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  1. I just talked to the girl again, and told her we agreed to give the dog back it she sold it to us without the total agreement of our fiance. She was very happy that we were going to be so good about. I told her we needed the $$$ in hand first though because we just weren't THAT good natured to trust the 'I will pay you later'. I asked about going overseas, and that the dog would not be able to go to Iraq, and most overseas they must be quarantined first. I just said I wanted to make sure they were thinking it all the way through first this time. But she said they discussed that too, since that was the original reason she was selling the dog - not to put it through all that- and she is waiting till he comes home to Fort Bragg to join him. So we are keeping the dog until Tuesday when she said she will have the $$$ for us.
  2. He just landed in Kuwait this morning. I agree there is alot of questions with the 'story' of going overseas etc. I guess thats why I am not 100% sure of anything anymore.....
  3. That was the original reason she said that she wanted to get rid of the dog. She was going overseas with her fiance, and didn't want to tramatize the dog with moving around and alot of airplanes. Now she says they won't have to move around, once they get there they won't be stationed anywhere else. Not sure how she can think anything with this war is stable or a quarantee.... Anyways I will require re-payment before I return the dog. I just have wierd feelings about the whole thing, and don't want to end up in claims court because they mess around with be able to pay back. My son would welcome any extra days with the dog, that actually brought a smile to his face when I told him we might get to keep him a few extra days and in the mean time we will look for a new puppy.
  4. Thankyou everyone. I know that is the right thing to do. I told my son and he told me to quick talking people on the computer. :-? I am looking at some websites now for some boxer puppies that are near here - hopefully that will cheer him up!
  5. Yes you got the idea. Part of me says yes we should give him back, but then I am so upset, we just fell head over heels for this dog. My 8 year old has been crying all afternoon since he saw me get off the phone with the girl who sold him to us. The other issue is - she doesn't have the money to pay us back and won't for another week or so, as she had to spend the money on bills. So I am a little shy of this whole thing. I don't want this to turn into anything ugly. I am trying to talk to my son and explain we will be able to get another dog, but that is not making it any easier on him.
  6. He took ownership of a 5 month old boxer on August 20th. He is beautiful and we love him so much already, we can't believe what a wonderful dog he is. The owner's fiance had him in the paper due to him being in the military and was just sent to Iraq. She plans on going with him. She said she had told him that she was going to sell the dog as it was not fair to the dog. She called today to say she had contact with him and he is furious that she got rid of the dog. He said he didn't think she was serious. He wants the dog back. I have not been able to register him yet ( he is a boxer) as we need the transfer paperwork from the guy in Iraq. So now I don't know what to do!!! Do we have to return the dog, especially since he will not transfer the ownership papers? What are our options? Please help!!!
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