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  1. i wouldn't have sent cookie to a shetler,maybe another family,but not a shetler,i'm just 15,if my mom says the shetler its the shetler.you make it seem like every dog i get,i'm sending it to its death.i loved lucky & cookie,is not like i wanted lucky to get hit by a car,or for cookie to get sent to the shetler,but thanks shari & cinco for your sympathy.i hope he is happily with blacky & max.but if i'm that much of an irresponsible owner than might as well take 5yrs. of loving & caring for didi away as well :cry: i'm sorry for owning dogs.
  2. When you get hit by a car,is it a quick death?I know it wasn't painless,becuase that yelp was one I'll never forget,but is it quick,because if he felt all the times he got ran over,plus the hit of the head on the street,I'm going to feel worst.
  3. I have to be the worst dog owner in the world.I don't even deserve Didi.When your dogs die,they probably die of old age or disease,my Lucky dies a brutal death.The only memory I have of him is him getting hit,twice by two big a$$ SUV wheels.My stupid self had to walk him off-leash.I could only remember him rolling his eyes,and blood comming out his nose.The damn SUV didn't even stop after hitting him :cry: .And it could of been Didi too,but Didi was just a little ahead of Lucky.I was suppose to get my restricts on the 15th,but now I can't even be in one of those killers.Its strange,Lucky died almost exactly like my friend Che'khan.Both him and Che'khan were one of the best friends I ever had.I only knew them both for a couple of months.They both were jaywalking,and both cars (SUVs),speeding hit them.Che'khan never got justice,because he was jaywalking.But atleast the driver has sympathy and stop.The driver who hit Lucky,just was probably thinking its just a dog,and kept going.It wasn't like he was going to get in trouble,because the dog was off-leash,but why didn't the driver stop?Why was he speeding at 8am in the morning.He could of hit the breaks,because it was close to a stop sign,and he should of been slowing down,and he seen Didi cross the street.But even with this it was all my fault,I should of never had them off-leash.He died such a horrible death,and that moment keeps racing my mind :cry: .This all could of been prevented,I rather died with him than have this guilt.I'm sorry you guys for even owning a dog,and for Lucky's death.He was a good dog,he didn't deserve this.(this is nae_nae_nookie)
  4. around 3-4months,she was a big dog though,and had a good grip when she bit too,and when she fought the dog,she held a good grip of the other dog's neck and would not let go,but i pulled her from her collar to get her off the dog GOOD NEWS!!! if you check the website [url]http://www.humanebroward.com/[/url] go to view adoptable pets,go to dogs,she's on the list!i'm glad she can get a better chance in life.she's an akita mix,6months old by the name of ''cookys'',no picture yet.
  5. thanks for your help tammy.
  6. the dog that she fought that bled was a friend's dog,she picked a fight with some other dog at the shetler.and the shetler was my mother's choice,*i would of took her to the vet.i didn't even want for her to go to the shetler,it was my mother's idea.but i was worried if she were to ever escape and attack or kill someone or something,so the shetler seemed like a good idea.and *if i knew that you could put a dog to sleep for behavioral issues and not just health-related issues than i would of gone to a vet instead of the shetler and not having to worry what is going to happen to her.and don't think i didn't care for the dog.she was semi-spoiled.went to the groomers and even took her to the park.i would have her on a leash and i took her to the beach too,where she love to play with the waves.she also had bundles and piles of toys.i admitt i didn't ''love'' the dog,because i didn't really get to bond with the dog.when we played it would have to become a training lesson due to her biting.
  7. I am worried about the shetler and about Cookie.They assured me if it was not suitable for adoption,it would be humanely put to sleep.But,I could not call or visit to see if Cookie was adopted or not,and that is what is troubling me.Why can't I not know about my own dog,even though I did surrender her I want to know what is going to happen to her.I don't think I could of handle her begining put to sleep with her by my side.When my smaller dog almost died in my arms I had nightmares for weeks.I rather not think of the thought of her dying in my arms.And I was going to try a behaviorest,but the vet expenses for the smaller dog was keeping us from getting one. shetler Cookie was taken to,so far no pictures of her put up for adoption :cry: - [url]http://www.humanebroward.com[/url]
  8. Well as some of you know I have two dogs,one spoiled brat,and the other a family pet.But when the family dog was given to us it had behavioral issues.It was also teething.I did what I could to stop this.Treats,water spray,toys,ect.The dog is unsocialable.So we had no other choice but to take it to the shelter.It almost killed one dog (there was blood all over the other dog's coat and neck) and keeps biting especially children.I want to blame the shetler we got her from for giving us a dog so unruly,because they're suppose to train it and see if its suitable for a family,so it won't do harm to anyone like bite somone or something.And i want to blame myself for not giving the dog some more time and spend more time with it.After a month or two I sorta gave up and it was just food everyday,treats n toys once in a while,and a bath every two weeks.While I had my other dog treated like a pamper pooch.I had two dogs before.A rottweiler and the current pampered pooch.I treated them equally the same and everything.Sometimes as its a larger breed I fed it more treats than the small one.But with this dog I don't know why I neglected it and I know they're going to put her to sleep because she had started a fight with another dog once we got there.Should I be feeling this guilt or was it the right thing to do? Sorry I haven't been here in a while,been caught up with other things,good to be back though!!
