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  1. [b]Carolc9s[/b], Thank you for your advice, may be the most useful of all.
  2. 1) Health certification is all right. 2) There is no any genetic defects in her line. 3) I'd like to breed her though she is not a champion. 4) I love dogs and puppies' care is not a problem. 5) She has not come into heat? Is this called so?
  3. I have a problem with my Central Asian dog. Though I don't know how to explain it (because of poor English language skills - you see, I am not a native speaker) but I'll try... My dog cannot decome pregnant because she hasn't those days when all dogs meet with others of opposite sex (I hope, you uhderstand me cause I don't now how to say it!) but she is 2,5 years old! So give me some advice or instructions, please! :roll:
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