletics should have a border collie not a basset hound. Touches on whether to get a male or female. The cost of keeping a dog. Touches on getting a mixed breed or full bred. How to chose a puppy, says not to buy from pet shops or puppy farms *smile*. Care for your puppy including a bed, toys, etc. Nutrition and Feeding. Grooming. Breeding- says not to breed but what to do if you choose anyways *frown*. Training, from socialization to working dogs. behavior problems of all sorts. Health Care and First aid. nutering and spaying. The breed groups (mostly akc i think but other kennel clubs too.) And tons of breeds including rare breeds like the Hungarian Kuvasz, Laekenois Belgian Shepherd Dog, etc. and common breeds like the lab and the German Shepherd dog. It's a pretty good book!!! I don't have too many books, most of my information comes from personal experience, the internet, or other dog trainers. But, these ones are pretty good. Hope these have helped!!!
  9. Shadow gets SOOOOOOOOO jealous when I pet Rocky. I didn't think a dog could get so jealous!!! She'll sit there and cry (literally cry) and howl when I take Rocky for a walk... I can hear her the whole way. LOL. Usually I have to luv Rocky up when Shadow ain't in the room... otherwise we're both in trouble. lol.
  10. he he he. What I usually do when I'm wrong is turn the tables so that I say that SHE was the one that thought ur dog was 4, and U were the one that was right. It works on my mom because I have a very good memory, and she don't so usually everyone just assumes I'm right. he he he he *horns growing out of my head* But, I don't know if it works on anybody else. I usually can't do it to my dad *sigh* If only I could!!! I could say that he said that I could have another dog!!! lol
  11. That's kewl that you started a club, Rowie. What do you inform people about?? Just curious.
  12. I would kinda like a list too. I mean, I'm not gonna live from the list or anything like that... just I think it'll be kinda interesting. It's hard to find information on a certain breed's rate of how much dander they have or if allergics can tollerate them better/worse/average. You get the drift.
  13. Thank you pzoo9!!! It's good to know I'm doing SOMETHING right!!!
  14. Congratulations to you and the new soon-to-be mommy!!!
  15. Both my dogs are big hams when it comes to the vet. They know that if they're good they'll get a treat afterwards. LOL.
  16. At least it worked out for the best... except you lost to your mom. that kinda bights. lol
  17. I don't know what to say. It's so sad, and yet it goes on 24/7. I wish I could do something... I just don't know what. I've been to the humain society, I've seen all those poor inocent animals, but I've never been in THE ROOM... and I never ever want to be. People always say that because I love animals so much I should become a vet, but I couldn't put an animal down. I just couldn't. Ever. Man, that really hit home. Whoever wrote it did a beautiful job.
  18. Shadow, who's a 75lb Lab, will come and just sit in my lap (yea she still fits!!!!) if I'm sitting down. And when I'm in the computar room, where she's not allowed, she'll sit in the entranceway and talk to me (bark, growl, whine, and noises that have no name except: Shadow's Voice) and then she'll give me The Look, which you all know what that is. Rocky will give you the Pathetic Paw, which is basically just a shake when you don't command him to do it, but he's so old and he does it so pathetically you just HAVE to hug/pet him!!! Both Shadow and Rocky "sing" when I'm playing my trumpet. Rocky can hit any note possible, I think you call it a soprano??? And Shadow has this low, loud, pathetic, sad sounding howl... I think it's a bass??? Oh, does anybody else's dog throw their food dish at you??? Shadow thinks she needs food in her dish 24/7 so she throws it at me, even when I just fed her. LOL.
  19. Yea, it does work very good. Usually dangling a hotdog in front of her nose, or cheese, works pretty well. It can be really hard, however, if the other dog returns the eye contact. But, it does help!!!
  20. Yea, I think that's a better idea.
  21. I am afraid she'll get in a fight (trust me she wouldn't back off), but I always hide it the best that I can. which can be pretty hard at times. I try to make sure I'm not making any negative impressions of the other dogs... I let her sniff other dogs, and a couple she does run around freely with. But, when I see that she's making that eye contact with another dog, I direct her attention towards me. But, I do know that I DO make mistakes... otherwise I doubt she would now be dog aggressive. Thanks for the advice, and I'll keep trying to be more aware of my actions.
  22. I don't know if a set rules would work... like you said before somebody is always gonna disaggree with them. I do think that deleting unused accounts is a good idea, though. I don't know if Laduenda fights her dogs or not. I haven't personally seen her dogs, her, or the conditions in which they live in so I'm not goin to make any accusations. Although sometimes it seems as though she *might* fight her dogs, is there any actual proof that she does??? Until then, I'm not goin to accuse her of such a horrid thing. I'm not saying she does or does not fight her dogs, but that's just what I think.
  23. I get people coming up to me when I walk my husky saying "he's so gorgious! I have one of those (they don't know the breed for heaven's sakes!!!) we should get them together." then I respond "for what??? a birthday party?? Sorry, the only reason I'd breed my dog was if I met someone who was actually SMART." I have a couple other responses too, but I would probably get knocked off this forum if I posted um... needless to say, I haven't had anybody ask me about breeding Rocky for a long time. lol
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