  9. [url]http://web.tickle.com/dog/authorize/signin.jsp?url=/dog/index.jsp[/url] I'm a Bernese Mountian Dog!! No bones about it, you're a good-hearted, people-loving Bernese Mountain Dog. Down-to-earth and loyal, no one works or plays harder than you do. You put your nose to the grindstone when it really counts, but you never neglect your social calendar. Simultaneously strong and sweet, you're very tuned-in to the feelings and needs of the other dogs you run with. Without having to be asked, you always have a helping paw to lend and a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. "Communication" is your middle name, and when that's paired with your unswerving devotion, you get a breed that everyone respects and trusts. Woof!
  10. Nookie


    no,but thank you for telling me!!! :angel:
  11. Didi always had problems with her seziers (sp?).We can't afford her pills,but with her 4yrs. of seziers she didn't have such a huge problem with it until a piece of food that dropped on the floor could of meant death for her.Well,she picked up a big chunk of chicken that was on the floor (she's used to mini bites and chopped up food).Then all of a sudden she started having a sezier,not her normal sezier though it was different with a different vibration.Then she was stift as a board!!I picked her up as we were about to rush her to the vet.I thought this sezier was the one,that would kill her.Her heart stop beating and she felt like death weight.Her tongue sticking to the side I thought she was dead,when I notice the chicken,she was choking.Good thing I watch Cell Dogs and learned how to the hemlich manuver (sp?).Without this she could of died. :cry: I advice all of you to learn this technic that can save your dog's life!!I watch Didi like a hawk with food now.She's been there for me through my tough pre-teen years to when my tough freshman year.I don't know how her heart stop beating then being the active yappy dog she is now,but I thank God and Cell Dogs for having her today and until her time for her really to go.
  12. just read his homepage :( I saw the news article and was very dissappointed [url]http://www.triumphtheinsultcomicdog.com/[/url]
  13. Anybody else a fan?Love ''I Keed'' video. 8) [url]http://launch.yahoo.com/artist/default.asp?artistID=1100232[/url]
  14. I love the dog and all,but I don't think my mom want another dog,after the whole Nina thing.But,I would talk to them about Nala and her conditions and see if they can improve the conditions. :wink: I'll update you on the conditions.
  15. One neighbor next to me has a rottweiler,Nala.They always had ''bully'' type dogs,pit bulls,chows,ect.This dog is tied up in the yard all day.Sometimes in the afternoon they walk her,but only for 5-15 minutes.Sometimes she doesn't have no food or water when she's tied up.And with a breed like this they need a water at all times,and lots of food.One time she was loose and she was drinking from this bucket that had been fulled up because of the rain.When its raining they don't even put her inside the shed!!So she made a hole under the shed so she can protect herself from the rain.But what if it floods?I would atleast to save money as they have a shed,use some room for the dog's shetler.And with Florida's temperatures I would atleast do something if the dog's not indoors.So what I've done I sorta ''kidnap'' the dog,but only for its own good.IThe fence isn't really patched up so I knock over the board they put (and say the dog knocked it over) and let her in my house.She's used to this,she rushes to the water bowl and food.Then she'll play with Cookie.And then take a nap on the couch until her owners picked her up.This dog whines and crys for me to take her over my yard.I lie to her owner's saying she probably dug a hole,and they believe it.But I can't stand watching her suffer,and I love her visits.Some people think she's mine as she's always at my house.Some points where I actually claim her :oops: .I also took care of a pitbull they once had.I don't wanna call no one for animal cruelty,because they really love the dog,and just lost their chow to parvo.I'm going to miss Nala when she can't go through the hole no more,then I'll really watch her suffer when she's not a cute little puppy no more,but a hyperactive dog,like their old dog Lilo. My other neighbor,has a dachshund.Rude little dog.Poops in everyone's yard,and knocks down the trash.His conditions are better now.He always used to be in the FRONT yard loose.Now its now and then.He's always causing trouble with the cars passing through.Hate to see him get hit though :( .But other then him beinging loose,they take care of him,but if they can have two dogs (same breed) in the backyard,why can't this one (and their cats) have to be loose? Anyone else has problems with neighbors?
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