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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. The vet assistant seems to me that she doesn't really know what she was talking about too much if she mumbled to you. If she had something really against the dog, or good evidence she most likely would have told you straight out. Making a "face" isn't very good evidence that your pup is aggressive. The pup was probably afraid of her (I mean, come on- it's the vet clinic for crying out loud) and maybe (now I'm taking a long shot here) the vet assistant was afraid of your puppy, which dogs can sence, and then it kinda went from there. It does happen, and I've seen it happen. I wouldn't worry about it, but you should probably ask your vet about it.
  2. Wow, that is a truely wonderful story. What makes it even better was the fact that the dog was from a shelter. Isn't that great???
  3. My german shepherd wasn't neutered, but he never lifted his leg. Maybe that was because I was always on him to not p*$$ on the neighbor's lawns, cars, trees, etc. And he wasn't the alpha dog... my husky has always been the male alpha, and he lifts his leg on everything (not neutered). I want to neuter him, but my parents aren't into it... *sigh* PARENTS!!! but, that's another matter...
  4. jez, that is one smart puppy!!! My German Shepherd use to jump clear over the garden fence and take naps in the nice soft HUGE weeds (my mom's not the greatest gardener in the world) and I'm sure he ate some fruits and veggies while there. While weeding my mom and I found his little nest, and a few trails of his. LOL.
  5. You're doin the right thing, so don't worry!!! Take DogPaddle's advice and do something to keep your mind off of it. Your pup will be much more happier in life if she's fixed.
  6. Man, I can't believe it. I mean, I can see if you were a cop and you were investigating something or arresting someone and they put their dog on you, and it was a cop-or-the-dog situation. But, what the hell went on there??? Did he think since he was a cop he got special privlages to trying to kill a dog?? What's he gonna say to this new evidence??? Man!!!
  7. Yea, your dogs should be fine. Just keep a big bucket of cold, clean (fresh) water with yea incase she drinks some of the salt water. And it's probably a good idea to bathe her afterwards... even just to get all that sand off.
  8. Oh, I feel so bad for her!!! I wish I lived close enough to help her out. It's not fair that older dogs get discriminated against. Some of those dogs could be wonderful family dogs, great with children, other pets. Even though they might not be in your family for too long, they'll stay in your heart forever. Why not make the last years of their life the best???
  9. Yea, I don't know. I think I'm allergic to a little bit of both- dander and slobber. Which really sucks when your main thing in life is the thing your allergic to- dogs. *cry*
  10. LOL. I'm sure u'll be in heaven there Crested!!! A couple questions. Sorry, I'm not that educated on allergies/hypoallergenic/dander stuff. I'm allergic to dogs. That's all I know. I don't know if I'm allergic to their dander, saliva, or whatever. And it's only certain breeds. Like, I'm REALLY allergic to Golden Retrievers, and I'm not allergic to poodles, chinese cresteds, and i'm sorta allergic to German Shepherds, Labs, and Siberian Huskies. And sometimes, I'll be allergic to a dog... then after a while I won't be allergic to it anymore. like, I was allergic to Yorkies a couple years back but I always played with them, so now I'm not allergic to them anymore. Could I become emune (sp) to them??? I do know that I'm allergic to Shadow (my lab) 's fur because I break out sometimes when a fur gets stuck to my skin... and my nose goes bazerk with all the fur on my shirt (people with labs, you know what i'm talkin about...). Once again, I'm sorry but i know nuthin!!!!
  11. That's terrible. But, I couldn't get the link to open up... stupid computer of mine. A couple questions... were they fighting pits?? What other kind of breed(s) were euthanized?? What city was this in???
  12. I never thought of that... oops. hmmm... I guess I'll see if we can go to the regular classes every once in a while.
  13. Laduenda posted it???? Are u shure??? Or is it just a guess???
  14. It ain't a full bred weener, that's for shure. Looks like a mini GSD cross. Maybe it's a GSD crossed with a Corgi or a dachshund. Or an all around mutt. That's my best guess...
  15. So true, so true!!! and I'm luvin the picture too!!! (hey, did I just rhyme???)
  16. My Lab Shadow does this every once in a while. Just like they said, it's because they're getting hot or excited. Just wipe it off w/ a towel and it'll be all right and dandy!!!!!
  17. It [b]is [/b]a luv song... a luv song to his doggy!!!! LOL. I luv the lyrics, they put um together pretty nicely. Once, in school, we had to write a poem that we could put to music... there were 20 students and 15 of us wrote um about our dogs. It was pretty funny.
  18. LOL. I've seen that one HazelNutMeg!!! Oh, some advice: another way (and more humain way) of punishing/teaching a dog that something is wrong is to grave the dog by the scruff of the neck (grave not hold!!!!!) and say a sharp NO!! If you are dominant of ur dog, it should work. It's how mother dogs punish their puppys. And don't do it hard!!!!! and don't do it to little dogs!!!!! I have to do this to shadow every once in a while, but she's a 75lb dog!!! Chokers also work pretty well when training a dog... and K ur not the only nutty one around here... I call my dogs by their name too.
  19. Ok, I'll have to look. Oh, and a little update... I'm gonna start doin private lessons in agility with her so that she can still do agility... just without all the other dogs... And yes, she is VERY black. Sometimes I lose her at night when we're out camping. The only way I know where she is is because she's always constantly right at my side. She's such a good dog, just that dog aggression!!!
  20. Ok, thanks. Now all I gotta do is hold him still for two minutes to cut the fur... wish me luck. Yea know, he'll lay still great forever until u want him to lay still... don't u just luv dogs?? LOL.
  21. Thanks HazelNutMeg!!!! I was thinking I was the only one. It makes me feel a lot better. LOL.
  22. I'm so sorry BK!!!!! My dog Rocky is getting old too, but fortunatly he doesn't have any health problems,etc. Make sure to give Rinny an extra hug for me!!! I know you'll make this month the best in his life!!!
  23. LOL. We can trade... I'll take Paddy and you can take Shadow. LOL
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