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Wow... Im lazy

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I havent been feeling like taking Kat for a walk but I want her to lose some weight (since shes gained about 20 lbs since we got her) so I have her on the treadmill right now. :oops: :lol:

She used to be scared to death of it, like everything else in the house, lol. I got her adjusted to it though and now I can finally run her on it... supervised of course. :wink: Right now shes going a bit slower at 2mph but I had her going up to 4.5 at one point. Plus shes an the highest level of incline...

Until I get myself in gear to walk her, Im putting her on the mill for a while. Anyone else get lazy like me and put their dog(s) on the treadmill? Or, if youre not just lazy lol, have a situation where you cant walk them outside? What precautions should do you take?

[size=2]I know some of you are probably gonna kick my ass for putting her on there because it can be dangerous... but shes always supervised and I make sure to check her pads afterwards to make sure theyre ok as well as make sure shes hydrated and not over-stressed. :wink: [/size]

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lol yes consider your butt well kicked! :P

There has only been a few ocassions with Kes where I couldn't get her out and that was because I was recovering from seizures, but Shannon always takes her out if thats the case. I love walking her. I love being outside no matter what the weather is like and I've been running her 5 miles now nearly every weekday morning, with the aim of getting up to 10 miles because I need to get back to proper fitness again and my aim is by feb/march to get back to running 20 miles comfortably within 3-3.5 hours or less if I can manage it. 2006 is my year to get back to being fit again!

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Smokie loves to walk outside and run around out there.. However he is scared of almost anything! My dad bought a telephone magnet that rung like a phone and he goes running when ever we press it lol.
That sounds great if you can get your dogs to use it! I thought they were illegal in a lot of places for fighting pits though...see how much I know.

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Ash, youre right [i]dog[/i] treadmills are considered to be linked with dog-fighting but I have an electric one that humans use and they arent considered the same thing. :wink:

JM, luckily for you, your 3 entertain each other... unfortunately with Kat I have to be outside with her and recently I just havent been up to it. Plus with my hot flashes, I get overheated so easily and I cant cool down. :( Stupid meds... :roll:

Shara and ESS, Kat was so feckin scared of the treadmill when she first saw it. :o So, just like with other objects I made her sit by it while I gave her treats. Then I moved to walking her over it and eventually sitting on it. The first time I tried to get her to actually walk on it while it was on, she nearly choked herself to death... she just would not go forward! So, I picked her up and had her walk it but not put all of her weight on it... sorry I cant really explain it better than that lol. The I tried again. She still would just drag her back feet along it, choking herself. :x What I hadnt tried was a harness! Since I dont have one I had just tried the collar but since it wasnt working I got creative... I just used her leash and wrapped it around her body and tied that to the e-mill. She resisted at first but then she gave up and figured out she has to just go with it. The first few times I walked her on it she went off the side or jumped off the front :lol: ...but now she likes it! I dont have to make her get on it anymore she actually wants to. :D

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